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Bitcoin Poker - Top 10 sites accepting Crypto deposits 2022!

Bitcoin Accepted here

Several years ago, the idea of using Bitcoin to play poker online was merely a fantasy. in 2022 however, it is now reality at many poker sites. The digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin makes things convenient for both players and poker rooms alike because it enables speedy transactions with relative anonymity and low fees. This is especially useful for online poker fans in restrictive markets such as America, Australia and Canada because they otherwise would have to wait a long time for payouts to arrive and sometimes have to pay substantial surcharges.

We've compiled a short and sweet list of the top poker sites accepting bitcoin that serve U.S. players, other offshore customers, and players in every country of the world:

Bitcoin Online Poker Sites for USA and Other Offshore Markets
  1. Ignition Poker
  2. BetOnline / SB Poker
  3. Bovada
  5. EveryGame
  6. Americas Cardroom / BlackChip
  7. CoinPoker
  8. SwCPoker
  9. Nitrogen Poker
  10. Juicy Stakes
  11. Blockchain Poker
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1. Ignition Poker

✓ USA, AUS | x No CAN

Withdrawals – min: $10 | max: $9,500 | speed: 1 day
Deposits – min: $10 | max: $5,000

Ignition Cashier Showing Bitcoin

Ignition poker is the largest site in the USA and AUS markets for cash games, and its popularity will probably grow even further now that it supports Bitcoin, BCH, BSV, LTC, and ETH.

2. BetOnline / SB Poker

✓ USA, CAN, UK, DE, Worldwide | No AUS

Withdrawals – min: $20 | max: $100,000 | speed: 2 days
Deposits – min: $20 | max: $500,000 Cashier Showing BTC

These sites on the Chico Poker Network are heavy supporters of digital currencies as evidenced by their decision to transact in Litecoin and other cryptos besides Bitcoin.

3. Bovada Poker

✓ USA | No AUS, No CAN

Withdrawals – min: $10 | max: $9,500 | speed: 1 day
Deposits – min: $10 | max: $5,000

Ignition Cashier Showing Bitcoin

Bovada is a wonderful place for BTC poker and also for casino games and sports-betting. There are separate welcome bonuses for each type of gaming and other crypto poker options such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, Litecoin, and Ethereum are available.

4. Poker


Withdrawals – min: $10 | max: $9,500 | speed: 1 day
Deposits – min: $10 | max: $5,000

Ignition Cashier Showing Bitcoin is the Canadian arm of the Bodog betting powerhouse. It boasts a poker room, casino, and sportsbook.

5. EveryGame

✓ USA, CAN, DE, Worldwide | No AUS

Withdrawals – min: $100 | max: $2,500 | speed: 2 days
Deposits – min: $25 | max: $2,500

EveryGame Bitcoin Deposit Screenshot

The limits at EveryGame are a tad bit restrictive for high-rollers, but they should be fine for most players looking to just play a few tables now and again.

6. Americas Cardroom / BlackChip Poker / True Poker

✓ USA, CAN, UK, DE, Worldwide | No AUS

Withdrawals – min: $50 | max: $25,000 | speed: 1-2 days
Deposits – min: $10 | max: $25,000

Americas Cardroom Bitcoin Deposits

All three of these sites are on the Winning Poker Network, which is THE place to go for tournament action if you’re in the United States. WPN supports 69 different crypto options in addition to BTC.

7. CoinPoker

✓ USA, AUS, CAN, UK, DE, Worldwide

Withdrawals – min: $5 | max: $25,000 | speed: a couple hours
Deposits – min: None | max: None

CoinPoker BTC Deposits

Games at CoinPoker use the USDT coin, but you can deposit and withdraw via Bitcoin with the conversions to and from Tether taking place automatically in the cashier.

8. SwCPoker

✓ USA, AUS, CAN, UK, DE, Worldwide

Withdrawals – min: 0.0005 BTC | max: Not Stated | speed: less than 12 hours
Deposits – min: 0.00000001 BTC | max: Not Stated

BTC Cashier Window at SwCPoker

SwCPoker is the latest evolution of the old Seals with Clubs, which first introduced Bitcoin to the poker ecosystem. Unlike the previous sites, this one banks exclusively in BTC and BCH, and tables are denominated in μBTC (one SwC chip is equal to 0.000001 bitcoin).

9. Nitrogen Poker

✓ USA, AUS, CAN, UK, DE, Worldwide

Withdrawals – min: 0.001 BTC | max: None | speed: less than 12 hours
Deposits – min: None | max: None

Nitrogen Sports Poker Bitcoin Deposit Address

Nitrogen Sports is probably the most well-known Bitcoin sportsbook around, and they added poker to their portfolio in 2014. Each chip is equal to 1/1,000 of a bitcoin, and BTC is the only valid currency accepted.

10. Juicy Stakes

✓ USA, AUS, CAN, UK, DE, Worldwide

Withdrawals – min: $100 | max: $2,500 | speed: 2 days
Deposits – min: $25 | max: $1,000

Juicy Stakes Cashier Bitcoin Deposits

Juicy Stakes is a partner site of EveryGame, but it lacks a sportsbook and some of the other gaming options that EveryGame has.

