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Black Chip Poker Review & Maximum Allowed Rakeback

Professional Rakeback reviews the Black Chip Poker site - Comparing flat daily rakeback deals to the Elite Benefits VIP program, dissecting the bonuses, cash game & tournament offerings and more.

Black Chip Poker

Black Chip Poker is part of the Winning Poker Network and is one of the premier skins on the network along with America’s Cardroom, True Poker and Ya Poker. Black Chip Poker offers a huge range of cash games, tournaments and sit and go’s that will meet all players’ expectations and bankrolls. Black Chip Poker also offers a whole host of rewards and promotions that will excite both casual players as well as hard core pro grinders.

At we pride ourselves in offering the best available and lucrative rakeback offers to our players. Winning Poker Network offers a 27% rakeback option to all players, as well as a VIP program that can be even more profitable for certain players. To find out what games Black Chip Poker offers and which rakeback solution would be most profitable for your playing tendencies enjoy our review!

Deposit Bonus

Black Chip Poker offers a very completive first deposit bonus when you take into account the clearance rate that it releases at. The first deposit bonus is 100% up to $1,000 and releases at $1 per 27.5 player points earned. Points are earned at 5.5 to 1, so that means for every $5 you rake, you get $1 of bonus. This rate works in combination with your 27% rakeback from Black Chip Poker and yields 41.7% effective rakeback when bonus clearing. Use bonus code PROFRB27 when signing up to achieve this above market rate.

BCP also offers reload bonuses around major series or major tournaments. These bonuses are staged in such a way that players can earn 100%, 150% or 200% up to $500 depending on how much they reload for. will always let you know when these bonuses become available, so keep a bookmark on our front page or give us a follow on Twitter or Facebook.

Promotions and Rake Races

Winning Poker Network is home to two of the largest rake races available to US-based players. A US-friendly room offering this much value to players on top of rakeback is very rare, so players will be excited to know that cash game and sit and go players can reap the rewards of these systems. Each system pays out over 100 players per week on average and the money won has no strings attached. The money won also does not affect rakeback amounts, so it’s truly free money for players as each system is not funded by extra fees above what normal sites take, and is instead taken out of the rake paid to the house. If you want to see what the percentage for rake is on Winning Poker Network compared to other US-facing sites, we have a full breakdown for you here.

For cash game players you earn points for each raked hand you contribute to. The amount of points you receive for said hand is based directly on the rake you paid into the pot. These points are then tallied on a leaderboard called “The Beast” and the player with the most points at the end of the week wins a share of the progressive prize pool. The prize pool is funded by a percentage of the rake paid on normal cash game tables, and is NOT funded by an extra fee taken from the pot. The Beast prize pool is separated into two sections, cash and tournament entries. The cash comes with no strings attached and well over 100 player’s cash on the leaderboard every week.

For Sit-n-Go players there is something called the Sit n’ Crush, or SnC, that works about the same as The Beast, in so far that players receive points and are placed on a leaderboard that awards cash and tournament entries. It’s important to note that SnC is based on playing the tournament and not on how you finish. So whether you bust out first, or are able to win the sit-n-go you will receive the same number of points on the leaderboard. Just like The Beast well over 100 players cash each week on the leaderboard and the money has no strings attached to it. How much certain sit-n-gos are worth, happy hours and other tweaks are always being made, so it’s best to watch our homepage for major announcements and changes to either of these great promotions!

create an account cta

Watch the video above to see how to create your new BlackChip Poker account. Alternately, keep reading below for text instructions.

Black Chip Poker Account Creation Instructions:

Step 1:  Clear your cookies - this is mandatory for proper tracking! Click the links below for instructions.

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

Step 2:  If you've previously installed the software, you must uninstall it now before continuing.

Step 3:  Select the account type you would prefer by clicking the appropriate link or banner below.

Black Chip Poker Rakeback logo Black Chip Poker Elite Benefits Logo
               27% Rakeback                     Elite Benefits VIP Program


Step 4:  Download and install the poker client.

Step 5:  Create an account and your log in name. When doing so, input one of the following bonus codes to make sure you receive the maximum deposit bonus. Which code you use depends on whether you have chosen a VIP or Flat Rakeback account: PROFRBVIP  or  PROFRB27

Step 6:  Create your tablename (this is displayed on the tables).

Step 7:  (Optional): If you would like us to confirm your rakeback account, please Skype or Email us your login name and registered email address.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Cash Games Reviewed

Winning Poker Network has become one of the premiere cash game sites for players in the US, and even the world, when you consider the good rakeback and promotions surrounding the cash games. Winning Poker Network has embraced the grinder while many other sites have tried to usher them away from their sites. The biggest example of this the “The Beast” which is a rake race makes it very profitable for players to play as many tables as they can, for as long as they can each week. This rake race is funded by rake taken from each game, and is not a separate fee that would make the games harder to beat, like many bad beat jackpots on other sites.

omaha cash game table on Black Chip poker

The games at Winning Poker Network as a result are some of the most numerous available to US players and they continue to grow. Winning Poker Network offers NL Hold’em (NLHE), Fixed Limit Hold’em (FLH), Fixed, No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo (PLO, NLO, FLO, FLO8, PLO8 and NLO8), 7 Card Stud (7CS) and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo (7CS H/L).

