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PokerBros App Review - Is Poker Bros Legit or a Scam?

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  • USA, Australia, and Canada allowed
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • No PC or Mac software
  • Confusing agent and club model
  • No landscape mode on mobile
  • Real money play based on legal fictions
  • Uncertain payout reliability
  • Poor mobile compatibility
  • Difficult set up
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PokerBros is one of the new breed of mobile poker apps that have been picking up market share recently from older, more traditional online poker sites particularly in unregulated internet gaming areas, like the United States. Much as with similar sites of its ilk, PokerBros claims to only provide play money games and sell play chip packages without hosting real money play.

However, users can pay to set up private clubs and disburse chips among club members however they see fit. This had let to a proliferation of games using PokerBros chips on the PokerBros software but with the understanding that these play chips can be bought and sold for real money by mutual agreement between individual players and the club owner.

It's kind of like setting up a home game club at PokerStars and then moving money back and forth among club members, on outside platforms, to effectively turn play chip hands into real money games. PokerBros takes a laissez-faire attitude toward this kind of activity, unlike PokerStars, which frowns upon such loopholes and employs strong measures to police its games.

Given the growing frequency with which our readers have inquired about these mobile poker apps, we decided it was high time that we began to review them. Therefore, you will find below a comprehensive review of the PokerBros app, including details regarding its business model, the gaming software and system compatibility, graphics, features, the game formats present, and more.

Website of PokerBros The Home Page of PokerBros

Poker Games

The PokerBros app has support for quite a few card game variants. They are divided between cash games and multi-table tournaments.

Cash Games

The real money cash games you have access to will depend upon the club you join. Based upon the size of the group and the types of games members wish to play, you may encounter a broad range of tables or just a few.

That said, the possible game variants supported by PokerBros is impressive and include:

  • No Limit Texas Hold'em
  • Fixed Limit Hold'em
  • 6+ Hold'em
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Pot Limit Omaha Double Board
  • Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Double Board
  • Fixed Limit Omaha
  • Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 5 Card Pot Limit Omaha
  • 5 Card Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 5 Card Fixed Limit Omaha
  • 5 Card Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 6 Card Pot Limit Omaha
  • 6 Card Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • 6 Card Fixed Limit Omaha
  • 6 Card Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Open Face Chinese
  • Open Face Chinese Progressive
  • Open Face Chinese Joker
  • Open Face Chinese Ultimate

Not only is there a broad array of poker variations spread, but there are quite a few distinct table types as well. Shallow and deep-stack buyin levels, six-handed and nine-max table sizes, the ability to purchase insurance while all-in, running it multiple times, and anonymous play are all possible depending, of course, on whether or not a particular club boasts these features among its selection. Some tables even require a minimum VPIP, and users who have not played enough hands after a specified number of rounds are booted from the game.

Running It 3x at PokerBros Hand With the River Dealt Three Times

The specific blind levels available differ for each club, but the largest ones boast tables from micros to high stakes.


The rake varies by club. There is no standard. In some cases it is reasonable, such as being 5% up to $3. In other cases, the rake is astronomical with rates of 10% up to $5, even at low stakes! 

There is no consistency among clubs: a theme that will play out repeatedly in this review.

Game Quality

Gameplay varies by stakes and by club, again, as you are dealing with different clubs with different rules, different agents, and different player pools. Game quality will vary wildly depending where you play. 

Sit and Gos

In August 2020, PokerBros added Sit n' Go tournaments to its gaming lineup. Club managers can choose to host NLH, 6+ Hold'em, and PLO (4, 5, and 6 card versions) single-table tourneys.

Table sizes can be any number of seats from two to nine. Blind structure, buyins, starting chip stack, action timer, and payout structures can be changed. The Auto Create Table option lets a club set up a SNG to automatically spawn a new game whenever the previous one fills.


The tournaments at PokerBros come in two varieties: those that are open to all club members sitewide and those that are restricted to players in particular clubs. The tourneys that anyone can join sometimes come with high guarantees but often draw a correspondingly high number of entrants: often more than 1,000.