11. Blockchain Poker

✓ USA, AUS, CAN, UK, DE, Worldwide

Withdrawals – min: 0.001 BTC | max: None | speed: < 1 hour
Deposits – min: None | max: None Cashier Bitcoin Deposits offers in-browser crypto games supporting Bitcoin (along with its derivatives Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV). You get 50 Satoshis for free upon signup!

Bitcoin on top of pokerchips

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a completely digital form of payment, which does not depend upon a central clearinghouse or authority to police transactions. Rather, a peer-to-peer network of users maintains nodes that process and verify transactions, writing confirmations to the blockchain, which is a public ledger of all transactions.

Bitcoin was the first payment solution to deploy this combination of technologies to achieve its purpose and thereby became the first crypto-currency. There have since been countless imitators and offshoots of BTC, like Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. However, the original crypto Bitcoin remains the most popular and the most valuable by total market capitalization.

How Can I Get Bitcoins?

If you have yet to begin your Bitcoin gambling adventures, then don’t worry – we’ll show you how to get started and acquire your first bitcoins. Consult our thorough Bitcoin guide to learn how to purchase coins, send them to wallets, and make your deposits at online poker rooms, casinos, and really any other merchant that accepts this form of payment.

Benefits of Bitcoin for Internet Poker

Sites and players wouldn't just decide to switch to Bitcoin en masse for no reason, so it logically follows that there are compelling advantages to transacting in this new medium. Among the benefits of BTC are:

  • Avoidance of meddlesome government bureaucrats and dodgy banksters
  • Relatively fast transaction times
  • Reasonable fees (although some newer crypto coins have BTC beat in this area)
  • Individual control of your own funds
  • Soft poker games

How soft are bitcoin poker rooms?

Bitcoin poker rooms offer the easiest poker games on the Internet because they attract crypto-currency users with little to no poker experience. Often these crypto-enthusiasts also have lots of disposable crypto due to the perpetual rise in value of crypto-currency since its inception in 2009, yet they are very inexperienced poker players.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin for Internet Poker

Though we're big proponents of Bitcoin, not just for poker but for all manner of other financial endeavors as well, we must concede that there are still a few issues with using it as a currency for everyday transactions. Among the disadvantages of Bitcoin are:

  • Transaction finality – there's often no recourse if you send coins to the wrong address
  • Steep learning curve for novices before they feel comfortable with Bitcoin
  • Constantly fluctuating exchange rates mean little price stability

Bitcoin Texas Hold'em Poker Games

If you're in the market for a Bitcoin poker site, then you're probably interested in playing Texas Hold'em games – more specifically, No Limit Texas Hold'em. After all, NL Hold'em is the most popular format of poker around.

We're pleased to report that all the crypto poker sites described on this page support Bitcoin Texas Hold'em poker in No Limit form. These games include the traditional trifecta of cash tables, sit n' goes, and multi-table tournaments. At some sites, additional varieties of the game are spread, like lottery-style contests, where the prize pool is determined by random factors, and fast-fold poker, which lets you fold your hand and move immediately to a new table with new cards.

Of course, if you'd like to expand your horizons, there are other poker variants that beckon. In addition to Bitcoin NL Texas Hold'em, many of these sites also spread Pot Limit Omaha and Limit Hold'em. If you're a fan of Seven Card Stud or 6+ Hold'em, your options are more limited, but you will still find some games online. Even HORSE, Open Face Chinese, and other obscure games have Bitcoin poker options available.

Bitcoin Bonus Offers

There are some online gaming sites that will not only permit you to transact in Bitcoin but will actually give you special bonuses for doing so, bonuses that are superior to their standard offerings for non-BTC deposits.

  • Ignition Casino Poker - The standard poker and casino bonuses here are each 100% up to $1,000, but this increases to 150% up to $1,500 if you deposit with Bitcoin or another crypto.
  • BetOnline / - The initial sports wagering bonus here is 50% up to $1,000 but bitcoiners instead get 100% up to $1,000. Sports reloads also increase from 25% up to $250 to 35% up to $350 for crypto users.
  • Bovada - Bovada extends offers worth up to $3,000 to new casino players and $250 for the sportsbook, but these figures grow to $3,750 and $750 respectively if you deposit BTC.
  • Americas Cardroom / BlackChip Poker - These sites tend to have reload bonus opportunities every couple of months, and the percentage matches are generally only 50% with legacy payment methods and 100% with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • Cafe Casino - Exclusive VIP bonus offer up to $5,000 for crypto deposits from Professional Rakeback. Read more about Cafe Casino bonus codes.
Depositing With BitcoinHow to Make a Bitcoin Poker Deposit (And Get a Special BTC Bonus)

Cashing Out From a Bitcoin Poker Site

After you've made some winnings at your crypto poker site, you'll probably be wondering how to withdraw them and if the process will go smoothly. Fortunately, if you've already successfully bought Bitcoin and deposited it to your online poker room, then you already have most of what you need to make a cashout too.

