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Nitrogen Poker Review

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Nitrogen Sports has been one of the most renowned Bitcoin sports-betting sites for quite a while now, and it expanded its offerings with the launch of an online poker site in late 2014. It's beloved by players who like easy BTC funding, anonymous and speedy withdrawals, and the ability to play cards without installing a bulky poker client application. That's right; this poker room operates through your web browser rather than a dedicated download program. The benefit for most people is that they can play on whatever platform they wish as long as it has a modern web browser: Windows PC, Mac, cellphone, tablet, and more!

All gameplay is denominated in mBTC chips (1 chip = 1/1000 of a bitcoin) at this Bitcoin poker room and sportsbook. There are NO COUNTRY OR STATE RESTRICTIONS at Nitrogen Poker. All players, located anywhere on the face of the earth, are welcome here. The amount of player traffic is currently fairly small, but it has already eclipsed several of its competitors in the Bitcoin poker space, and we expect it to grow significantly going forward.

Nitrogen Poker Brags

✓ Open to all players around the world

✓ Speedy withdrawals

✓ Compatible with almost all systems

✓ Valuable Nitro Rewards program

✓ Daily and weekly freerolls for frequent play

✓ Attached sportsbook and casino

Nitrogen Poker Beats

x Low player traffic

x Few poker variants

x No download client

Nitrogen Poker Rakeback

There's no Nitrogen Poker rakeback program at all, so we're afraid that this poker site isn't the place to go if regular RB payments are what you're after. You might wish to consult our list of rakeback poker rooms instead. What Nitrogen does provide to its players is a valuable loyalty program. As you play at the tables, you'll earn a set number of Loyalty Points based on your rake total and a variable amount of Nitro depending on your position in the program. This Nitro can be exchanged for bitcoins and free bets in the sportsbook, so it functions basically as a type of rakeback. You'll get between 10% and 100% cashback value depending on how much you can grind in a month.

Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin Gambling Lineup

Although you're reading this review because you're primarily interested in poker, there's a compelling argument for making Nitrogen your go-to destination for all your sports betting endeavors as well. It charges low juice on almost all markets – of which there's an extensive selection. Not only can you bet on prominent contests in MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL, EPL, and other well-known leagues, but you can also put action on quite obscure events as well, like French handball or Korean baseball. Nitrogen does feature a casino section too, but there are only six games.


create an account cta

STEP 1:  Clear your cookies - this is mandatory for the proper tracking of your account.  Click the appropriate browser button below for instructions.

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

Step 2: Click the banner below to create your Professional Rakeback Nitrogen Sports account.

Nitrogen Poker Banner

Step 3:  Click "I Agree, Create my anonymous account.".

Step 4:  Your account will be instantly created without the need for entering your name, address, or any other personally identifying information.

Step 5:  For security purposes and also for ease of logging into your account in future, create a username and password on the page that appears.

Step 6:  (optional) To verify that your account was properly tracked, just contact us by Skype or email and inform us of your account ID (the numbers following your nickname at the right and top of your screen).

Step 7:  (optional) You will appear at the tables as "satoshi" by default, and this is the name other users will see. You can change your screenname by going to the account menu in the top-right of your browser and choosing "Settings."

Step 8:  Within the account menu at the top-right, go to "Cashier." Then press "New Address" to create a valid Bitcoin deposit address.

Step 9: Send any amount of bitcoins to that address from your Bitcoin wallet. Once you get a single network confirmation on your deposit, you'll have a funded and ready-to-go Nitrogen Sports Poker account!

Nitrogen Poker Lobby Layout

The games at Nitrogen are divided into Cash, Sit & Go's, and Tournaments just like at almost every other poker room on the internet. Before taking a seat in any of these games, we strongly advise you to click the settings icon in the top-left of the lobby and adjust a couple of parameters first. Go to the "Tables & Themes" tab, and turn on "Open tables in a new window" and "Four color deck." This will prevent you from struggling to click back and forth in multiple tabs of your browser and will safeguard you against misreading your hand. The other settings involve backgrounds, sounds, avatars, and a few other elements that you can customize according to your tastes.

One unusual feature at Nitrogen is the site-wide chatbox, which shows the last message by default at the top of the poker lobby. You can expand it by clicking on this message, and then the box will open up, allowing you to see several lines at a time and type in your own comments. This feature is more annoying than useful, but it does create a feeling of community as people cheer for their favorite sports teams, brag about their winning bets, and whine about rigged poker hands (some things are the same at every site).

Nitrogen Poker Cash Game Lobby

Nitrogen Poker Cash Games

The most popular game is No Limit Texas Hold'em, and you'll typically see around a dozen tables with cards being dealt from 0.01/0.02 to about 0.25/0.50. There are higher blinds offered, and in fact, the lobby lists up to 500/1,000, but there are hardly ever any players actually sitting at these stratospheric levels. You can play 9-handed, 6-max, or heads-up. Limit Hold'em and PLO can also be found, but there are usually no more than one or two active games running.

There's one other type of poker present in the ring games: Crazy Hold'em. Veterans of the old Paradise Poker may recall playing this format, under the name "Crazy Pineapple." It's similar to Texas Hold'em, but you get three hole cards instead of two. After the flop round of betting, every player must choose one of their three cards and discard it. Crazy Hold'em leads to intriguing strategic implications and looser gameplay than traditional Hold'em, but unfortunately, these tables are usually deserted.