Buyins range from just a few dollars to $250 for high-roller events.


PokerBros' take on lottery SNGs, Spin-Its are similar to the Spin & Gos at PokerStars or Jackpot Poker at the Winning Poker Network. This format arrived in May 2021 and is not yet available for all clubs. Instead, it is offered only in selected unions.

In a Spin-It, the action begins when three players are seated. A multiplier value is chosen at random, and the prize pool is equal to that number times the buyin. NLHE Spin-Its have multipliers that range from 2x to 100x with the option to include higher multipliers up to 1,000x. PLO Spin-Its only go up to 100x multipliers.

All contests with a multiplier selected that is below 25x pay just the winner. At the 25x level, both first and second place receive a prize. At the highest multiplier values (100x, 200x, 1,000x), all three players win a prize.

PokerBros Business Model

Before we go any further, we feel that we should explain a bit more about the way PokerBros works because it’s vastly different than the way that mainstream poker sites operate.

The developer of PokerBros, Beyond Games, bases its legal justifications for transacting in pretty much every jurisdiction around the world on the fact that it offers only play money games. Thus, when you make a deposit or withdrawal at the site, you are not dealing directly with Beyond Games. Instead, everything is handled through your agent or club manager.

What Is a Club Manager?

Club managers pay a nominal fee to PokerBros for the chips that are used for gaming within the club. They then distribute these chips to the club members and can remove them from members' accounts too.

It's possible to host perfectly legitimate social poker games in a club with the owner merely acting basically as official scorekeeper and tourney organizer for a group of friends and acquaintances. But this is not what tends to happen, and this is not why these kinds of mobile poker apps have proliferated in recent years.

Real Money Games With Play Chips

What's really going on in many of these clubs is that the owner is selling play chips for real money and then buying them back from users who wish to cash out. Beyond Games is not involved in any of these transactions, and so the company can maintain its lily-white reputation as a non-real money, social poker provider while disclaiming all knowledge of any private arrangements that may happen to be occurring between third parties (that is, the club owners and their players).

Because some of the chips are raked away during gameplay and paid in tournament fees, the eventual number of chips outstanding that the club owner is responsible for will be less than the initial amount sold. As long as the difference between these two figures is enough to cover the small costs of sourcing the play chips from Beyond Games in the first place, the club owner makes a profit.

Agent System

Rather than attempting to oversee the tables, conduct payouts, accept deposits, and recruit new members all by themselves, club owners often delegate some of these tasks to agents. These agents fill a role similar to that of affiliates at a regular online poker room, attracting newcomers to the club and attempting to keep them happy going forward. Unlike affiliates, though, agents often handle the financial transactions involved in buying and selling chips.

In exchange for rendering these services, agents typically receive a portion of the rake generated by their referred players. Users are tracked to a particular agent by a PokerBros referrer ID. Players can enter multiple clubs, sometimes all under the same agent but in other cases under different ones.

Joining a Club You Only Need to Fill Out Two Fields (Sometimes Just One) to Join a Club


Unions on PokerBros are aggregations of clubs that have combined together to offer more tables and traffic to their customers. Any member of a club within a union can take a seat and play against people who are in any of the participating clubs.

Whoever is running the union typically takes a portion of the rake to cover their costs and contribution in time and effort. This is generally 10% of the rake.

Diamonds Currency

PokerBros uses diamonds as its in-house, virtual currency. These purple diamonds represent the only way that the company makes money from its regular users. You can buy diamonds from the main screen after you log on by choosing the shopping cart in the bottom-right of the display.

PokerBros Diamond Shop Packages of Diamonds for Sale

Diamonds can, in turn, be used to acquire more play chips once your initial allotment of 10,000 runs out. They're also useful for club managers who can pay diamonds to obtain chips to sell to their players, access specialized reports, and perform other functions.

Sadly, however, you have to get diamonds and then use them, even if you're just an ordinary user, if you wish to unlock certain elements of the software. These include using the timebank, rabbit hunting, and sending emojis in chat. This is a hidden cost that many users fail to consider.

