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They have rated at least 10 of my winning bets as losses over the past 4 years. Never paid me out on 2 of those. Question is: how many did I not catch? Not once have they ever rated a loss as a win for me and errantly paid me out. Conclusion: They Cheat. They Cheat. They Cheat. There is ZERO OTHER EXPLANATION AF THIS POINT. STOP LYING BOVADA.

Stay away unless you want to go through the headache of winning bets and then not getting paid and then getting ignored by Bovada...

Did I mention that they Cheat.

Use ANY other site!! I have never had this happen on another site. Not once. But they still insist that they are honest errors. Hope they burn in hell. Each and every employee of Bovada.

If you have had similar issues, let's chat and get a lawsuit started.

Patrick P