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Strip Poker Video Games: 5 Popular Titles from Gaming History

The game of strip poker comes in different shapes and sizes, much like the bodies that will be uncovered in any stripping game. It is often most thought of as a multiplayer form of entertainment, with parties of friends playing for fun or occasionally with the intent of ending the evening on a more sizzling note.

But what if you don't want to play strip poker with other people? Maybe you're not keen on getting your kit off in front of others, or maybe the opportunity just isn't there.

Well, the good news is there are ways to play in single-player mode, either in strip poker video games or by using one of many strip poker mobile apps that are freely available on popular app download platforms.

While mobile gaming has been on the rise for some time and apps are becoming widespread, there is still some interest in good old-fashioned video gaming. Especially for the sort of stripping games that can be enjoyed in a more private form than the multiplayer type that most players will know well.

On this page we'll focus on strip poker video games, and take a look at five of the game titles that shaped the way that strip poker can be played alone on computer game consoles.

The Early History of Strip Poker Video Gaming

The video games we play today are technologically very different from those you may have played in the 1980s, yet it was that decade that saw the creation and release of the first strip poker title. One of the earliest to see a release was known as Strip Poker - A Sizzling Game of Chance, created and published by an American firm going by the name of Artworx Software.

Designed for use with MS-DOS systems and some of the early computer game devices, you can probably imagine the quality of the imaging is not quite what you'd expect from video gaming now. However, even today this type of video game has some popularity with those of us who yearn for those good old days when the first computer game systems were making an appearance.

The 5 Founding Games Revealed

Over the next ten to twenty years considerable advances were made in quality, and on the heels of A Sizzling Game of Chance came four other game titles that combined make up a list of the 5 that can be considered to have shaped the evolution of strip poker video gaming into what it is today.

So the full list of the 5 reads like this:

For anyone keen on seeing just how those games performed, many are available to download and can be found with a simple online search. Of course, you'll need one of the older gaming systems to be able to play.

Which Game is the Best of the older Titles?

So which is the best strip poker game of those early groundbreakers?

The reality is they all have their flaws, which is understandable since they were created when gaming technology just wasn't capable of delivering the sort of quality we expect today. In fact, in some cases, those flaws were so obvious that certain games were almost universally panned by critics of the time.

That doesn't mean you wouldn't get some fun out of taking a step back into history though and making your own judgment.

The bottom line is it's impossible to judge from just trying out one title but it's safe to say that with a little searching and trial and error you can find a game that will suit your style and expectations.

If we had to suggest one game to try that could arguably be labeled as the best, it would probably be Samantha Fox Strip Poker. For anyone who has not heard that name before, Samantha Fox was a very well-known model of the 1980s in the UK, and for anyone in England, that name would evoke strong associations with stripping and the revealing of considerable amounts of bare flesh.