No Single Entity Accountable

Because of the complex structure of PokerBros clubs – with club owners, software creator Beyond Games, agents, possibly sub-agents, and unions all potentially involved in the process – responsibility for when things go wrong is pretty diffuse. It can be irritating to complain about something to your agent, have your concerns forwarded to the club owner, and eventually receive a reply back that the fault lies with the app software programmers.

This is the type of environment ripe for fraud. When something goes wrong, the fingerpointing among the potential five layers of people between you and your money will be impenetrable. Good luck recovering funds if things go awry. We've seen this issue play out many times in competing clubs (84k+ stolen by failed PPPoker club, 60k+ withheld from PPP affiliate). Players are ultimately robbed, and it is difficult to discern who the real culprit was and absolutely no way to recover the funds lost. 


The way that you add money to your account at PokerBros is by sending funds, via a mutually agreed-upon channel, to your agent or the club owner. He or she then credits your account with the appropriate number of chips.

Your balances at individual clubs are completely separate. That is, your chips within each club are totally distinct; they do not combine into one overall total bankroll. There are a few large clubs that permit you to move chips between them, but this is entirely up to the discretion of club management.

Bitcoin is nearly universally accepted at PokerBros clubs. Other popular peer-to-peer services, like Venmo, Zelle, and Cash App, have high levels of acceptance too. International players may have the ability to transact with Neteller, Skrill, and other ewallets.

Once you inform your agent of the amount and method you wish to use to deposit, you will get instructions about where to send the funds. Then, the corresponding number of club chips will be added to your balance. Most clubs use the formula of $1 = 1 chip, but this is not set in stone, and other exchange rates exist especially in clubs that serve markets outside the United States.


Much as with deposits, the details of your PokerBros cashouts will be up to your club agent or owner. Generally, the same options that are available for deposit will also be listed for withdrawal, but there may be additional methods offered, or on the other hand, a few of the deposit processors might not be valid for payouts.

After you decide on the size of your withdrawal and the way you want to receive the funds, the agent will debit the appropriate number of club chips from your account and send the money to you. At least, this is what should happen.

If you elect to play on PokerBros, it's critical to find an agent you trust for the rapid and accurate payment of any winnings. We've heard stories about clubs that slow-pay or no-pay their customers.

It may be safer to instead open an account at a mainstream poker site with a central cashier rather than having to rely upon an agent with little accountability. Every month, we prepare a report on the best online gaming sites for payouts, which is a fine resource for finding an internet poker destination with fast and honest withdrawals.

Few Remedies Available for Disputes

If you should have a dispute about a cashout, you will often have little recourse other than posting on poker forums in the hope that this negative publicity will light a fire under derelict agents and impel them to do the right thing. Remember: The app developers, Beyond Games, claim to be hosting play money games only and to have no knowledge or responsibility for any real money cash transactions occurring on the platform.

Terms and Conditions

It's actually a bit worse than this. Not only does Beyond Games not take any liability for financial disagreements between players and clubs, but it actually has language in its terms and conditions barring anyone from using its app for real money dealings. Check out the following legal language on the website:

2.3 You are not allowed to transfer Virtual Items outside of the Services (e.g., in the “real world”), for example by selling, gifting, or trading them. You are not allowed to sublicense, trade, sell, or attempt to sell Virtual Items for “real” money, or exchange Virtual Items for value of any kind outside of a game. Any such behaviours constitute a breach of this agreement Beyond Games Ltd is entitled to take immediate action including account closure.

So not only are you subjecting yourself to the depredations of shady agents, but you're technically breaking your agreement with Beyond Games if you opt to play on PokerBros for real money. If you do contact support about any nefarious actions taken by a club, the app team might just get tired of mediating the conflict and decide to boot you and the club entirely off the site.

Indeed, it's not unheard-of for an agent and his entire downline (all players signed up under the agent and under all sub-agents) to be banned from PokerBros. Thus, you could find yourself evicted from PokerBros for something your agent did of which you have no knowledge. Needless to say, if a situation like this does transpire, the custody of your account balance and your chances of ever seeing it again will be questionable at best.

