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Here at, we try to show accurate information on only well-respected, trustworthy gaming operators who also display a strong commitment to the support of responsible gambling and who appear to comply with all legislation and guidelines provided by the jurisdictions in which they operate. If you should notice any inaccuracies, please contact us, and we will investigate and aim to rectify if appropriate.

You should ensure that you check with any operator that you intend to gamble with, and make sure yourself that they follow all legislative rules and have their own support teams in place to protect or help anyone who might be having gambling problems.

You are solely responsible for determining the legality of where you are playing. is not providing legal advice, nor can it be held liable for your actions. To the best of our knowledge the information on our website is correct, but we do not condone gambling if it is illegal in your jurisdiction. Do your own research, the consequences of your actions are your responsibility. contains links to websites and gambling operators that contain gambling-related content and/or offer online wagering. In no way does endorse or seek to endorse any listed sites. All review material and information are the personal views of authors or contributors and may contain inaccuracies of which those authors and contributors are unaware.

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Anyone concerned about having a gambling problem can find contact details for support groups on the responsible gambling page of this website.