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Juicy Stakes Review

Juicy Stakes Online Poker and Casino

Sign-up and informational page for Juicy Stakes 36% rakeback deal on the Horizon Network.

Poker Review 2018

Juicy Stakes (not Juicy Steaks) is one of the premier sites on the Horizon Network, which has faithfully served players in the United States and most of the rest of the world regardless of the challenging legal climate for poker in America. The Horizon Network, which also includes Intertops Poker, is kind of a low-key operation, and it doesn’t attract nearly as much attention as some of its larger peers, but it more than compensates for its relatively low player volume. First of all, every new player at Juicy Stakes can get 36% rakeback through our links, one of the best RB deals not just among U.S. poker sites but also for any online poker room globally. On top of this never-ending refund of the rake you pay, you’ll also get to enjoy a first deposit bonus of 200% up to $1,000. The combination of rakeback and bonus should see you clear an effective cashback rate in the ballpark of 60% or higher. You also have the option to forgo rakeback and just sign up for the normal loyalty program. Doing so will allow you to clear your bonuses at double speed and enjoy other advantages albeit at a cost. The decision of whether to opt for RB or the VIP scheme is one that will depend on your goals and your playing habits, but we’ll help you successfully join the site and play online poker in either case.

Poker Bonus Code

To qualify for the welcome bonus, you’ll have to enter the bonus code PROFRB after following our instructions for creating your account (see below) and making your initial deposit. Click the section in the cashier marked “Bonus Code” and then type PROFRB into the field. Then press the “Redeem Bonus” button. Your pending bonus will be instantly added to your account, and it will be for the sum of 200% of your deposit up to a maximum of $1,000 in complimentary bonus funds. Once your bonus is activated, you’ll release a $5 piece of it whenever you collect 83.335 Frequent Player Points (FPPs). You’ll get points for every raked hand you play or tournament fee you pay. Keep grinding hard for up to 90 days because at the end of this period, your remaining unearned bonus will expire.

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Welcome Package

When you get your hands on your 200% bonus, you’ll probably be eager to begin completing the requirements for it right away, but you should know that you’ll get a few other benefits with your first deposit as well:

Depositor Freeroll

During any month in which you deposit $25 or more and earn at least 10 FPPs, you’ll become eligible to participate in a $1,000 Depositor Freeroll. This includes your first deposit as well as any subsequent deposits you make. The actual tournament will be held in the following month, and your ticket should show up in your account a couple of days before it’s scheduled to run.

New Player Tournament

As a new player, you’re entitled to a free $1.10 entry to the One Dollar New Player Tournament. This satellite takes places every Saturday afternoon and awards the top five finishers with $5.50 entries into the Monday night $300 Gtd. You must ask for your New Player Tournament ticket by contacting support. This tournament is exclusive to Juicy Stakes and cannot be accessed from any other Horizon Network skin.

100 Free Casino Bets

The Juicy download poker software actually contains a small array of casino games, and you’ll be able to play them 100 times on the house! Each free bet is worth $1, and you can use up to five of them on any one game round. There’s a small catch: Your winnings will be paid in the form of bonus funds, which must be rolled over 10 times within a week to prevent them from disappearing.

How to Receive FPPs

The details of reward points accrual are generally too technical to interest the everyday layperson, but at Juicy Stakes Poker, they’re actually quite important and can have an impact on your table selection. Before delving into the nitty-gritty, we should inform you first that those on our rakeback plan will only receive FPPs at half the rate of those who choose the regular rewards club instead. When joining tournaments, the calculations involved are simple: You’ll get 3.5 FPPs per dollar paid if you’re a rakeback player and 7 FPPs per dollar if you’re not. This works out to 21% and 42% effective rakeback on the bonus payouts respectively. In cash games, the situation is different because FPPs are awarded to every player dealt into a hand based on the total rake paid in that hand. $1 in rake charged is worth 1 FPP if you don’t have rakeback and 0.50 FPPs if you do, and EVERY PLAYER WHO RECEIVED CARDS will get the full amount of FPPs to which they’re entitled based on the type of account they have. So the effective cashback rates are highest in nine-max ring games and lowest in heads-up tables. Assuming you pay 1/9 of the rake at your nine-handed table, you’ll get 9 FPP for every dollar you pay without rakeback and 4.5 FPP with rakeback. Juggling the numbers a bit reveals that this corresponds to around a 54% return if you lack RB and 27% otherwise. In actuality, you can achieve even better than this if you use a tighter playing style than most of your adversaries because you’ll be contributing a smaller-than-average fraction of the rake yet pulling in rewards equal to those of the loosest maniac present. In heads-up cash tables, circumstances are much different. Here you’ll only get a paltry 6% back if you’re on an RB account and 12% if you eschewed rakeback. Six-max games are somewhere in the middle.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money

Upon completing the Juicy download process and opening up the cashier, you may be shocked by how spartan it is. The deposit possibilities if you live in the United States consist solely of credit cards and cash transfer, which is pretty limited even compared to other U.S. poker sites. Folks from the rest of the world can additionally fund their accounts with Neteller and Skrill. When you wish to request a withdrawal, you can do so by Neteller or Skrill if those options are supported for you, but Americans are restricted to payouts by check. Each check carries a fee of $50, but you can get this fee waived for one cashout per month as long as you generate net rake of $40 or more during that month. All withdrawals, even those by e-wallet, are capped at a maximum of $1,000.

