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Cafe Casino Bonus Codes + one-of-a-kind 5k VIP Promo in 2023

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Bonus codes for Cafe Casino are essential to any online casino player who wishes to maximize their deposit bonuses, and lets be honest, all of us desire to achieve this. Cafe Casino is arguably one of the leading options for casino  players from America and indeed, Professional Rakeback's expert reviewers gave Cafe Casino a 9.3 out of 10 score in this extensive Cafe Casino Review. It is wise to use a promo code which best suits the type of bonus you wish to unlock.

Below are all publicly available Cafe Casino bonus codes, along with their subsequent welcome offers, play-through requirements, etc. The chart is color coded to speed up your research; referral codes with a white background, and conveniently located at the top of the chart, provide the most value for players by having some combination of larger bonus amounts, greater match percentages, lower rollover requirements, or other value-added features.

Café Casino Bonus Codes

☕ (fast reference chart) ☕
CCVIP250% up to $3,00040xYes
CCBTCVIP350% up to $5,00040XYes
CAFE100100% up to $1,00025xNO
CCBITCOIN150150% up to $1,50025xNO
CCBITCOIN600600% up to $6,00055xNO
CAFE500500% up to $5,00055xNO
CAFE10$10 no deposit bonus60xNO
(No Code)250% up to $1,50040XYes
(No Code)350% up to $2,50040XYes
Use this table to discern the bonus code and welcome bonus which best suits your desired play style at

Readers will note that some CafeCasino promo codes are better suited to small depositors, others favor large depositors, while some offers are only available for those who make a deposit via crypto-currency or by using credit cards like Visa Mastercard. Please choose carefully in order to maximize your first deposit rewards!

Cafe Casino No Deposit Bonus - Does Such a Code Exist?

Unfortunately, Cafe Casino does NOT offer any no-deposit bonus codes to new players, nor existing players, in 2023.

From 2016, when was launched, until 2019, they did offer a no-deposit code. That welcome offer was CAFE10, but unfortunately, that $10 free-chip offer is now EXPIRED and no longer valid.

But Other Websites Assert That No Deposit Codes Exist for Cafe Casino!?

Many affiliate marketing websites still erroneously mention the defunct CAFE10 code in their reviews, on their bonus pages, and in other places on their websites. However, those sites are either outdated or attempting to deceive their readers into clicking their affiliate links and creating Cafe Casino accounts.

Those with outdated content can be forgiven. But other unscrupulous websites purposefully deceive their readers into creating accounts using their links, for which those websites will get paid under false pretenses. Anyone attempting to use the CAFE10 no-deposit code will be quite upset when they realize the code is invalid.

Expired Code Error MessageExample of expired no-deposit code, erroneously listed at

As evidenced in the screenshot above, the code, CAFE10, is defunct and there is no replacement. The only way to “try-before-you-buy” is by playing the practice games made available on the Cafe website after having logged in.

Cafe Casino $100 No Deposit Bonus?

If something sounds too good to be true, it likely is. That is the case here. There never was a free code that gave away $100 without a deposit on Cafe Casino. Such a program would bankrupt them, or any other online casino for that matter!

However, somehow, this mythical $100 code is mentioned in various internet forums and searched for hundreds of times per month. The truth is: This type of code never existed! Perhaps it was a typo of the $10 code that caught traction?

Will There Ever Be Another Similar Type of Bonus?

It is unlilkely that Cafe Casino will release any fresh “no-deposit codes” because it is rare for established and profitable casinos to hand out free money to new players. This particular business strategy is typically only used to bring an influx of customers and “get the word out” about new brands as a sort of “loss-leader” promotion.

☕ Best Cafe Casino Bonus Code?

Our staff regularly scours the web for new coupon codes issued by Cafe Casino and we list all codes in the table above, but what are the best codes on offer?

Of particular interest to our readers may be the new "VIP Codes". These are the most valuable codes on the net and offer new depositors double the amount of all other welcome bonus offers.

  • CCBTCVIP - This is the top deposit code for crypto-currency depositors.
  • CCVIP - This is the top deposit code for credit card depositors.

Casino bonus codes are always good for getting extra cash to play, and those codes at Cafe Casino are no different. Whether you are a casual table game player or a hard-core slot spinner, you will enjoy extra play time by utilizing the best Cafe Casino bonus codes available online.

