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Pokerhost Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Poker Host logo Frequently asked questions regarding Pokerhost; an online poker room and third party skin on WPN, the Winning Poker Network.

PROFRB staff knows that there are often hurdles when working with an online poker room. Our staff often answers the same frequently asked questions over and over again. With that in mind, we have created and will be constantly updating | adding onto this FAQ section. If you note any errors, omissions, typos, or are unable to solve your problem after reading this FAQ, please contact us for further assistance! Enjoy!  If you were instead looking for a PokerHost Review, try this page out.


PokerHost FAQ

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Q: What Network is PokerHost a part of?
A:      PokerHost was originally part of the now defunct Cake Network.  After its stint there PokerHost left in order to join the Merge Gaming Network.   However, when Merge was bought out by Jazette, PokerHost had to leave and decided  to focus its efforts on the newly emerging Equity Poker Network in early 2014.  PokerHost increased the liquidity of EPN by approximately thirty percent at the time.  However, this was not to last either.  Equity also had issues and was bought out by a new group in 2015.  PokerHost had to once again pack up and move to a new network.  That network was, and still is, the Winning Poker Network where they are one of the most successful third party skins available to players.

Q: I've heard PokerHost has its own cashier.  Is it any good?
A:     It is very fast.  In fact, that is, and always has been, the main draw for players to play on the site.  Cake, Merge, and Equity have all had their fair share of slow payments over the years.  But PokerHost was immune to all of those payment slowdowns because they process their own deposits and withdrawals.  Even now, on the WPN, they maintain their segregated cashier and allow deposits and withdrawals in some exotic methods that larger sites are incapable of sustaining.  However, it is worth noting that brand new players are not allowed access to all forms of payouts by default.  PH has internal "trust ratings" for its customers.  Over time, if you are a loyal customer, other withdrawal methods will unlock.  Some that you might look forward to are large bank wires and even direct deposit banking options!

       PH has consistently earned top marks in our Monthly US Poker Payouts Report. Checks of up to three thousand dollars take typically 5 business days from the moment of request until the check is delivered. Cash payouts such as Western Union and MoneyGram often come in forty-eight hours or less!

Q: What does "server time" mean, exactly?
A:        All references to "server time" on Pokerhost coincide with US Eastern Standard Time or EST.

Q: Can I exclude myself from their online casino products?
A:      Yes you can.  Simply email riskmanagement[at]pokerhost[dot]com and ask them to exclude you from all casino games. However, do NOT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES tell them that you have a gambling problem. Your account will be closed and you will be banned for life.  Unless of course it's true and you want to be banned from the site (and potentially others by being on a shared industry database for problem gamblers). PROFRB supports responsible gambling and links to Gambler's Anonymous at the bottom of every single page on this website.  If you have a problem, seek help immediately before it irreversibly affects your work, financial and family life!

Q: Why do some of my cashier options seem to randomly disappear?
A:       PokerHost does not process withdrawals over the weekend.  Certain options, such as "bank drafts", will disappear over the weekend and reappear promptly on Mondays for use.

Q: What happenes if a tournament I'm playing in crashes or is cancelled for some reason?
A:       It is a shame, but sometimes this happens.  After all, online poker is run on computers, and computers do fail once in a while.  Professional Rakeback has put together this Winning  Poker Network Tournament Cancellation Policies guide to help you out in the rare event that this happens to you!

Q: Does Professional Rakeback offer a flat rakeback deal on PokerHost?
A:      Yes we do.  We offer our players the maximum amount of 27% rakeback which can be redeemed at any time in the poker client under rewards > rakeback > redeem.  However, in order to get attached to our rakeback program, you have to contact them after you've created your account using our signup link and affiliate code. First you must sign up for PokerHost rakeback by clicking this link and entering affiliate code 10699 during the account creation process.  After you have created your account, all you need to do is contact PokerHost support via live chat or email and ask them to swap you over to the 27% rakeback plan.  They should have you set up in 24 hours or less!