PokerBros Rakeback

As an incentive for joining a club, agents sometimes provide rakeback to players. RB percentages from 15% to 50% are commonplace.

ALL of these rakeback offers are basically under-the-table arrangements. NONE of them have the backing of PokerBros higher-ups. ALL of them are subject to alteration, discontinuation, or miscalculation depending on the acumen and honesty of the agents involved.

Tax on Winnings?

There is a kind of “negative rakeback” rule in force at some clubs. These greedy entities actually claim a share of winning players' cashouts! That is, if you are a winner, you might discover to your chagrin that your club takes 25% of all winnings before forwarding the rest on to you, the player who earned them.

The reason for adopting such policies is that it's to the advantage of club management for members to play with their deposited money amongst each other, generating rake all the while, without any big winners emerging. Any wins that are removed from the system theoretically lower the accumulated rake total. As a compensation for reducing the number of chips flowing throughout their ecosystem, some clubs believe it is fair to extract a portion of winners' profits.

Rake Changes

Another trick sometimes beloved by shady clubs is altering the rake structure of the games. The normal rake chart at PokerBros is just about what you would expect and is even arguably slightly better than average. Club managers do, however, have the ability to adjust this as they see fit, and some of them do take advantage of this opportunity to fleece their members.

This kind of behavior highlights how critical it is to only deal with people you trust when contemplating playing at PokerBros or any other agent-based app. But then again, how much can you trust some random degen you play live poker with on the weekends to have your best interests at heart when he is getting a percentage of your rake for signing you up to PokerBros or any other completely unregulated, opaque operation?

Always inform yourself beforehand of any rules and restrictions in place at any club you intend to join. And keep in mind, when evaluating high rakeback and other lofty promises, the oft-repeated maxim: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Software and Gaming Client

The PokerBros software follows in the tradition of the well-known PPPoker app, and so the general layout and functionality is similar. PokerBros made its debut in 2019, and in the less than a year that it has been available, it has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

As is commonplace with software of this sort, PokerBros was designed with smartphones in mind, and it uses a portrait orientation. In keeping with its focus on casual users, there are plenty of cartoonish avatars, funny emojis and animations, and other entertaining features.


PokerBros does have a global lobby that lists the games available sitewide, but these tables are limited to play money only. Where the real action occurs is within the private clubs. Once you enter a club, you will see all the games available, and you can drill down to the ones you wish to sit in by using the filters at the top of the lobby.

PokerBros Game Lobby List of Games Available in a Club

The information shown about each table is fairly basic. You get to see the type of game, the stakes, the number of players seated, table size, and any unusual rules that are in place, like minimum VPIP or anonymous play. Absent are any kind of table statistics, like average pot size and percentage of players seeing a flop.

Irritatingly, there's no way to view the games in list format. Instead, they are depicted as images of poker tables. Therefore, you can only check out about eight games at a time without scrolling.


The PokerBros tables are laid out vertically in portrait mode. There is no way to rotate to landscape view. You are always seated in the bottom center of the table with your opponents arranged in the other seats.

When it's your action, the betting interface will appear. This consists of the three buttons you would expect: fold on the left, call in the center, and bet/raise on the right.

Making a Bet or Raise at PokerBros Making a Raise at a PokerBros Table

If you want to bet or raise, click the appropriate button. You will then be presented with three options for entering the size of your bet or raise. You can use one of the preset buttons at the bottom, adjust the sizing with the plus and minus controls, or click on the number shown. If you click on the number, then a calculator-like interface will pop up, permitting you to select each digit of your bet size individually.

The chat box is located on the bottom-right of the table. You cannot see the chat by default until you click on the appropriate icon, and then it will expand to fill most of the view.

Chat Box at PokerBros The Chat Interface at PokerBros

The microphone on the left of the chat interface lets you record and send voice messages while the icon that looks like a page of a document contains a list of standard phrases that you can send with the click of a button, like “You call, it's gonna be all over baby!” and “I play poker, you play bingo!”

