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This monthly report brings you information about offshore poker sites and their cashout speeds. Not only will it help you find the fastest paying poker sites, but most of these sites have other forms of gambling as well. As such, this data will also give you information on sportsbook payouts, casino payouts, racebook payouts, etc. Many online gaming providers today offer same-day payouts, which is quite an improvement from the situation just a couple of years ago.

Our report will be especially helpful to those in "grey markets" such as the United States, Australia, Czechia, and other countries. Players in these markets will often have a restricted menu of payment options due to processing hurdles and limitations. Still, the overwhelming majority of these sites provide games to players all over the world; thus, any real money online gamer should find this page useful.

All of our data is sourced from reports by online players who have kindly left a public record of the dates they requested their withdrawals and the dates on which the money was received by them. We've gathered these notes together and averaged them out to come up with our results.

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Public forum posts and comment submissions from actual players are indispensable when trying to gauge how well online gambling operators adhere to their stated guidelines for payment processing timeframes. If you would like to help us ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of our payment reports going forward, you may do so in two ways.

Firstly, you may leave a comment below detailing any cashout experiences you've recently had from any online poker, casino, or other gaming sites. If you would prefer to leave your payout data in a public forum for all to see, please check our source documentation at the end of this report for locations where that can easily be done. Whichever option you choose, please follow the suggested format providing all requested data.

Online Poker Payouts Overview

Data Through May 2018

  Last updated on June 7, 2018  

May was another uneventful month regarding online poker withdrawals. All of the top-ranked operators in our report managed to continue their impressive payment speeds from April, and a few of them got even slightly better than they were before. As has become usual, Bitcoin remains the preferred payout method for players in the know. Network fees have been low lately, allowing for speedy confirmations of transactions and miners fees at the sub-dollar level.

Click on a room logo below to jump directly to the report for that organization. Or just keep reading to view our list of sites from best to worst for the month of May 2018.

Ignition Poker Payouts    Winning Poker Network Payouts Chico Payouts

Intertops Poker Juicy Stakes Payouts    Grand Poker Network Payouts    Nitrogen Poker Payouts    SWC Poker Payouts


PaiWangLuo Network Payouts

Sites sharing this cashier include Ignition Casino, Bovada, and Bodog.

PWL Network Payouts June 2018PWL Cashout Methods Chart REPORT SCORE: 9.2 (+0.1 from last month)
Key Stat: Bitcoin payment times within the 2-day processing guidelines.
Key Fact: Ignition and Bovada are still the #1 US-facing online poker sites in terms of player traffic.

Payment timeframes for the PWL Network edged a bit lower in May, which is what motivated us to increase its score this month. In some cases, users have received their Bitcoin withdrawals in as little as nine hours! Half of all the player reported withdrawals were same-day payouts. There's a reason why this group of sites is consistently at the top of our report month after month.

Play Now cta Banner for Ignition Poker

Ignition, Bodog, and Bovada have always had reliable payment processing for their valued clients. You can sleep easy in the knowledge that any money you have at these rooms is completely safe.

Read our reviews of the PaiWangLuo Network organizations: Ignition Casino (USA + AUS) | Bovada (USA) | Bodog (CAN + LATAM)


Chico Poker Network Payouts

The sites housed on this network are, TigerGaming, and BetOnline.

CPN Payouts June 2018Chart of Chico Network Withdrawal Options REPORT SCORE: 9.1 (EVEN from last month)
Key Stat: BetOnline’s ~24 hour Bitcoin turnaround shows strength of withdrawal abilities.
Key Fact: Firmly seated in 3rd in terms of player traffic for US friendly poker sites.

Once again, there were only a few customers who left accounts of their payout success at the Chico Poker Network, but what they had to relate was positive. The most popular withdrawal methods here are Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, and users say they're getting them within the stated timeframes. Chico is holding steady as one of the leading payout sites for poker, casino, sports, and other forms of wagering.

Chico Poker Play Now cta

Though Australians can no longer access, TigerGaming, and BetOnline, residents of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other countries are welcomed here.

Read our poker room reviews for the Chico Network: | TigerGaming (non-US) | BetOnline



Horizon Poker Network Payouts

Sites sharing this cashier include Intertops and Juicy Stakes.

Horizon Network Payout Times June 2018Horizon Network Withdrawals Chart REPORT SCORE: 8.9 (EVEN from last month)
Key Stat: Intertops provides extra value in the form of rakeback, money-added tournaments, and casino promos.
Key Fact: Intertops has been a trusted name in gaming for over 30 years.

Horizon Network payout data for May was light, but this is a case of no news being good news. Most forms of withdrawals are fee-free and relatively speedy. As has been the case for quite some time, the cashier at Intertops is a bit better than that at sister site Juicy Stakes, but either of these organizations is a fine choice if you wish to bet online without compromising the security of your money.

