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Hello Ken, We appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experience with us. First let us explain what is going on and why.

The mobile phone verification is an advanced fraud prevention technique. As you may or may not be aware, privacy is dead. Mobile phone carriers sell their databases to anyone with money and so a person's name is associated with their cell phone number. As such, gambling sites use the cell phone number to send SMS verification texts upon account creation. This helps them match up names to numbers. This helps sites keep down their fraud rates so that they can avoid processing deposits for stolen credit cards for example (they match the name on the CC to that of the mobile phone). So the good news is that you can bypass this mobile phone number restriction. There are websites out there where you can get a temporary telephone number online that will receive your SMS verification code thus allowing you to pass verification checks. This will allow you to create an account on Ignition Casino, and the many other gambling websites who use this verification technique. One such site you could use is called

The bad news is that they will know you used a VOIP / online number because they have sophisticated fraud prevention remember! So what will happen is that your account will be flagged and the deposit and withdrawal options will be limited. As the account will be classified as a "security risk" your only options for deposits and withdrawals will be crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

If you aren't familiar with crypto-currency, do not fret. We have created full on step by step pictorial guides that will help you create a wallet, buy crypto-currency from an exchange, and deposit it within minutes. Simply find our menu titled "Crypto" where you will find all the resources you need to get started.