The top-left “hamburger” menu gives you various options for controlling your session, like sitting out the next big blind or topping up your stack. There are also a few miscellaneous settings in here, like turning sound on and off and choosing not to display avatars.

Table Options at PokerBrosTable Options Menu

Pressing the icon in the top-right on the table gives you some basic info about the game, like the size of the blinds, the maximum buyin, and the screennames of everyone observing the table.

Hand History

Toward the bottom-left of the table is the hand history function. It brings up a list of the hands you have played with back and forward arrows to move between them. The hands are shown in summarized form with your hole cards and the amount you won or lost in each hand displayed. Go to the “Hand Detail” tab for more in-depth info.

PokerBros Hand History ViewerViewing a Hand History at PokerBros

Within the “Hand Detail” view is an orange symbol you can click on at the top of the screen to have a hand history sent to your email address. However, this hand history is formatted strangely with various columns and suit icons included in the email, so it's not really comparable to the traditional textual hand history files supplied by most internet poker sites.


It’s possible to play multiple tables at the same time, up to four games simultaneously. All of them must be within the same club though.

When you have a table open, you can click on the plus sign near the top of your current table to go back to browsing through the lobby. Find another game that you like, open it up, and take a seat. Presto! You’re now multi-tabling like a pro.

Multi-tabling at PokerBros Playing Three Tables Simultaneously

Each table will be represented by a rectangle near the top of your screen. Whenever you have active hole cards in any of your games, you will see them shown within one of these rectangles. Click on a set of hole cards to shift over to the appropriate table.

Some take this a step further by opening multiple accounts and logging on to several devices (or emulator instances) to get around the four-table limit. This is an option if you really want to grind hardcore, but the details of such techniques are beyond the scope of this review.


PokerBros is available in the Apple Store and Google Play store. You need a device with at least iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 in order to download PokerBros and play.

There is no PC or Mac version of the gaming software available. Actually, there is a supported computer version of PokerBros. You'll just need hardware equipped with an M1 chip.

This chip is a proprietary processor developed by Apple that was only released in November 2020 and is still rolling out on to the market. Why PokerBros decided to target such a niche category of desktops and laptops is not exactly clear. Suffice it to say that this excludes 99%+ of the population from natively running PokerBros on their computers. 

However, you can run PokerBros within an Android emulator. This refers to software that can reproduce an Android system on normal PC desktop hardware. Therefore, it's possible to play even if you lack a supported mobile device and don't have M1 circuitry inside your computer.

App Store Disappearance

Oddly, the PokerBros app was removed from the Apple Store for U.S. residents on Aug. 27, 2020. It still remained available to users in other countries. There was never a satisfactory reason given for the app being pulled with the developer saying that it happened because of “unexpected circumstances.” A few days later, on Sept. 4, the app was visible again to Americans in the Apple Store. In another vague statement, the company claimed that the temporary shutdown had been caused by “a misunderstanding on Apple's part.”

The story gets even weirder. Upon the PokerBros app's reinstatement, customers from Minnesota reported that they were no longer able to access the tables. PokerBros confirmed that their software could no longer be used by Minnesotans, and they offered “apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.” No further rationale was given other than “business reasons,” and no other state was affected.

As you will find out if you read the guide to Minnesota online poker, The Gopher State is not known to be particularly unfriendly to offshore poker rooms, and none of our recommended internet poker providers exclude Minnesota from their service areas. This makes it all the more puzzling that this state was singled out for prohibition by PokerBros.

Theories abound about why PokerBros had been cut from the app store in the first place. Some believe that it was the result of software standards mandated by Apple, which PokerBros was slow in implementing. Others think that it was PokerBros selling diamonds in bulk on outside platforms for prices that exceeded the limits set by Apple on in-app purchases that led to the suspension.

Perhaps we can get a clue by looking at the version history notes for the current version 1.10 of the software, which was released on Sept. 3, 2020: “Sign in with Apple.” Maybe the head honchos in Cupertino decided that all apps now need to allow users to sign in with their Apple accounts.