Follow these steps to get your money:

  1. Complete any ID verification required by the site
  2. Go to the withdrawal interface in the poker site's cashier
  3. Create a new BTC address in your personal wallet (not an exchange)
  4. Paste the newly generated address, along with the amount you wish to withdraw, into the poker room's cashier
  5. Click “Submit,” “Go,” or a similarly labeled button to finalize your transaction

Then you need only wait for your bitcoins to arrive. The longest portion of this procedure will probably be waiting for your account verification to be completed, but this is a one-time deal that you only need to do prior to your first payout. Subsequent withdrawals will skip the identity certification step.

Submitting a BTC Withdrawal RequestHow to Make a Crypto Poker Withdrawal to Your Bitcoin Wallet

Most of the time, it will take only a day or two from the moment you request a withdrawal before your BTC are in your wallet. From there, you can deposit them at another site, send bitcoins to your exchange and sell them, or just hold them in your crypto wallet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's critical that you use an intermediary wallet in between your exchange and gaming site. Sending or receiving funds directly between an exchange and an internet poker room could allow the exchange to determine that your coins were used for what they consider to be prohibited gambling activities. Should this occur, you might be banned from the exchange. See the relevant sections of our FAQ below for additional info about this.

Bitcoin Poker FAQ Image

Bitcoin Poker FAQ

If you have any questions about funding your poker account and receiving your winnings through Bitcoin, then look through our FAQ below. We've collected common questions and answers about this subject below for your enlightenment.

At mainstream poker rooms, the coins you deposit are converted into U.S. dollars before being credited to your account. This is because the games are denominated in dollars rather than bitcoins. The exceptions are Nitrogen, SwCPoker, and Blockchain.Poker, which keep your funds as bitcoins and spread games that are listed in fractions of a bitcoin.

Once you make a deposit and your money is converted into dollars, it will remain the same amount of dollars regardless of any fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin. The exceptions are again SwCPoker, Nitrogen Sports, and Blockchain Poker because they hold your balance in BTC form.

When your withdrawal request is processed, the USD amount of the payout is exchanged, at a pretty fair conversion rate, for bitcoins, and these BTC are sent to the wallet address you specified. Note that the exchange rate that's used is calculated at the time the site actually sends your coins, not when you make the request. This spares you from some of the volatility involved in transacting with crypto-currency because of the short interval between when the poker room submits the transaction and when it is confirmed.

However, at Nitrogen Sports Poker, SwC, and, there is no conversion to and from fiat currency because these sites do all their business in bitcoins, including the actual gameplay and all cashier functions.

Yes, at most major internet poker destinations, crypto-currency users are still subject to the same Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks that apply to those players employing legacy forms of payment. You'll probably have to send in a photo ID and proof of residence before an offshore poker site will send you your winnings. There are exceptions, most notably SwCPoker, which takes pride in its “no dox” policy.

We strongly urge you to refrain from sending your bitcoins directly from an exchange to a gaming operator. This is especially true for residents of the United States.

These organizations have to comply with regulations in the jurisdictions they trade in, and quite a few of them prohibit online gambling. Although there's a chance you'll get away with it, helped by the relative anonymity of BTC, there are sophisticated tools available for exchanges to delve through the blockchain history and determine that the funds you sent are for gambling purposes.

To be safe, always move your money to an intermediate wallet first before depositing it at a gaming site. We highly recommend the wallet because it is free, and it allows you to exercise control over your own private keys.

It's inadvisable to direct your winnings from your online poker site of choice to your exchange account particularly if you're a resident of the United States. It's very likely that the exchange contains language in its terms and conditions prohibiting its services from being used in connection with gambling products.

While most Bitcoin transactions are sufficiently hard to trace that there's no “smoking gun” to tip off whoever is watching, clever investigation of the addresses that a coin has passed through before ending up at the exchange can sometimes reveal the type of merchants that have accepted it. It's best to stay on the safe side by using a third-party wallet, like the one provided by, as an intermediary between all money movements from a gaming company and an exchange.

Those who send their money to a gaming site directly from an exchange or to an exchange directly from a gaming site are playing with fire if their home jurisdiction frowns upon internet wagering. We've heard countless reports of customers who've had their exchange accounts frozen or closed because of this.

In the majority of cases, the affected users get their money sent to them upon account closure, but this process may take some time and is not guaranteed. For the best results, always move your poker money to or from a wallet in the middle before commingling it with funds in your exchange balance.

There are a wide variety of wallets for Bitcoin in existence, and the best one for you will depend upon your personal situation, the computer you're using (desktop or mobile for example, Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux, et cetera), whether you wish to control your own keys, and a variety of other factors. While we cannot recommend one definitively above all others, we have composed a page describing the best Bitcoin wallets for poker and gambling, which you can read for further insight into this topic.

Yes, there are many different digital coins that are accepted by sites that offer internet card games. Some of these forms of crypto money are quite popular (although not as widespread as Bitcoin) while others are only supported by a handful of online gaming sites. If you'd like to know more about two of the most commonly accepted coins for online poker, check out our Ethereum gambling guide and our page covering the best Bitcoin Cash gaming sites.