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About Us - The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of Professional Rakeback

Who We Are

We sincerely care about the poker community and it is our ultimate goal to help and inform poker players and regularly spread the news about poker as a fun and friendly game until the end of time. Our team of professional writers, contributors, and researchers dedicated to website already produced more than two million words for the website! In a nutshell, we eat, sleep and breathe poker and online gaming!

In the new age of the web, our employees can be found on Discus forums, Guilded chats, Telegram chats, WhatsApp groups, social media websites, and much more, integrating with and participating with the community. Being a part of the scene is how we stay on the cutting edge of the news cycle. It is also how we can find and warn our players and the rest of the poker community about scam sites, apps, and impending bankruptcies of shady poker rooms.

Our staff members have been to numerous industry conferences to meet operators face to face, scores of poker tournaments to meet clients face to face, and have traveled to the field offices of the advertisers and partner sites we work with in order to inspect their operations first-hand.

We consistently work passionately and diligently, seven days per week, to assist you. has always been owned and operated by professional poker players and advantage gamblers who earn their living using mathematics, statistics, good judgments, and shrewd negotiation to prevail.

Just like Las Vegas, the Internet never sleeps, and neither does the staff at Professional Rakeback. We are constantly on the search for new news stories, changes in government regulation, creating new poker and gambling guides, researching and reviewing new websites. Our team never stops working to provide quality content.

Get in touch and meet our expert gamblers, detailed researchers, and professional journalists who create all the great content you enjoy reading on our website. Jake Rake is the head poker writer at

Our Mission

Customer Service is very important for us! We pay utmost attention to protecting the privacy of our clients at all times!

We routinely advise and consult with management of poker sites, online casinos, and sportsbooks to help them provide better experiences to their clients. We relay information ‘from the streets’ to upper management and let them know when they have problems that need addressing. They love us for it and it shows as they in turn provide all sorts of special and exclusive promotions to our clients as a means of saying ‘Thank You’ to us for going above and beyond our duties. We in turn take care of our clients and it is a virtuous cycle of win/win!

Professional Rakeback has warned its players and the community about poker and gambling sites that failed months in advance, saving those who acted upon our advice millions of dollars collectively and that is because we keep our ear to the ground and are involved in the community and industry in the deepest ways and on the highest levels.

We have amassed a large following of readers, clients, and friends over the years. Each month we help guide over 1,000 players to a new home for their gaming needs, and we do our very best to make sure they enjoy where they play.

If they don't we have failed at our jobs, and failure is not an option for our team!

Our Guarantee - What We Stand For

We will always work as a team to ensure that our players are treated fairly by our partners and that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.

We will continue to do anything and everything we can to call out those who would tarnish the reputation of this industry and hurt our friends and clients, as well as promote safe behaviour among our clients, operators, advertisers, and governments with whom we interact.

In this business, TRUST is the most important factor, and we work tirelessly to genuinely earn your trust. We have a growing wall of customer testimonials to prove it! We are a Trusted Partner to more than 2 dozen poker sites, casinos, and sportsbooks. Not only do our players trust us, but the sites we represent trust us as well.

Our Certifications & Accreditations

We participate in industry groups and forums with other webmasters and indeed is certified as an approved portal and friend to many industry-leading organizations such as the following (to mention but a few):

  • Gambling Portal Webmaster's Association (GPWA)
  • Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD)
  • Poker Affiliate Forums (PAF)
  • APCW
  • Casinomeister (CM)
  • APCW
  • CAP

We have been featured in the following prestigious and authoritative news sources and websites (again to name but a few):

  • Forbes
  • PokerFuse
  • Poker Industry Pro
  • Coin Geek
  • Wikipedia
  • Medium

Our History

We are an essential part of the worldwide poker community for more than twenty years! Furthermore, we have been part of the worldwide gaming industry for over fifteen years! Finally, we are a trusted partner to over 100,000 players and the number is growing every day.

Since 2001 we have been involved in the online poker community. Yes, that is right, way back in the Stone Ages of online poker when people were playing poker via email and message boards, we stumbled onto the scene. Our owners and staff have a passion for poker and constantly read, reply, communicate, and participate in the largest poker forums the internet has to offer.

This website,, was first published in 2006. It was briefly taken offline, yet it successfully re-emerged full-time in 2008. Since this time we have integrated into the online poker, gaming, casino, sports, gambling, and esports communities both through growing the knowledge of existing employees, and making new hires who specialize in these fields.

Our Team of Experts

This website was founded by a professional online poker player for themselves and their friends, hence the term Professional in the name of the website. The website originally catered to the high volume winning poker player, it has evolved into so much more over the last 2 decades.

Our team of expert players, including true professional poker players, gamblers, and sports bettors know how to win, and they want you to know how to win as well! There is room for everyone to have a good time, a safe time, and to significantly improve their skill at wagering and our staff is happy to help our readers in these endeavors.

Our team of professional writers and researchers has been engaged in publishing continuously all over the Internet on dozens and dozens of websites and periodicals. You can easily find them constantly updating Wikipedia, Fandom, Reddit subs, industry forums, and other high profile websites to keep information up-to-date and accurate. as a website has surpassed a size of two million words! That is an enormous amount of content and our staff of dedicated and professional writers, authors, and researchers increase and improve the content every, single, day!

Collectively our team has wagered hundreds of millions of dollars in poker, sports, and casino bets and played tens of millions of hands of poker over the last 2 decades! Not many other websites can legitimately make these claims, and we are proud of our experience, and elated to share our gambling expertise with our readers!

Photo of Jake Rake

Jake Rake is the head poker writer at

He eats, sleeps, and breathes poker and online gaming. This is a man who reads every online poker forum morning, noon, and night, for the last 17 years, trying to find fun and interesting information to share with our readers.

Jake has become an ardent student of crypto-currency since it was first introduced in the online poker world in 2013 and he thus has eight years of experience covering this field!

Responsible Gambling

Playing with real cash to win more of it can be great fun and offer plenty of entertainment value, provided those who engage in this pastime can control what they are doing and recognize the danger signs of losing control. This ability to stay in control and see any danger coming is referred to as responsible gambling or responsible gaming - terms that are widely used by gambling operators and others offering gambling services in the industry.

But virtually all forms of gambling bring the risk of losing money alongside the chance of winning it. This loss could represent a small amount of cash or lots of it. So the way for people to try to avoid problem gambling issues is known as responsible gambling, and on this page, we are going to look at some of the tips and signs to watch for to identify a gambling problem, how to take steps to gamble responsibly, what stance the gaming operators and other service providers take, and where to go for information on getting help. Check more information about responsible gambling here.