Horizon play now banner image

Intertops has done right by its users for more than three decades, and it now lends its stellar reputation to the Horizon Network as a whole.

Read our reviews of the Horizon Poker sites: Intertops | Juicy Stakes

Winning Poker Network Payouts

Sites sharing this cashier include Americas Cardroom, BlackChip Poker, True Poker, and Ya Poker.

WPN Payouts June 2018WPN Withdrawal Methods Chart REPORT SCORE: 8.9 (+0.1 from last month)
Key Stat: WPN withdrawals remain well under stated times for almost all processors.
Key Fact: Trails only Ignition in US-facing player traffic and is 10th worldwide.

The Distributed Denial of Service attacks that plagued the Winning Poker Network throughout April continued into the beginning of May. However, cashout speeds were not adversely affected as twoplustwo poster “Grape Soda” attested to. In the middle and latter part of the month, service was mostly normal, and very few people had to wait longer than the promised two days to get their bitcoins into their wallets.

Americas Cardroom Play Now Banner

We're glad to see that the WPN is still standing after the unfortunate attacks against it, and we note that payments were not interrupted at any point.

Read our pages on the WPN sites: Americas Cardroom | BlackChip Poker | True Poker | Ya Poker (non-US)


Grand Poker Network Payouts

Sites sharing this cashier include 5Dimes, Grand Poker, Island Casino, and Sportbet.

Grand Network Payments June 2018GPN Available Payout Methods REPORT SCORE: 8.0 (EVEN from last month)
Key Stat: Opened for business in November of 2014.
Key Fact: Grand Poker is owned by the 5Dimes Group.

An offshoot of the well-regarded 5Dimes bookmaker, the Grand Poker Network is a fast-paying although smaller online poker destination. There were no reported slowdowns during the month of May, and so we feel the payments situation has remained steady.

Grand Network play now banner

You can enjoy poker, sports betting, casino games, and lottery gambling with the honorable operators on the Grand Poker Network.

Read our Grand Poker Network review for more details.


Nitrogen Sports Payouts

Nitrogen Sports is a standalone site that includes poker, sports-betting, and casino games.

Nitrogen Sports Cashout Times June 2018Table of Withdrawal Methods at Nitrogen REPORT SCORE: 7.8 (EVEN  from last month)
Key Stat: Bitcoin-only online poker site has very fast payouts.
Key Fact: Nitrogen is one of the few sites to offer Bitcoin-only poker to all 50 US states.

After fiddling around with its withdrawal policies near the beginning of the year, Nitrogen seems to be sticking with its current formula. Everyone can cashout for free once every six days, and additional requests incur a small fee. Same-day payouts are standard here, and the few “complaints” we've seen on the forums involve individuals upset at having to wait more than four or five hours to get their money!

Nitrogen Poker cta: Play Now

You can get free bets and mBTC credits applied to your account with the rewards program at the Nitrogen Sports poker room.

Browse through our Nitrogen Sports Poker review to learn more.


SwCPoker Payouts

SwCPoker is a completely independent Bitcoin poker site that doesn't share its cashier with any other party.

SwCPoker Payouts for June 2018 ReportSwCPoker Withdrawal Processors REPORT SCORE: 7.2 (EVEN from last month)
Key Stat: Offers one of the quickest turnarounds from payout request to receiving.
Key Fact: SWC Poker is one of the originators of using Bitcoin-only denominations in their games.

You save money in several different ways at SwCPoker. It has everyday low rake, rakeback possible through the Krill program, and no-charge, same-day payouts. Moreover, there are no restrictions on how often you can request a withdrawal at this Bitcoin online poker site.

SWC banner: play now

Although player volume is low, SwC is an excellent cardroom if you like “other” types of poker, like HORSE, Limit Omaha 8, Open Face Chinese, et cetera.

Take a look at our review of SwCPoker for further info.



Merge Gaming Network

Avoid the Merge Gaming Network REPORT SCORE: N/A
Key Stat: Player traffic has dropped to less than 100 players on average per week.
Key Fact: Carbon Poker offers no incentives and bans winning accounts on their poker site.

Carbon Poker is a site that used to be the king of USA online poker, but we now caution our readers to avoid it. It has an unenviable history of making questionable decisions that are detrimental to the player community, including booting winning players from its site, cutting back drastically on promotions, and even charging a fee on every additional withdrawal beyond one in a year.

