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Recommended Poker Software, Books & +EV Products

Improve Your Online Poker Efficiency, Enjoyment, and Winrate

The owners and operators of Professional Rakeback have over a decade of experience on the online poker world, operating as professional poker players, player advocates, affiliates, and poker site consultants.  ProfRB's staff keeps in tune with the poker markets through constant research both on and off the tables.  We devour every article we can get our hands on, every twitter tweet, every forum post, we constantly chat with industry insiders, and communicate with players.  A lot of knowledge is acquired in this manner.  Professional Rakeback would like to pass on our knowledge to you, our valued clients, by giving you access to our favorite poker supplements.  These include poker books, poker software, and products to make your life easier, improve your efficiency when grinding at our partner pokersites, and helping you to multi-table more effectively.  Everything we offer you is +EV and should ultimately help increase your bottom line, your bb/100 and most importantly, your hourly rate! 

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