This site also provides 6+ Hold'em, the hot game that has all the live ballers repeatedly putting all their chips in the middle of the felt This format uses a stripped deck with all 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s removed. Play proceeds in normal Texas Hold'em fashion, but with a few changes, such as a flush being better than a full house and a set being more valuable than a straight. Hand rankings run a lot closer together in 6+ (also known as Short Deck Hold'em), so pots grow bigger faster, and more of them are contested at showdown.

The limits for these games differ wildly depending on the game. NLHE and PLO are spread up to $50/$100 (with $50/$100 PLO game being seen taking off at good clips on the weekends). Fixed Limit Hold’em is spread up to $30/$60 with FLO8 being spread up to $75/$150, as well as 7CS up to $30/$60 and 7CS H/L being spread up to $40/$80. These games are offered in differing table sizes with the most popular games having heads-up (2-max), short-handed (6-max) and full ring (9-max). 6+ Hold'em is listed up to $50/$100. There is a little bit of something for everyone at Winning Poker Network.


One cool element of the BlackChip tables is the presence of creative avatars that you can choose to display next to your screenname. Each avatar has five separate images associated with it, and you can select which one you wish to show with just a few clicks. Some of these avatars seem to be inspired by various popular figures notwithstanding the site's contention that any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.

Avatars on BCP

Sit-n-Go Single-Table Tournaments

Winning Poker Network offers a full complement of single table tournaments, or SNGs, to their players. Winning Poker Network also offers a rake race targeted directly at SNG players that pays out weekly. The name of this leaderboard is the Sit n’ Crush (SnC) and is funded by part of the entry fee for each SNG played. The winnings from this rake race leaderboard do not affect the rakeback that a player will receive.

Players can enter SNGs for as little as $0.11 and buy-ins up to $100 in both NL Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha varieties. Players can chose from 3-players, 6-players and 9/10-player formats, while choosing either normal, turbo or hyper speed games. Winning Poker Network offers traditional payout schemes, as well as double up and triple up SNGs at certain stakes. Certain games receive bonuses for the SnC leaderboard race.

Winning Poker Network also hosts a fully array of heads up SNGs. They offer some of the highest limits available to US players with $1,200 being there largest offering. They also offer a wide variety of games with NLHE, PLO and PLO8 SNGs being spread. The latter two games have games up to $400 and all varieties are offered in regular, turbo and hyper turbo formats. These games do not qualify for the SnC leaderboard rake race, but are eligible for rakeback, and thus, provide a great value for US-based players.

Sit-n-Go Multi-Table Tournaments

Winning Poker Network offers a full array of Sit n’ Go Multi-Table Tournaments, or SnGMTTs, which is unique for a US-facing site. These offerings also are quite extensive with $10 guaranteed freerolls up to $50 buy-in SnGMTTs.The wrinkle with these tournaments is that they need a certain amount to begin and then there is 6 levels of late registration available, which gives them there name of “On Demand.” The blind levels are currently 5 minutes and there is reentry. The tournaments count towards the Sit n’ Go leaderboard Sit n’ Crush (SnC).

Multi-Table Online Tournaments

Winning Poker Network offers a lot of great multi-table tournaments (MTTs) for pretty much every level of bankroll. They have buy-ins ranging from free up to $540. The guarantees for the tournaments have been increasing steadily for the past few months and Winning Poker Network has shown a desire to continue tweaking and improving upon the schedule, start times, guarantees and basically any other part of the tournament that players could want.

Like many sites Winning Poker Network has daily tournaments that they have branded so players can remember and identify them quickly. Winning Poker Network has taken a bit further though and offers two daily tournaments lineups that provide most players with something to play. The Big 10 and Turbo 10 are sets of 10 tournaments taking place from early afternoon into the evening server time that offer players with either regular speed or turbo tournaments they can count on being there. The Big 10 tends to have higher buy-ins with bigger guarantees, while the Turbo 10 is centered more on micro to small stakes players. The guarantees on each though are quite heavily and enticing for players.

Black Chip Poker, in conjunction with the rest of the network, runs 2-3 tournaments series per year dubbed the “Online Super Series” or OSS. These are normally two weeks tournament series that feature all of the games the site spreads with buy-ins from $0.27 up to $540. The last two OSSes have featured a $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament as the headliner as well as many other smaller, but still quite lucrative events on the penultimate day. Occasionally they will also run a series leaderboard to accompany the series, something not offered at many US-facing sites they days.