Whatever the case may be, there's something else troublesome about the PokerBros listing in the Apple app store:

PokerBros App Privacy

It's possible to read the privacy policy directly on the PokerBros website, but it's slightly irritating to find out that it hasn't yet shared these details with Apple. Regardless, the notice in the app store says that this information must be provided with the next update to the software.


As part of the review process, we had to download and install PokerBros, join a club, and begin playing so that we could give you a true and accurate idea of what this app is all about. Unfortunately, we encountered stumbling blocks early on.

We decided to eschew high-powered, pricey smartphones and instead play on a lower-end system. We did this to make sure that our experiences were broadly applicable to the largest possible audience and also because we're cheapskates value-conscious consumers.

To this end, we fired up our trusty Asus Zenfone 2 running Adroid 5.0 (exceeding the minimum stated Android 4.4 requirement), and downloaded the PokerBros app. The installation process went smoothly, and upon opening PokerBros, we were greeted with the initial launch screen:

PokerBros Loading Image

Unfortunately, this was the only thing we saw. After a couple of minutes, the image hadn't changed at all and nothing appeared to be happening, and so we concluded that something was amiss. We had previously successfully run many poker clients on this same phone, including's software.

We tried uninstalling and re-installing, rebooting the phone and then re-installing, clearing the app's data and cache, switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data and back again, and a variety of other remedies. Nothing worked.

Finally, in despair, we ran the BlueStacks Android emulator on our PC and installed PokerBros on it. The app then opened up as it was supposed to:

PokerBros Login

From there, it was a simple matter to sign up for a new account and join a club, and we were off to the races.

If you also encounter difficulties using PokerBros on older hardware, then you may wish to consider emulation as a potential solution. We're most familiar with the BlueStacks emulator, but we have heard that LDplayer and Nox handle the PokerBros app reasonably well too. Club owners do have the ability to designate certain games as being off-limits to those running emulators, so you might not be able to benefit from the full selection of tables if you go this route.

Game Integrity and Fairness

When anyone takes a seat in a virtual poker game, or indeed any other kind of game whether online or live, they do so with the expectation that all the rules are being adhered to and there's nothing funny going on. We’ve examined the PokerBros operation closely to see if it fulfills its responsibilities in this area.

Is PokerBros Rigged?

Countless forumites across the internet have left accounts of rigged random number generation, insane board runouts, improbable bad beats, and absurd coolers at PokerBros. Yet, we must bear in mind that these kinds of posts are frequently made about every single internet poker organization.

We find these tales to be almost always the result of some combination of unskilled play, unrealistic expectations, and a lack of mathematical knowledge. We see no reason to conclude any differently in the case of PokerBros. Over the course of many hours of play, nothing we witnessed raised any alarm bells in this department.

The random number generator at PokerBros has been tested by iTech Labs, Gaming Laboratories International, and BMM Testlabs. All three of these firms are well-respected names in online gaming software certification.

iTech concluded that “…the card sequences are unpredictable, non-repeatable and uniformly distributed.” GLI meanwhile approved of the RNG, saying, “The Beyond Games Limited Random Number Generator (RNG) has successfully been tested to generally-accepted industry standards…” BMM found that “...the Poker RNG complies with the standards listed above.”

Unless and until someone presents credible evidence, over a statistically meaningful volume of hands, that the random number generator is not up to par, there's no reason to doubt this aspect of the PokerBros app. As Reddit user TheShadowMaster23 succinctly put it:

It's not rigged. I played 40k hands on pokerbros before deciding it wasn't that soft for holdem. Plo could be a different story I'm not sure.

Site Security

PokerBros claims to ban collusion, bots, and other unfair gaming practices, and it reserves the right to close accounts that engage in these unsavory tactics. Among the tools at its disposal is the ability to prevent players in the same location or using the same IP address from sitting in the same games. PokerBros staff says that it takes claims of suspicious behavior seriously.