Nitrogen Poker Tournaments

The big weekly event at Nitrogen Sports Poker is a 25 + 1 Sunday night tourney that guarantees a prize pool of at least 750 chips. Daily, you'll find 300 mBTC guaranteed tournaments that cost 15 + 0.60 to enter. There are also tournaments every hour priced at 5 + 0.20 that alternate between NLHE and Omaha. Overlays are somewhat frequent, which is undoubtedly a consequence of the small player volume figures at Nitrogen. Sit-and-gos are present, but they only go up to 0.025 BTC buyins and seldom fill.

Nitrogen Poker Tournament Lobby

Nitrogen Poker Tables and Software

The poker software at Nitrogen is supplied by Cubeia, a Swedish developer that focuses solely on web-based gaming solutions and has been in the industry since 2007. While there's nothing amazing about this poker solution, particularly in comparison with download poker clients, it works smoothly and is easy to use. Undoubtedly, the decision to deliver up basic gameplay without a whole lot of frills was influenced by the need to remain compatible across a broad spectrum of devices.

Nitrogen Poker Table

You have a betslider, buttons for fractions of the pot, and a box to type in the exact size of your bets, which is good because the buttons allow you to make quick bets while still preserving the ability to tailor your betsizing more precisely when needed. One odd thing about the poker table interface is the fact that dealer messages (like the community cards dealt and the betting action) are presented at the bottom of the table in a separate tab from player chat. It's easy to switch between them, and there's nothing really wrong with doing it this way, but it does take some getting used to.

Nitrogen Poker Cashier

Nitrogen Sports Deposit Interface

Because this is a Bitcoin-only site, all transactions are done exclusively in this cryptocurrency. Every customer has a Bitcoin address to which he or she can send funds, but it's possible to generate new addresses whenever you wish. When you send BTC to your Nitrogen account, the sum will show up in your balance within a few minutes, but you can't actually use it at the poker tables or in the sportsbook until there's at least one confirmation.

When requesting a cashout, the procedure is simple. Just enter the amount you wish to receive, the address of your Bitcoin wallet, and your password. Be aware that any amounts smaller than 0.00001 BTC will be rounded off, so you may have to leave a bit of spare change remaining in your balance. We initiated a test withdrawal from Nitrogen and are pleased to report that it took less than 2 hours from making the request until the coins were safely in our wallet.

Nitrogen Promotions

Although Nitrogen doesn't compete heavily for new business with big bonuses or headline-grabbing freebies, it does take care of its customers with a couple of ongoing promos.


There are a several freerolls that are tied to the number of hands you play. Anyone who sees 100 flops in real-money poker games at 0.02/0.04 or higher gains entrance into a daily freeroll with 100 chips given out as prizes. On a weekly basis, there's a total of more than 3 bitcoin up for grabs in four separate Sunday freerolls that target players who've seen 500 or 1,000 flops at varying levels of ring game stakes during the past seven days. Every Wednesday, there's an open-to-all, free tournament in the Crazy Hold'em variant that distributes 200 mBTC to the fortunate winners.

Poker Rewards

For every 1 chip you rake in the poker room, you'll receive 2.5 Loyalty Points. These add up during the course of a month to determine your position in the ranks of the loyalty program for the next month. Every rewards tier comes with a multiplier, and you'll gain the spendable currency Nitro faster the higher you advance. The breakdown of the levels is as follows:

  • Bronze: 0 points required, 1.0 multiplier
  • Silver: 100 points required, 1.0 multiplier
  • Gold: 500 points required, 1.5 multiplier
  • Platinum: 2,500 points required, 2.0 multiplier
  • Diamond: 7,500 points required, 2.5 multiplier

You can trade in your Nitro for either chips added to your account or free bets to use for sports betting on the matches of your choice. The smallest cash reward is 20 mBTC, which costs 500 Nitro, meaning you'd have to rake 200 chips at Bronze level to earn it, for a rakeback percentage of 10%. At Diamond level, you'd only have to rake 80, bumping your rate of return up to 25%. The least freebet amount, 2 chips, costs 24 Nitro corresponding to 9.6 rake at Bronze (21% RB) or 3.84 rake at Diamond (52% RB). This pattern of sports bets representing greater value holds true as we work up the ladder of exchange possibilities, so your best choice is to claim these free Bitcoin betting credits for use in the sportsbook. Here's a list of all the goodies available through the Nitro rewards program and their Nitrogen Poker rakeback equivalents:

Chart of Nitro Rewards at Nitrogen Poker

The most sizeable freebet, for a whole 2 BTC, is priced at 12,000 Nitro. For Diamond players, this only takes 1.92 BTC worth of rake to achieve, so they're getting back more than they paid as long as they're willing to make a pick in the sportsbook! Of course, there's a lot of variance involved in making such large sports wagers, and there is a small vigorish that the book takes for itself. So this isn't quite the 104% cashback deal that it appears to be at first glance, but it's pretty damn close.

Nitrogen Poker Support

Through a "Help" link at the bottom of the website, you can receive assistance with any problems you encounter at Nitrogen Poker. The in-house ticketing system is the fastest method you can use with replies typically arriving within a couple of hours. You can also send an email to support[at] if you prefer. There are sometimes support personnel watching the global chatbox too, and they may answer your questions in that forum as well.