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Sign up now for a Juicy Stakes account with ProfRB and get 36% "dealt methodology" rakeback, a 200% up to $1,000 signup bonus using Juicy Stakes bonus code PROFRB, and access to the $20,000 per month rake race.

STEP 1:  Simply uninstall previous Juicy Stakes client, clear cookies in your web browser, click the text link below, and create your account today.

Clear your cookies before installing! This is mandatory in order to receive your initial deposit bonus! Click the appropriate browser buttons below for instructions if you need help with this step of the sign up process.

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STEP 2:  Click this link to sign up for 36% Juicy Stakes Poker rakeback.
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STEP 3:  Create your account.

STEP 4:  (Optional) Skype or Email us your username and registered email address for our confirmation of your new rakeback account.


Cash Games

No Limit Hold’em exists from $0.02/$0.04 through $10/$20, but games above $1/$2 seldom run. Pot Limit Omaha is also spread at these same levels for both hi only and hi-low although you’d be lucky to find more than half a dozen active tables simultaneously populated. Fixed-limit varieties of these three games are spread, but there’s scarcely a table to be found. There’s one other type of ring game, and it’s a weird one. Telesina has antes like a stud game, the pot-limit betting structure common in Omaha and a revised table of hand rankings reminiscent of the three-card poker casino table game. This sounds like fun, but there’s rarely a game going because few people sit down and try to actually start those games.

Juicy Stakes cash game table


Most SNGs offered lie in the $0.50 - $200 range, but special step, satellite and all-in-or-fold competitions exist outside of this spectrum. At levels above $60, every game is heads-up; at lower stakes, you’ll find HU, four-man, six-max, nine-player and ten-handed tourneys in NLHE, PLO and PLO8 formats. This abundance of game types is overkill as events above $10 rarely start.

Multi-Table Tournaments

If you’re looking for poker freerolls or MTTs below the $50 level, then you’re sure to find a few selections that fit your criteria. However, those looking for high-stakes tourneys and huge guaranteed prizes will be disappointed. The signature weekly event is the Sunday Twilight at 7 p.m. EST on Sundays, which costs $50 + $5 and guarantees $5,000. The identically priced Sundowner takes place Monday - Saturday at 7:15 p.m. EST, but it only comes with a guarantee of $1,500.


At the conclusion of your initial bonus period, you may think that there’s nothing more to look forward to at Juicy Stakes, but this isn’t true. Besides seasonal deals that change with the calendar, the card room also provides a host of ongoing incentives that should allow you to augment your bankroll without having to jump through complicated hoops.

Weekly Rake Race

Remember those Frequent Player Points, discussed above, that help you unlock your bonus funds? Well, they have other uses as well. Perhaps the most remunerative is the weekly FPP race that pays out $4,000 combined to the 100 players who have gathered the most FPPs. It doesn’t matter whether you participate in cash games or tournaments; every FPP you amass will count toward the leaderboard. It’s not uncommon for the leading few players to get back in excess of 30% of the rake they paid during the week -- and more like 60% if they’re non-rakeback players! Keep in mind this is in addition to the cashback that you will already earn from us just by creating your account using our rakeback links.

Gold Chips

For every 100 FPPs you acquire, you’ll get a gold chip. You can exchange 20 of them for a $5 no-deposit bonuses ad infinitum (well, until you run out of gold chips). They’re also useful for buying into gold chip tournaments that pay out more gold chips or tournament tickets.

Loyalty Program

You’ll be able to progress through the 50 levels of the loyalty program faster or slower depending on how much you play and at what stakes. After you achieve a target number of FPPs, you’ll complete your current tier, advance to the next one and get a prize, which may be gold chips or free cash. It will take two months of failing to meet your FPP goal to drop back a level, but once you hit level 10, you can never be reduced below level 10.

Reload Bonuses

Several times per year, Juicy Stakes extends to players reloads that deliver the same bankroll-boosting action as the first deposit bonus. The difference is that these bonuses are most often for a lower percentage match and maximum value than the welcome bonus. Redeposit bonuses typically expire after one month. Be careful because the issuance of reloads isn’t automatic; you’ll need to input the right Juicy Stakes bonus code into the cashier first. We frequently post these codes on our Twitter feed.

Facebook Contests

Every couple of weeks, there’s usually an opportunity to score poker tournament tickets by commenting on Facebook posts. These contests may involve answering trivia questions, predicting the scores of football matches or just sharing your experiences at the poker site. Like the Juicy Stakes page on Facebook so that you don’t forget about this painless way of winning gratis tourney entries.

Juicy Stakes $250 Gtd Tournament

Every Sunday at 7:15 p.m. EST, Juicy Stakes runs a $5.50 1r1a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $250. Turnout is almost always light, and heavy overlays are commonplace. With fields often measured in the single digits, the event resembles a sit-n-go more than anything else, and it ordinarily plays down to a winner within two hours. This tournament is exclusive to Juicy Stakes and cannot be accessed from any other Horizon Network skin.

New Sign-up Restrictions

While it’s solid place to play online poker from within the United States, Juicy Stakes is actually closed to residents of a few states: Kentucky (KY), Louisiana (LA), Maryland (MD), Missouri (MO), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), and Washington (WA). French players are also unable to register a new account here. If you live in any of these states apart from Kentucky, you can open up an account at fellow Horizon Poker Network site Intertops instead.