That is correct, they only offer one free withdrawal per year and after that charge 5% of the amount of your withdrawal, even for crypto-currency withdrawals which cost less than a penny! For example, if you were to initiate a maximum withdrawal for $2,500 (yes they have low withdrawal limits relative to other gambling sites), the site would charge fully $125 for the withdrawal and you would receive $2,375 only. A Bitcoin withdrawal like this would cost less than one dollar to process, even if ramping up the fees in order to garner the highest processing priority. We suppose that Merge Gaming Network just keeps the remaining $124 and change as profit from your winnnings. We don't agree with that behavior and this is yet another reason that we do not recommend Carbon Gaming, Players Only,, or any of the companies operated by "Domain Holdings," formerly Jazette Enterprises.

For the moment, users are getting their money but with delays and annoying surcharges. Recently, the company reduced the Bitcoin withdrawal limit from $5,000 to just $2,500.

We strongly encourage you to play at any of the other online poker rooms listed above and keep away from the Merge Gaming Network. Seriously, play anywhere else other than Carbon Poker, PlayersOnly,, and Superbook.

Global Poker

Global Poker is a Needless Risk REPORT SCORE: 8.3 (EVEN from last month)
Key Stat: Global Poker works with only one payout channel, PayPal.
Key Fact: There's no deposit bonus offer at Global and a lack of other promos.

Global Poker supports PayPal deposits and withdrawals, which no other reputable gaming operator does for U.S. players. These transactions are fairly speedy with same-day payouts commonplace. However, we have our doubts about the sustainability of Global's business model, which we go over in our Global Poker Review. Global might eventually be declared both illegal and in violation of the PayPal terms of service. Even worse, PayPal is the only payment channel supported, leaving you and your money to the whims of this company. There have already been occasional PayPal problems, like an incident involving a player waiting more than six months to receive his $50,000 cashout. The way the firm handled the recent woes related to the Rattlesnake Open series have also left us wary.

The long-term viability of Global Poker is not really known for sure, so we recommend that you take a pass on Global Poker if you value the safety of your funds.

How do we source this data?

We rely on the input of hundreds of regular players like you! The public and auditable submissions of recreational and professional players left on forums and in our comments sections is how we compile the most accurate picture of the payouts situation for online poker fans in the United States, Canada, Australia, and many other parts of the world. If you'd like to tell us how quickly (or slowly) you received your recent cashout, then you can do so on any of these public forums:

Bodog/Bovada/Ignition Official Payout Thread on Twoplustwo
Unofficial Chico Network (Sportsbetting, Tiger, BetOnline) Thread on Twoplustwo
Official WPN (Americas Cardroom, BlackChip, etc.) Payout Thread on Twoplustwo
Official Intertops Poker Support + Promos Thread on Twoplustwo
Juicy Stakes ex-Official Thread on Twoplustwo
5Dimes and Grand Network Thread on Twoplustwo
SwC Poker Thread on Twoplustwo
Carbon Payout Thread on Twoplustwo
Reddit Online Poker Subreddit
Global Poker Withdrawals at Twoplustwo
Nitrogen Sports Poker Cashouts at
SwCPoker Thread at Bitcointalk forums


When reporting on your withdrawal success (or lack thereof), please include the following information:

  • The site
  • The amount requested
  • The payment method you selected
  • The date requested (including time of day if possible)
  • The date you received the money (including time of day if possible)

An example would look something like this:

Bitcoin Cash
Req: April 15th, 2017 @ 10pm
Rec: April 16th, 2017, @ 11am


Or this real world report from 2+2 forums:

Example of slow Carbon Poker withdrawal


Share your payout data with us on TwitterShare your payout data with us on Facebook

If you don't have an account at any of the above forums or you'd rather not go to the hassle of composing a post, then you can simply leave the data below in our comments section. Or send us a message on social media. Also, if you've found this report enlightening and useful, please share and like it on Facebook and Twitter.

Online Poker Payouts FAQ

What do I need to do to get a payout from an online gambling site?
In most cases, you'll have to complete identity verification before a real money internet gaming site will send you a payment. This usually involves submitting a copy of a form of identification as well as a recent utility bill or other proof of address. The reason sites request this information is because they must adhere to Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering laws. Once your account is verified, you won't have to go through this hassle again because the company will retain your documents and therefore won't have to request them again.

What can I do to speed up my cashout?
If you're keen on obtaining your money as rapidly as possible, perhaps from a same-day payout casino for U.S. players, then we advise you to complete any identity verification in advance of the time when you intend to submit your withdrawal. Furthermore, we believe that it's best to transact in crypto-currency so that you won't have to wait for the postal service to deliver your check or for the molasses-paced vagaries of bank wires.

How do I start using crypto-currency?
It can be a challenge to get involved in digital currencies because there is a fair amount of work to do to set up your wallet and exchange accounts. Fortunately, we've prepared guides for some of the most popular crypto coins in existence. Check them out here: Bitcoin Gambling Guide | Guide to Ethereum Gaming | Gamble Online With Bitcoin Cash




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