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We sympathize with you Sebastian. The bonuses are not labeled in such a way as to clearly indicate which bonus is the poker bonus. We have known this at Professional Rakeback for some time and we have two large warnings on our Ignition Poker Review. Here is what those warnings look like:

When you select your bonus, be sure you choose the one labeled "Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus" as this is the poker bonus. All other bonuses are casino bonuses so don't make a mistake that could cost you up to $1,350 here!

Be sure to select the proper bonus when depositing. It is a bit tricky, but if you want the poker bonus you must select the bonus labeled as: Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus  All other bonuses are casino bonuses!

However, these warnings were not present on this page. And for that we apologize. We have rectified the issue and put up a warning on this page so that no one else suffers the problems that you have gone through. We are going to address your other statements below so that others will get clarification:

Another person told me that I can get a poker bonus if I make deposits with bitcoin (I used credit card).

The poker bonus, as well as all of the normal casino bonuses, are available to all players no matter what method one uses to deposit. The confusion likely comes from the fact that there are special, larger casino bonuses which are only available to Bitcoin depositors.

I will keep you updated if I get it.

Please do keep us updated. We want to follow up with you after you have spoken to Ignition Casino management. We want to make this right by you!

I wonder what cashing out will look like...

Cashing out is smooth at Ignition Casino. Just like all other offshore sites, you will need to provide picture ID and proof of address to satisfy international money laundering and know your customer laws. But once you have submitted those documents, cashout speeds are the best in the business. In case you weren't aware, we have a cash out report that we udpate monthly with publicly verifiable information that we compile about payout speeds. Here is a link to our monthly payout report.