That is in fact why this page was created, i.e. to present the best and biggest Cafe Casino offers that will maximize your bonus cash on a range of different deposit types from Bitcoin to credit cards as well as to explain the deposit and wagering requirements that go along with each offer.

Double $$$

Our VIP Cafe Casino bonus codes deliver twice as much free money as the standard codes that you might find elsewhere.

Payment Flexibility

Between our two VIP Café Casino codes, there's one for crypto depositors and another that works with legacy payment methods. Choose the one for your favorite payment method!

Low Minimum Deposit

Though we counsel you to make a sizable deposit with our VIP-focused promotions, they are compatible with deposits as small as $20 if you can't commit to the full amount.

For any player in the US who is keen to play at the best casinos, you can put your trust in Cafe Casino as one of the top brands on any list.

We feel strongly that our Café Casino bonus code CCBTCVIP represents a superior offer that's much better than any of the alternatives.

Why Is This the BEST Cafe Casino Bonus Code?

There are tons of referral codes for CafeCasino on the internet, which often bill themselves as "exclusive" or "VIP" deals. However, we examined most of them and concluded that there's not much to recommend to any new casino players.

You may have seen bonus offers of 350% up to $2,500 with a Bitcoin deposit and 250% up to $1,500 with non-crypto deposit methods. There are indeed valid bonus codes that grant these bonus amounts to the user, but what nobody is telling you is that these are the standard Café Casino bonuses that you don't even need a code to qualify for!

By contrast, our premier Cafe Casino bonus code CCBTCVIP lets you get 350% up to $5,000 on your initial BTC deposit. The value of the deal is double the usual amount. We also have another promo code CCVIP which is for credit-card depositors and provides 250% up to $3,000: twice as large as the regular bonus amount for legacy payment methods. This code is perfect for using to play on high-stakes video slots. has the only legitimate bonuses of this massive size. And we're not pulling your chain either; we provide our readers with honest, accurate information that they can take to the bank – along with their winnings!

Exclusive CafeCasino Bonus Codes

Cafe Casino Bitcoin Bonus Code
(all cryptos: BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC, ETH, etc)
1st Deposit BTC Bonus350% up to $5,000
Café Casino FIAT Bonus Code
(for credit card depositors)
1st Deposit USD Bonus250% up to $3,000
Minimum Deposit$20
Maximum WinUnlimited
Wagering Requirement40 x (Deposit + Bonus)
CafeCasino Banner

Creating a Cafe Casino Account

Taking advantage of the offers we have for you requires you first to open up a new account. These are intended for new players only. If you are already an existing player, then you are unfortunately unable to claim these bonuses. Otherwise, follow the below steps to begin the registration process:

1. Sign up Through One of Our Links

Our exclusive deposit bonus codes require that you follow one of our links to register. If you use any old link you find elsewhere; then you will not qualify for the max bonus amount. These codes are exclusive to, and we can prove it. Once you use our links to reach CafeCasino, you will see the ProfessionalRakeback logo at the top of the page next to the logo (examples in the images below). This page is called a "branded landing page" and officially proves to you, dear reader, that our partnership with CafeCasino is legitimate, as are our exclusive welcome bonus offers!

We advise all of our readers to take advantage of our promo code for Bitcoin by clicking on this link to go to Café Casino. Not only is the Bitcoin bonus larger, but BTC transactions also tend to be faster and more inexpensive than those that must go through the banking system. Once you follow the Bitcoin bonus link, you'll see a page like the following:

Café Casino BTC Landing PageThe Bitcoin Bonus Is a 350% Match up to $5,000

If you would rather deposit with a credit card, then that is certainly possible. Beware, though, of occasional declined transactions and the fact that the checks that you will likely need to request for payouts come with fees of $75 apiece. Learn how to avoid these inconveniences and transact in Bitcoin instead with our guide for crypto-currency newbies.

If you still believe that depositing with a credit card is right for you, then click this link to get set up with the Café Casino fiat money bonus. You will see a web page like this:

Landing Page for Café Casino (non-BTC)The non-BTC Bonus Is a 250% Match up to $3,000

Regardless of which bonus you have elected to claim, you will need to click the “Join” button, located below the bonus percentage and amount, to proceed.