Cashier, Poker Payouts, Deposits, Withdrawals, Cashouts & Fee Information

The deposit and withdrawal team at Black Chip Poker are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via email, live chat, and telephone! Give them a call at 1-877-314-4195 any time or access the live chat feature through the Black Chip Poker client.

Winning Poker Network is made up of many skins, but the three largest (America’s Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and True Poker) all utilize the same cashier and thus offer the exact same deposit and withdrawal methods. Below you will find the payout methods for both USA and ROW poker players as well as information on cash out | payout times, withdrawal fees, minimum and maximum deposit amounts, and more.

Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals

The Winning Poker Network now offers its players the ability to deposit and withdraw bitcoins via its cashier. This speedy method will have your account funded in approximately 15 minutes. Withdrawals take 24-48 hours when selecting the Bitcoin option, and you can request cashouts for values between $50 and $10,000 at a time. WPN is the largest USA-friendly poker site to offer Bitcoin deposits and cashouts to poker players.

Other crypto-currency deposits and withdrawals

In October 2017, the Winning Poker Network added a host of crypto coins to its cashier interface. They include some of the largest digital coins in existence, like Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin, as well as dozens of smaller-cap cryptos. They're available for both deposits and withdrawals. The limits in effect for these kinds of transactions vary a bit depending on the specific coin you use but can reach as high as $25,000 for deposit and $10,000 for withdrawal.

Checks (avg wait of 13.5 days to receive)
Limits: $100 - $3,000
Fee: One free per month - $65 fee per additional check

Money Transfer (Moneygram - avg wait of 1-3 days to receive)
$100 to $290, $60 fee

What BlackChip Players Are Saying

We always strive to be impartial and unbiased in our reviews, but we understand if you wish to get outside information first before opting to open up your BCP account. Therefore, we've gathered reports from around the internet from real customers of BlackChip Poker.and presented them below. As you can see, they are mostly favorable although there are some minor complaints mixed in too.

Twoplustwoer Weighs in on WPN Cashouts

Customer Receives Payout Despite DDoS

“poloplaya1414” Recounts His WPN Experience

Black Chip Poker is unable to accept US players from the states of Delaware, Louisiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, or Washington State. However, players from Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are accepted. If you happen to reside in one of the banned states playing at the Winning Poker Network will not be possible for you. However, there are other options available no matter what state you reside in. Please read our US online poker guide for more information.

WPN also cannot accept players from the countries of France, Italy, Spain and Sweden.



Black Chip Poker FAQ

Is there such a thing as BCP rakeback, and if so, what is the rate? - Yes, Black Chip Poker rakeback is real and clocks in at 27%. This can be achieved by creating your account directly through Professional Rakeback using our instructions above.

Do withdrawals cancel the First Deposit Bonus (Initial Deposit Bonus) or reload bonuses? - No, they do not. One can freely withdraw without canceling any uncompleted bonuses.

Is there a number I can call to check the status of my poker payout? - Yes! You can call the Payouts Department and ask anything you want regarding your withdrawal at 1-877-314-4195.

Can I exclude myself from the Sportsbook and | or Casino? - Yes, you can. You can contact BCP directly over the phone (1-877-314-4195) so that they can transfer you to casino operators. Once on the line with them one can request them to close access to the casino products. Alternatively you can email security[at] and request that they disable your casino access. However, do NOT (even jokingly) and we mean UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES tell them that you have a gambling problem. Your account will be closed and you will be banned for life. **Unless of course it's true and you want to be banned from the site (and potentially others by being on a shared industry database for problem gamblers). PROFRB supports responsible gambling!

How do I verify my new account on BCP? - Pretty easily actually. WPN requires the standard type of account verification that most all online poker sites adhere to. You see, regulated online poker sites, no matter what country they are regulated in, are all requited to follow what is known in most industry as "KYC Laws." This stands for Know Your Customer. To prevent laundering and terror operations from using their services basically is why these laws are implemented in any business that regularly handles money be it banking or online poker. As such, sites require standard photo ID to prove who you are, and a piece of mail, a bill of some sort typically, that has been mailed to your registered address on the poker site. Simply scan those documents and email them in, voila, you're verified. If you had deposited with a credit card, you may also have to send in a scan of the card and an authorization form. Here is a link to detailed instructions on this account certification process: WPN account verification.

My poker client is stuck at "connecting," what do I do? - Odds are it is not your fault. The site is likely under a Distributed Denial of Service attack. Unfortunately these happen from time to time and cause big problems for online businesses. However, before you assume this is the case, it would behoove you to read our Quick Fix to Common Poker Problems Guide and do a full uninstall, reinstall, and clean up of your poker client and PC. The worst thing that can happen is it doesn't work but your PC runs more smoothly for everything else you do!

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