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Ridiculous and Crazy Bets Available Online: alien invasions?

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Here at, we are primarily concerned with providing relevant and accurate information about online poker. With that being said, we also like to provide information and news regarding online casinos, live poker, and sports betting from time to time.

Recently, our team has been noticing a number of wacky and interesting sports and entertainment wagers available at a few reputable online sportsbooks, including BetOnline, Bovada, and

Crazy Sports Bets

In all honesty, some of these bets are completely ridiculous and seem to only exist to create social media chatter and discussion, but occasionally, we may be able to find legitimate value in some of these wild and crazy bets. In this article, our experts will cover the craziest and goofiest online sports and entertainment wagers currently available. We will try our best to frequently update this page as new wagers become popular and available.

How Goofy Are These Bets?

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As we said, some of the bets on offer are truly ridiculous and goofy. One of the major bets that we see with regularity refers to potential alien invasions and aliens potentially kidnapping certain popular figures.

BetOnline and (they are sister sites) appear to have the wackiest and largest selection of entertainment-based wagers. One of the most intriguing involves the color of the first alien to invade earth in addition to who might be abducted by said alien.

BetOnline is also offering bets regarding popular political figures and celebrities involving their personal lives. For example, BetOnline and are offering a wager on Justin Trudeau's next lover (Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada).

Justin Trudeau Wagers at BetOnlineJustin Trudeau's next lover wagers at BetOnline in 2023

Bovada is also joining in on the fun by adding their own crazy entertainment-based wagers to the sportsbook. One of these includes wagers regarding Kim Kardashian and who her next boyfriend will be. Somewhat comically, the end date of this wager doesn't come until 2026, so you may have to wait two or more years to find out whether your bet will be a winner if you so choose to take a gamble on Kim's next boyfriend.

What is the Point of These Wagers?

As we always attempt to do here at, we aren't going to sugarcoat this or lie to you. The majority of these bets only appear to exist to boost social media engagement and create buzz about the site and the bets in question.

How is BetOnline going to reasonably grade these wagers? Is BetOnline seriously confident that they'll know if there is an alien invasion and be alerted to a potential kidnapping or abduction? We think not.

The reality seems to be that most of these ridiculous bets only exist to create discussion and social media engagement. We would surmise that the vast majority of these farfetched bets will eventually be graded as “no action,” which would result in any bettors receiving their wagers back in full. Most of these wagers include an “end by” date, so we surmise that if the bet is not fully resolved by that date, all bettors will be refunded.

One example of a wager that might be worth placing is regarding Lizzo's current court case. Lizzo is a popular pop star known for her massive hits including “Juice” and “About Damn Time.” Lizzo is currently embroiled in a sexual assault case wherein three of her dancers have accused her of sexual, racial, and religious harassment.

Lizzo Court Case Wagers at tweeted about Lizzo and her court case

Are BetOnline and Bovada Safe?

Despite these bets being a bit abnormal and crazy, BetOnline,, and Bovada are all trustworthy and highly regarded internet sportsbooks. Although there is certainly some questionability when it comes to the veracity of these types of wagers, we are confident that these organizations pay winnings in a timely fashion and grade wagers as fairly as possible.

With that being said, however, it appears that many of these bets will never truly be resolved or come to a decisive conclusion. It seems somewhat unlikely that BetOnline will be able to confirm the color of the first alien that visits Earth. Who's to say this hasn't already taken place without BetOnline knowing?

It seems that most of these bets have been created and designed to specifically boost social media buzz and engagement. The more that people talk about these crazy bets, the more people will inevitably visit these sportsbooks and place wagers.

Even if players resist the temptation to wager on these specific entertainment bets, it is likely that players will bet on other more reasonable sporting events while visiting the site. Both sites also host excellent poker rooms and casinos, so it's probable that additional visitors and social media discussion will encourage a few more people to try out the casino or poker room while visiting the sites.

The Era of Social Media and “All Press is Good Press”

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As we have alluded to, it seems clear that these kinds of bets are mostly created to specifically create social media engagement and online chatter. As we can see in this tweet posted by the Twitter account, BetOnline is trying its hardest to create buzz around these kinds of crazy bets and engage people on social media.

Alien Invasions at tweeted about their alien abduction bets recently

These online sportsbooks try their best to tie in legitimate sports stars by including their personal lives in some of these wagers. One clear example of this is a bet available at BetOnline and currently regarding the possibility of Patrick Mahomes' marriage becoming an "open marriage".

Wagers Currently Available to Bet On

As we have already covered in this article, there are numerous entertainment-based wagers available at Bovada, BetOnline, and In this section, we will highlight some of our favorite current wagers and update this section with regularity as the available wagers inevitably change. Here are a few selections of our favorite currently available wagers:

  • Alien Invasions
    • BetOnline and both offer wagers regarding potential alien invasions. It is important to note that these wagers have an end date of December 30, 2023. If there isn't any confirmed alien invasion by the end of 2023, we presume that all wagers will be graded as “no action” and the bets will be refunded in their entirety. There are also bets available regarding alien abductions and popular figures that might be taken by aliens should they invade Earth.
Alien Invasions at BetOnlineAlien invasion wagers at BetOnline
  • Mahomes Open Marriage
    • Apparently, there has been some speculation regarding Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, and his current marriage and relationship with Brittany Mahomes. BetOnline is offering a few wild wagers regarding Patrick's marriage and personal life.
Patrick Mahomes open marriage wagers at BoLMahomes open marriage wagers at BetOnline
  • Kim Kardashian's Next Lover
    • Another interesting wager available currently at Bovada involves Kim Kardashian and her next potential boyfriend or lover. Bovada is currently offering odds on this wager, and the end date doesn't finalize until 2026! This means that if you place a wager on this outcome, you need to be prepared to wait up to 2 - 3 years to find out the result or get refunded if the bet ends up being graded as “no action.”
Kim Kardashian Next BoyfriendBovada Kim Kardashian's next boyfriend

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Although it certainly is a bit questionable as to whether participating in some of these bets is a net positive, or +EV, the pure entertainment value is definitely worth something. Gambling should be primarily treated as entertainment, and bets involving celebrities and alien invasions certainly hit the mark when it comes to providing excellent and fun entertainment.

If you'd like to join in on the excitement and get started betting on these wild events or other sporting events today, please feel free to utilize the buttons below to register at, Bovada, or BetOnline today.

If you're interested in learning more about any of the brands discussed in this article, then please feel free to peruse this detailed review, this BetOnline review, or this exhaustive review of Bovada.