2. Fill Out the Registration Form

Pressing the “Join” button will cause the registration form to appear in your browser:

Registration FormResist the Urge to Provide False Personal Info

Suppose you use bogus or inaccurate personal details. In that case, this will cause you problems when attempting to withdraw later on. It's highly likely that you will be required to complete identity verification. If the information you provide doesn't match what you have indicated on the registration page, then your account might be closed. Your entire balance might be confiscated for terms of service violations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Café Casino does not accept players from any other country besides the United States. Moreover, there are five states whose residents cannot open up new accounts: Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York.

If you live in one of the above areas, then you cannot benefit from our bonus codes for Café Casino; nor indeed can you utilize any other such codes that you have seen anywhere. Instead, your best bet may be to select an alternate gaming destination from this list of top internet casinos.

When you have finished typing in all the request information, hit the green “Register” button to create your account.

3. Verify Your Phone Number

As part of its security procedures, this casino verifies the mobile numbers of its customers. This helps it prevent people from opening multiple accounts to take advantage of the sweet welcome bonuses more than once.

A text message will be sent to the phone number you supplied. This message will contain a numeric code, and you will have to enter it correctly before you can access any functions or features.

Phone Verification WindowType in the Code That Was Sent to You in a Text Message

Type the code into the space provided for it. Then press “Verify.”

4. Choose a Security PIN

The last step before you deposit and begin playing any of the casino games is to select a security code. This is a four-digit number, similar to an ATM or debit card PIN, that will help protect you from unauthorized access. Importantly, you will need to enter this code every time you make a cashout, so be sure to remember the four numbers you have chosen.

Café Casino Security CodeRemember the Numbers You Enter Here Because You'll Need Them Later On

How to Redeem a Café Casino Bonus Code

After you set up a security code, the system will bring you to a window allowing you to enter the code that you want to claim.

1. Choose a Bonus

You may see a couple of other bonuses listed, and you can read a description to find out more about them. However, in order to get full value from the casino and the amount of your deposit, we counsel you to manually enter one of our special codes.

Players favor the Café Casino code CCBTCVIP, which gives 350% up to $5,000 in bonus funds if you use crypto. However, CCVIP is a reasonable alternative that will reward you with 250% up to $3,000 if you deposit via credit card.

Cafe Casino Bitcoin Deposit CodeWhere to Enter the CafeCasino BTC Bonus Code CCBTCVIP
Non-Bitcoin Bonus at Café CasinoWhere to Enter the Café Casino Promo Code CCVIP

Input the bonus code as shown in the images above. Then choose “Apply.” Now the bonus will be ready and waiting for you whenever you complete your first deposit.

2. Select Your Deposit Method

Once you choose the bonus that you want as a new player, the deposit process will automatically begin. However, if you wish to make your deposit at some future time, you can always click the “x” to cancel it, and then you can choose from the deposit options later on by clicking on “Deposit” at the top of your browser while logged in.

To continue with your initial deposit, select your deposit method from the options shown:

Deposit Methods at Cafe CasinoPick the Deposit Option That You Prefer

To activate the bitcoin special bonus code CCBTCVIP, which is good for a 350% up to $5,000 bonus amount, you must deposit through crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum or Litecoin. To trigger the fiat CCVIP option, you must choose Card as your payment channel.

3. Follow the Deposit Instructions

Next, you will see a screen instructing you on how to finalize your deposit. This window will also display the bonus code you have selected, allowing you to change it if desired.

Cafe Casino Deposit FormFill Out the Deposit Form to Add Funds to Your Balance

In the case of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, you will see an address to send your coins to as well as the exchange rate that is being used. The BTC address will be displayed in both QR and text form. You don't have to specify how much you will send; whatever amount of crypto you deliver to the deposit address will be converted into dollars and added to your playing balance.

With the CCBTCVIP Bitcoin casino offer, you can max out the deal at the full $5,000 with a mere $1,429 investment of your own funds. For the non-crypto code CCVIP, the corresponding deposit is $1,200 for a $3,000 bonus amount.

You can, of course, fund your account with a smaller amount, but then you will be forfeiting some of the bonus value. The minimum deposit compatible with either of these codes is $20.

To finalize your deposit, click the button at the bottom of the page, labeled “Done” or “Deposit.”

4. Wait for Your Deposit to Credit

If you have deposited through cryptocurrency, you will have to wait for one blockchain confirmation before the cash value will appear in your real money balance. In the meantime, you will see a summary of your transaction:

Deposit SummaryThis Page Basically Serves as Your Deposit Receipt

5. Enjoy Your Bonus!

Upon the successful completion of your deposit, your bonus will be immediately added to your bankroll. Now you're ready to start your adventure with an amount that has been juiced up to extraordinary proportions!

Can I Withdraw My Money at Any Time?

After you have wagered enough in the casino, your bonus money will turn into real cash. You cannot cash out the bonus right away because if this were possible, there are a few cheapskates who would collect the free cash without putting in any play at the casino games. Clearly, the gaming site cannot allow this to happen and still remain a solvent business.

Wagering Requirements

The amount you must bet in total before requesting any withdrawal after accepting a welcome bonus is 40 times the sum of your deposit and bonus. Assuming you have deposited the $1,429 needed to score yourself the highest possible $5,000 bonus with our exclusive CCBTCVIP Bitcoin bonus code for Café Casino, you would need to wager ($1,429 + $5,000) x 40 = $257,160.

Game Contributions

Every game doesn't count identically for the purposes of deposit bonus clearance. The casino titles are divided into distinct categories, and with some of these categories, each bet made contributes only fractionally toward the bonus rollover.

The contribution percentages of the various game types is as follows:

  • 100%: Slots, Specialty Games
  • 20%: Table Games (unless otherwise indicated)
  • 10%: Video Poker, Blackjack (unless otherwise indicated)
  • 5%: Single Deck Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat
  • 0%: Craps

In addition, no bonus money can be used on Live Dealer games or Super Diamond Mine.

Let's take a look at an example, which may help to clarify how the bonus contributions of the various kinds of games work. If you wager $1,000 and do it all on slots, then the full $1,000 will count toward your bonus wagering requirement. If, however, you elect to bet $1,000 on a table game like Let 'Em Ride, then only 20% will count, and your remaining rollover requirement will be reduced by only $200. If you put in $1,000 of action on a Video Poker machine, then your outstanding playthrough requirement will be lowered by just $100 because the VP contribution rate is 10%.

What Games are Good to Use With the Bonus?

There are hundreds of games you can enjoy, and the vast majority of them will serve to clear your bonus. Nevertheless, we have identified a few choices that should appeal to a broad range of players looking both to have fun and to unlock their bonuses.

Slot Machine

Video Slots

Modern, five-reel slot games are the mainstay of Cafe Casino, and they count 100% toward releasing your bonus. There are plenty of slots from Realtime Gaming and Rival Gaming here, but you might be more interested in the proprietary games that are found at only a few online casinos.

A Night With Cleo, Cyberpunk City, and 777 Deluxe were created especially for CafeCasino and its sister sites. These titles combine smooth gameplay with the potential for big progressive jackpot wins from your spins.

Dice + Playing Cards

Table Games

Though craps is excluded from use with bonus funds and a few other table games contribute 10% or less to your bonus progress, there are others that will allow you to achieve your wagering requirements at a more reasonable 20% rate. Tri-Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Let Em Ride are a few of them.

This set of games perhaps represents the best solution for a reasonable bonus clearance rate without having to endure the large volatility and swings that come with playing the reels.

Blackjack Hand


Though Blackjack will make your bonus release rather slowly, it is the most popular casino game in the world, and if you really have your heart set upon 21, there are eight variations of this game for you to enjoy.

We do advise you to choose a variant other than the Single Deck Blackjack or Double Deck Blackjack because these two will reduce your bonus earning rate to half of the already modest rate for blackjack.

I've Completed the Wagering Requirement – Now What?

After you're finished with the playthrough requirement for your first deposit bonus, the money will transform into real cash. Then you can keep playing with it, request a payout, or do both.

Your new, bonus-less status won't last for long though. You see, Café Casino releases a new Mystery Bonus every Thursday. The details of each of these reload bonuses are slightly different; they are usually good for a few hundred dollars apiece of complimentary bonus money. Sometimes, a single Mystery Bonus can be used more than once, in which case the free cash can keep on piling up.

In addition, there's a valuable Perks program in place to reward regular players. With every wager you make, you will be earning points, which will allow you to advance through the tiers of the system. You can trade these points in for more bonuses, and the further you progress toward the higher ranks of Perks, the better of an exchange rate you'll receive on these points bonuses.

Take advantage not just of the first deposit offers but also these recurring promotions by signing up today. Or if you'd like to read up on this organization a bit more first, head on over to our detailed Cafe Casino review page.

Terms and Conditions

In order to protect itself from bonus abuse, Cafe Casino has established a set of rules and restrictions that apply to the CCVIP and CCBTCVIP bonus codes. As long as you follow these terms and conditions, you ought to be OK.