This is difficult to believe when websites dedicated to promoting the PokerBros app have published articles about the rampant cheating taking place: article about pot limit omaha collusion on the PokerBros App.

The reality of this site's business model means that most incidents of suspected collusion or other wrongdoing are handled at the club level. Thus, you're once again in the hands of the owner of the club who may or may not give a damn about game integrity as long as the rake keeps rolling in.

Plenty of players have said that they're able to log in to PokerBros on their phone and, at the same time, access the same games on a second account through emulation software on their computers. When we throw VPNs into the mix, which mask individual machines' IP addresses, it's easy to see how this situation could be exploited by wrongdoers to occupy multiple seats in the same game. This is particularly worrisome in PLO (including its five-card and six-card versions) where knowledge of additional hole cards can have a big effect on the odds of completing drawing hands.

There is a small, centralized team of security personnel referred to somewhat hilariously as “the Game Integrity Bros.” Most of them migrated en masse from the now-closed MPN in May 2020. Although we don't doubt either their credentials or sincerity, the reality of the situation is that the Game Integrity Bros number only 14 of whom no more than four or five are working at any particular time. Thus, they can't possibly be effective in policing the many hundreds of clubs and millions of players who are active on the platform.

HUDs and Tracking Software

The use of hand tracking and HUD software, like Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker, is not prohibited by the terms of PokerBros. Solvers and real time assistance software are against the rules.

It might appear that it is nevertheless impossible to deploy tracking software on this site because there are few, if any, such programs that have been ported to mobile devices. But there is a way.

If you run the PokerBros app in an emulator on your computer, as we had to do in order to get it to work properly, then you can launch an instance of your preferred tracking software and have the HUD overlay atop the emulated tables.

It's not that simple though. The overwhelming majority of poker tracking packages lack in-built support for PokerBros. There's a way around this – you can obtain a third-party hand converter that can scrape your screen and translate the action into a format that tracking software can understand.

Unfortunately, the hand grabbers that are compatible with PokerBros all seem to employ a subscription model. Thus, you will have to keep paying regularly to retain a valid license.

In short then, this is what you need to be willing to do to get a HUD up and working on PokerBros:

  1. Install an Android emulator on your computer
  2. Purchase a poker tracking application
  3. Buy a hand converter that's compatible with both your tracking software and PokerBros
  4. Learn how to configure and set up these disparate pieces of software to play together nicely
  5. Keep paying the recurring fee for the hand converter

This is quite a bit more involved than the process of setting up a HUD for most sites. Still, if you have the time and money to invest upfront, you may find this a worthwhile avenue to pursue.

Included Tracking Functions

Though they're nothing compared to the functionality delivered by a standalone tracking suite, there are a few features at PokerBros that let you get a bead on your opponents' tendencies. First of all, you can double-click on any player on a table and put one of several colored tags on him. Furthermore, you can take notes in a box provided for this purpose, much as at almost every other offshore poker site.

Opponent Tagging Window You Can Enter Notes and Tag Players

Beyond this, there's an inbuilt player rating system whereby the app categorizes each player based upon VPIP and PRF stats. This takes place once you have been at the same table as another player for 10 hands. The auto-rating categories only take into account hands that have occurred during the current table session.

It's clear that this basic tracking ability is vastly inferior to the data presented by a tracker + HUD combination. Users who don't feel like going to the expense and bother of setting up a PokerBros HUD are at a severe disadvantage compared to those who are utilizing these tools.

Customer Support

Though there is a messaging system within the app, this just allows the site and club administrators to send messages to you. It does not let you compose messages yourself, and there's no way to contact support from within the app.

The PokerBros website does have a Live Chat window although it is not available 24/7, and you might sometimes be prompted to leave a message along with your email address. Another potential way to get in touch with support is by sending a message through the official PokerBros Facebook page.

Depending on the nature of your inquiry, these methods may prove inadequate for resolving your issues. Especially when it comes to problems or concerns relating to a particular club, the developers are likely to take a hands-off approach and direct you to instead communicate with the people running the club.

