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Hello Christopher,

We thank you for sharing your experience with Intertops.

When you say that Intertops is requiring "fifteen kinds of documentation", we realize you are using hyperbole due to your frustration. However, providing proper KYC and AML documentation is important for their business, otherwise they would lose access to banking and cease to operate. The laws and international agreements are very firm on KYC and AML requirements.

Players rarely understand how or why this is needed, so we wrote a nice long article explaining KYC and AML verification and we hope that you will read it and better understand why these stringent requirements are a good thing and help to protect your account and Intertops's business.

With regard to your statement about player liquidity, the documentation requirements, which all of Intertops direct competitors also require, is not the reason Intertops has a small poker room. This lies with the fact that they do not put effort into promoting their poker site. Poker is sort of an under-appreciated profit center for online gambling websites.

You should understand that Intertops has been online for more than thirty years as an online sports book. Later they were also one of the first casinos online. They have an extremely large book of business with tens of millions of customers registered in that time period. Poker is an afterthought in this business model unfortunately.

The poker games are still quite juicy though because most professional poker players do not know about Intertops poker. So at least there is that advantage that we can all enjoy!