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Customer Service provides information on poker and other forms of gambling. This information is free; you do not have to pay anything to use this website.

So the information you are getting on these pages is provided as a service from us to you whom we see as a customer. Like any business, we are keen to ensure that you as a customer get the best experience we can give.

Clearly, since there are no charges to use this information, the usual elements of customer service around refunds and disputes over payments do not apply. We would have nothing financially related between us to discuss.

If you have entered into any financially based agreement with an operator that is listed on our pages, then discussions of that type should take place between you and that operator's customer service teams. We only provide information, which you are free to use or ignore at your own free will, so we cannot be held responsible for any issues between you (as a user) and them (as a supplier of a service). Similarly, we cannot be held responsible for any financial losses you may incur and/or any other negative impacts you may experience.

However, from a customer service perspective, we will endeavor to:

  1. Provide and maintain information that we firmly believe to be correct though note that we cannot guarantee this
  2. Provide support to you in the form of information and views if you should ask for it
  3. Listen to any complaints you do have, rectify them if within our direct control, and assist/advise you on potential ways to rectify if within our knowledge and power to do so

If you do need any assistance from us you can reach us at or visit our contact page.

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Regards Customer Service Team.