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Hello Nixhead and thanks for joining in the discussion!

One thing we notice about live pros who try to play online is that they sometimes do poorly. It took us a while, but we figured out why.

Live pros often have different skill sets than online pros.

Live professionals tend to excel at reading people's body language. Online pros excel at fundamental poker theory, since they have no physical tells to pick up on.

Your anecdotal evidence of losing a buy-in here and there has no statistical significance unfortunately. You would need quite a large sample size to truly discern any sort of cheating "patterns", if they even existed, which they do not :)

For what it is worth, KK loses 21 out of 100 times versus 10-8s, and 29 out of 100 times versus A2o. Losing 20 and 30 percent chance hands all in, even back to back 10 times, is not out of the ordinary or cause for alarm, much less losing them only twice for 2 buy-ins :)

You should instead be happy that the games are so soft that you have people willing to go all in against your shoves with T8s and A2o! If you can get all your money in the middle with 70 and 80% odds of winning repeatedly, you essentially have your own printing press!

Good luck on the tables!