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If you are a US citizen, you owe taxes on all income earned. Unlike most other countries which allow exceptions for income earned outside of the physical country, or earned while living abroad in other countries, the United States of America has a very different policy and taxes literally all income that a citizen earns, no matter if the source is legal, illegal, domestic, or foreign earned!

As such, you need to pay taxes in order to be in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service for income earned both gambling, and with crypto earnings.

Unfortunately, much of this law is ambiguous or even unwritten in the case of crypto, since the technology is so new. Thus, it is beyond the scope of this comments section to write you a reasonable response. Furthermore, we are not tax lawyers and our advice would not be worth anything in a court of law.

Thus, we are forced to give you the only advice we can. Do not tempt fate. Pay taxes on your winnings. Consult with a tax lawyer or a local CPA who knows the rules and regulations in your particular jurisdiction.