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I had $121 in cash winnings at Global Poker. I requested they send $90 to my account.

I sent in the required documentation and received notice that i had to to go to another page but couldn't check in. Went back and forth a few times, Got an email saying they were going to send my cash.

Later got another email saying i had to send them all my banking information which isn't in the rules when you sign up. I refused and they never sent my money..

A few months later i went back to play and my account showed only $31. I sent an email and got a standard email reply saying i had to check in and create a new password at another site. i went to the site and there's no place to sign in.

Beware Global Poker - they'll take your money easily but it won't be easy to get it back. Play the free games only. Better, find a real poker site.