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Hey there T to the Gravy. We share your concerns.

America's Cardroom is normally the best offshore poker site to play large guaranteed tournaments at. That is screwed since this last update. The tournament schedule is in shambles.

Not only that, but all the things you have mentioned are messed up as well; aka the VIP points, lack of Blitz poker and other game types, etc. We can also add to that list a lack of freerolls, screwed up cashier history, and P2P was down for quite a while.

On the affiliate side of the equation, they have not even provided us statistics for the last month. Typically this is something we get daily so that we can monitor our performance and track our business. It is very frustrating.

Like your VIP points, our affiliate stats directly translate into our payday. Without them, we are flying blind with regard to how much money we are earning, much like you! It is unfortunate and unprofessional on the part of America's Cardroom to put its clients and marketing partners through such stress.

ACR and the entire Winning Poker Network failed to thoroughly test their software. They essentially released an unpolished beta product to the market and then, instead of pulling it and fixing the issues internally and rereleasing it, have kept it live, warts and all. 


We can only hope they will get off their asses, pay their programmers overtime and a half, and fix their product before they lose so much marketshare that it hurts them long-term.

The longer this goes on, the worse of a PR nightmare it becomes and the more customers and partners who are left with a bad taste in their mouths.