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LHE Changes Coming at Merge Gaming and Carbon Poker

Now is a great time to create a new account at Merge Gaming if you love LHE!  There are an abundance of Limit Hold'em changes taking place at Merge Gaming that will positively affect all of our partner skins: Carbon Poker, PDC Poker and Aced.


Fixed Limit Holdem Changes at Merge Gaming Network

Many of our customers are aware that we have been working closely with Merge, Carbon Poker reps, and other various skins on the network in order to better the LHE environment on the Merge Gaming Network.  For those of you who are not, this has been a long and arduous task which appears to be finally culminating in positive change.  Our original goal was get the rake lowerd at the Limit Hold'em tables.  You see, the rake was inappropriately too high for many players to win at the lower stakes LHE games.  Regulars who were winners at Stars and FTP pre Black-Friday found themselves breaking even or losing pre rakeback!  The recreational players were simply being slaughtered...

However, once we embarked on this task it became abundantly clear that other things needed to be done to ensure that the LHE economy became sustainable.  Then we thought, "Why not change more and grow it!"  To that end, the following changes have been/or will soon be enacted:

  • The Bad Beat Jackpot will be removed after it is hit one last time
  • Heads Up Limit Hold'em tables of certain limits were removed including 4/8, 6/12, 15/30, and 30/60.
  • The lobby has been cleaned up by the removal of certain limits and the consolidation of others.
  • The rake will be lowered (stay tuned)


If you'd like to follow the public discussions regarding these changes, our very own Kahntrutahn has been heavily involved in the following threads at 2+2:


Also feel free to contact us regarding any questions or comments.