Player Opinions

The opinions of everyday users of PokerBros are mixed. While the gameplay is engaging and the tables are soft, plenty of folks are hesitant about game fairness and the number of middlemen one must go through to actually deposit and start playing.

Below is a selection of actual comments made by real PokerBros players:

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PokerBros is certainly not your run-of-the-mill, old-school online poker room, instead representing the new class of mobile poker apps. It has a lot of advantages, including juicy pools of fish to play against, attractive software, and availability in basically every country on earth.

Yet, we must sound a note of caution regarding this app. There's no single point of contact if anything goes awry, and real money play is expressly forbidden by the terms of service. If you find a trustworthy agent, this shouldn't matter, but we cannot in good faith recommend PokerBros to our readers.

There are simply too many variables that can make or break your overall gaming experience, too many middlemen, and too great a chance of your stumbling into the hands of disreputable scammers who will steal your money. Add to this the possibility of multi-accounting and/or collusion, and you will understand why we believe that only experienced, knowledgeable poker veterans should consider taking a calculated risk and playing at PokerBros.

For the majority of users, we feel that selecting an upstanding, mainstream internet poker provider is the better course of action. You can read all about your options as an American player in our USA offshore poker instructional page.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are some aspects about PokerBros that you're uncertain about, then look below. We've collected some of the most regularly encountered questions about this site along with the answers.

Yes, but not completely. The app and the team behind it have conducted their affairs straightforwardly and uprightly. However, the agents and club owners, who actually manage the real money tables, are a mixed bag.

If you sign up under a legitimate agent who represents a reliable club, then there's nothing to fear. However, there are plenty of dishonest agents who would gladly put your money in jeopardy without a second thought if they believed they could gain some advantage by doing so. Evaluating PokerBros clubs and agents can be a tricky affair, so it's probably best to stay away unless you really know what you're doing.

PokerBros does not have a support phone number that you can call. You can get in touch with service agents by using Live Chat on the PokerBros website. It may also be possible to contact them through social media, like Facebook.

No, there is no credible evidence that the random number generator (RNG) used at PokerBros is unfair. In fact, three separate third-party testing firms have subjected this RNG to their full battery of tests, and they found it to be legitimate.

Wild conspiracy theorists exist who claim to have witnessed bizarre happenings at PokerBros for which the only explanation is that the game is rigged. We think these individuals are deluding themselves. These types of players tend to be irrational and possess poor poker skills to boot. Most of the time, they contend that the deal is fixed in order to justify their own dismal results in the games.

No, it's not strictly necessary to own a smartphone or tablet to join the tables at PokerBros. While it's true that the only versions of the software provided are for iOS and Android, you can run Android apps on your computer through emulation software.

These emulators open in a normal window on your machine, and they “pretend” to be an Android system. Thus, you can install and run almost all Android apps on them, including PokerBros. Be aware, though, that PokerBros can detect if you're using an emulator, and some tables are set to not be accessible from within emulators.

Three of the most popular emulators for Windows are LDplayer, BlueStacks, and Nox. They are all able to run the PokerBros app.

It depends. PokerBros is widely credited with having better graphics and a superior user interface than PPPoker, which only makes sense because PokerBros is the more recently created of the two. On the other hand, PPPoker has a larger number of clubs, and therefore players, because it has been around longer.

Yes, PokerBros rakeback is offered by a number of clubs and their agents. Individual details vary greatly, but rakeback deals tend to be in the range of 15% - 50%.

Of course, the value of any PokerBros RB lies in actually receiving the stated percentage and being able to cash it out. Should you get involved with a guileful or foolish agent, then he or she may wind up not honoring your rakeback payments. In fact, you could lose your entire account balance!

External Resources

We've attempted to provide you with a clear picture of the PokerBros app and what it's all about. It's perfectly understandable, though, if you wish to seek out additional information elsewhere before making a decision as to whether or not to play on it. In order to help you on your quest for knowledge, we have gathered below links to other resources on the internet about this poker solution: