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Affiliate Disclosure

Our goal at is to provide the most accurate and updated information possible about online poker sites, particularly those servicing Americans. This requires constant vigilance with regard to the ever changing nature of the online gambling industry. It requires us to constant research US State and Federal laws. We must also keep track of the gambling regulations in numerous offshore jurisdictions. In short, it is a lot of work.

In order to provide these services we have to hire writers, coders, and lawyers. We must purchase web servers, hosting, and software. We must maintain managers, pay for hands on research, and comb through mountains of customer data. This costs money. Considerable money.

While we are under no legal obligation to do so, we feel that we must disclose to you, our valued reader, that this website, is funded via an affiliate marketing revenue model.

What this means is that we are paid a small commission by poker sites that we review in exchange for sending them customers. However, we do not accept money for favorable reviews! We only accept payments from poker and gambling sites that we personally risk our own funds on. If we are unwilling to play at a given room because we feel the site's risk profile is too high, we do not offer it to our customers.

Fun Fact: We turn down shady casino and poker site recruiters frequently. We turn down other websites who wish to "rent or lease" our customer database. We wave off the bribes we are often offered in exchange for providing positive reviews, backlinks, testimonials, etc. Our integrity is not for sale!

PROFRB is different from our competitors. Our business model is based on profit sharing, which is different from most affiliate websites. The majority of affiliate model websites receive flat fees for referring players. So their only mission is to get players to purchase products and make deposits to other websites. After this is done, our competitors are paid in full and they care not what happens to the customer any longer.

We do things differently here at Professional Rakeback. We choose a much slower method of payment. One that involves our customers being satisfied with the sites we guide them too. If players deposit and quickly leave, we often do not make anything more than a few pennies and in some cases, we actually lose money! Our goal therefore is satisfaction after the "sale" and the happiness of our customer's experience. If we manage to make a recommendation to you, our loyal customer, and you stick around and play thousands of hands of poker then we will earn our commission, over time, so long as you stay satisfied. The moment you quit playing, we cease making money. Our incentive is to drive you to the most high quality sites available, those that we personally vetted over years of hands on play.

Please note that we do not accept any paid advertising on this website. All our product reviews are based on our own experience as professional poker players who use these products and services to earn our living.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this affiliate disclosure or our advertising policies. In case those advertising policies were not clear, let us reiterate:

We do NOT accept paid links.
We do NOT accept paid advertorials.
We will NOT make paid endorsements.
We do NOT accept paid brand mentions.
We do NOT accept paid social media touts.
We are NOT going to post your "sponsored content."
We are NOT interested in link exchanges of any kind.
We are NOT interested in "cooperation" with your website.
We will NOT steer our customers to sites that we feel are unsafe in order to collect a paycheck.


In Conclusion we have two things to say to those reading this:

To our faithful readers, "We wish you good luck at the tables!"

To the SEO agents, rival poker websites, fools and jerks who fail to read or comprehend what we have said above regarding advertising, "Stop contacting us, we don't give a damn about your "proposal" and we certainly don't need your advertising money."