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Poker Tracker Four (PT4) Review

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Poker Tracker 4, otherwise known as PT4, general review along with US-friendly poker room compatibility lists, information about HUD, and results tracking.



Online poker is a fast-paced animal.  Compared to live poker where a player sees twenty to thirty five hands per hour, online poker players can easily play two to three hundred hands per hour, and many have been known to play well over one thousand hands per hour while mass multi-tabling.  In order to play efficiently, effectively, and with a high bb/100 win rate in such games, players need loads of information.   Online Poker heads up displays are the way answer.  One of the foremost of these HUDs is Poker Tracker.

Poker Tracker is a run by a team of professional software developers who have updated, expanded, added on to, and improved the product through four versions, adding support for dozens of online poker rooms and networks, including virtually all of the real money US poker sites. Whenever a site makes a change to their hand histories, the PT team often has a fix up within 24-48 hours... now that is what we call service!  If there is an issue, PT has very extensive FAQs, user guides, and if all else fails, a forum where their development team reads and responds to all player issues in short order. As professional poker players ourselves, the Professional Rakeback team has been using the Poker Tracker online poker software since its original version 1 release back in the early days of the new millennium.  We highly recommend Poker Tracker to all our recreational and professional internet poker players alike. Even micro-stakes players, for whom it will cost a few buy-ins, will benefit greatly from using this online poker HUD.  Think of it as an investment.  Even if its use only gains you a fraction of a bb/100 improvement in your win rate, the product will quickly pay for itself!

Online poker tracking software is essential for anyone putting in volume play at online poker. The usefulness of such software includes tracking yourself, tracking your opposition, reviewing sessions and marking hands for review while playing, heads up displays or HUDS, and let us not forget, keeping tracking of winnings for taxes!

We at Professional Rakeback have been Poker Tracker users for over a decade.  What we like most about this product is that the Poker Tracker team offers expedient updates coupled with excellent software and a first-class support forum.  Also each time that Poker Tracker creates a new version of the software, approximately every three years, existing customers are given a significant discount on the new product. These are just a few reasons we continue to recommend this software to our clients.  Another is the wide range of compatibility with US-friendly poker sites (and the Euro and ROW sites too).

Poker Tracker version 4 is fully compatible with the Horizon Gaming Network (Intertops and Juicy Stakes Poker).  PT4 is also fully functional at The Winning Poker Network (ACR Poker ACR, True Poker, Black Chip Poker BCP, YaPoker - YAP).

In August 2018, PokerTracker released a free Ignition Poker hand grabber, so now you can import hands from the most popular U.S.-friendly site as long as you run this hand grabber in conjunction with PokerTracker while you play. Be aware, though, that this feature isn't available for Mac, only for Windows PCs. If you play Zone Poker, you ought to download the hands and import them into PT4 rather than using the hand grabber.

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