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Alvin Magcalas,

With all due respect, not necessarily. Mathematics and statistical models can easily allow for 20/20 losses when going into a river "ahead".

Is it unlikely? Absolutely!

Impossible? Nope!

Furthermore, we have never seen evidience of accusations like yours. If this is true, video it and submit it to us. Windows 10 has built in screen capture these days so it should be easy for you, or anyone else to reproduce.

If you can provide such a video, we will PUT IT ON THIS WEBSITE!

However, we think that you are exaggerating your bad beats, which is common and in no way indicative of fraud on the part of Global Poker.

We still do not recommend people play at Global Poker, for other reasons listed in our Global Poker Review, but not because of a fraudulent RNG because such a thing does not exist in our opinion.