  • The 250% Welcome Bonus consists of one 250% match bonus up to $3,000 only valid on first deposit.
  • The 350% Bitcoin Welcome Bonus consists of one 350% match bonus up to $5,000, only valid on the first deposit when made with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin.
  • A deposit of at least $20 is required to qualify for a Welcome Bonus or Bitcoin Welcome Bonus.
  • The deposit plus bonus sum is subject to a 40X wagering requirement. Some games contribute toward playthrough requirements, but certain games have a greater contribution percentage than others.
  • Bonuses are limited to one per individual, household, civic address, e-mail address, deposit instrument, bank account, telephone number, computer/device and/or IP address.
  • Zero-risk bets placed on any game (i.e. betting proportionally on different outcomes in the same round to create "action") will not qualify for any wagering or rollover requirement. Examples of these kinds of bets without risk include betting on red and black simultaneously in Roulette and betting player and banker at the same time in Baccarat.
  • Any wagers using deposited funds or bonus funds prior to bonus completion are subject to a maximum bet per wager of 20% of the deposited amount.
  • If for any reason the company has evidence or reasonable suspicion of bonus abuse and/or the bonus terms are being breached, your bonus and/or associated winnings may be forfeit, your account might be prohibited from receiving any more bonuses, and/or it could also be closed. Some of the activities that might be considered bonus abuse are:
    • Using more than one single account
    • Cashing out the money in order to re-deposit it for a bonus or depositing on top of an existing balance
    • equal- zero-, or low-margin bets
    • Wagering with bonus funds on excluded games
    • Manipulation of software loopholes or other technical methods of abuse or other behavior that boils down to deliberate cheating
    • IP address masking or VPN usage
    • Breaking any other terms of service while using a bonus

Cafe Casino Bonus Codes FAQ

We've attempted to thoroughly explain PRB's casino offers for Cafe Casino. But if you still have uncertainties in your mind about these casino bonuses, then you can read below where we have collected together some of the most commonplace questions regarding these deals along with the answers.

Yes, we have leveraged our large user base to negotiate these special bonuses. Whereas some of our competitors promote mediocre deals at online casinos that don't deliver anything extra or, even worse, codes that are expired, we don't believe in such tactics. We at ProfessionalRakeback are here to give you superior offers that you won't find elsewhere.

Yes, it's essential that you provide the right Cafe Casino promotional code at the appropriate stage in the depositing process. Otherwise, you will be relegated to the regular (and much worse) signup bonuses. Use our exclusive deposit bonus codes to get the best possible first deposit bonuses.

Yes, you can assuredly sign up, grab the initial deposit bonus of your choice using one of our codes, and play to your heart's content at Café Casino on a Mac. You see, this casino is based entirely on the web without any download client to install. This means that you can play from any hardware that possesses up-to-date browsing software, and Macs certainly qualify on this count.

Yes, there are five states whose residents are excluded from benefiting from promo codes at Café Casino. They are Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York. Indeed, the casino doesn't accept signups from these jurisdictions for legal reasons whether or not they use a match bonus.


There are plenty of different types of real money gambling games that US players can play online at Café Casino. These range from those played on a video poker machine, spins on video slots, specialty games, scratch cards, and many table games like Caribbean Stud or Blackjack, right through to live dealer options and pretty much every online casino game in between. Our exclusive Cafe Casino bonus codes will increase your playing time on many of these casino favorites, although just note that those involving live dealers do not qualify for the bonus.

Over the last few years, this online casino has increased its reputation among players steadfastly. It has combined its game variety, and a strong focus on gaming quality with multiple casino offers that include hefty welcome bonuses for new players, occasional free spins rewards, and even no deposit bonus promotions. All available to play with sensible wagering requirements.

If you're thinking of getting in on the fun while trying to win some extra cash, it's worth keeping an eye out for the latest valid codes that will help you take advantage of the additional bankroll value.

Fortunately, you won't need to look far for the latest highest value bonus codes. They're right at the top of this page, and you'll also find them in our Cafe Casino review. All you need to do is identify the code that works for you, depending on how much and what method you want to use to make a deposit.

So whether you want to use Bitcoin or another Cryptocurrency or more traditional deposit options like Visa Mastercard, making use of our unique codes can increase your bankroll by up to 100% over those you may find published online elsewhere. They may even help you win a jackpot payout on your favorite casino game.