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What is rakeback and is it a legitimate way to earn extra money?

Legit-small  Is rakeback legitimate? Yes, it is. Let Professional Rakeback tell you why and provide you with information on what rakeback is as well as legal rakeback offerings at a variety of US-friendly and International poker sites. 

We sign up over 1,000 new players each month to a variety of online poker sites.  As it is our specialty to provide such services, many of the sites we work with have rakeback programs.  However, we often get asked by new online poker players or live poker players looking to play online for the first time, "Is rakeback legit?"  It's sad to see because as soon as someone asks this question we know that they have likely been missing out on earning hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year! 

What is Rakeback Exactly?

Have you ever joined a frequent fliers program?  Been a member of a rebate site such as eBates or MainStreetShares?  Do you search the Sunday newspaper for coupons to your local grocery store?  Well, these are all rebates of one kind or another.  Rakeback is simply the Internet poker version of a rebate program, and its legitimacy at any of the poker rooms below is total.

Internet poker sites make their money by charging a fee called "rake" for each hand of play, much like your local live casino does in its poker room.  That rake is a small percentage of the pot, typically capped at anywhere from $0.50 to $3.00 USD per hand of real money poker play.  Over the course of an hour, an online poker site will rake approximately $100 off of the table in fees at a 1/2, $200 dollar buy-in No Limit Holdem game.  Each player at the table will have paid some portion of that $100 in rake depending on how many hands they participated in (the more hands you play, the more rake you pay).  What rakeback does is give some of those fees back in the form of a rebate, typically paid directly to your poker account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the poker room in question.

How Much Can I Earn?

There is no ceiling on how much of a rakeback rebate you can earn.  Once you sign up for one of the vetted and trusted rakeback programs offered by Professional Rakeback, you will earn a fixed percentage of your rake, back to your player account, for the life of that account!  We use our volume pricing power to negotiate the discount for you and the poker site pays you directly.  Why do they do this you ask?  Well, it's just another marketing tool for them to bring in a different, and price savvy consumer such as yourself.  Lets look at a few quick examples.

Winning Poker Network offers a 27% rakeback deal to players who create their account through our website.  Should you sign up through us and play 1,000 hands of micro-stakes $0.10/$0.25, $25 max buy-in No Limit Holdem over the weekend, you might expect to pay something like $15 in rake.  With our rakeback program, you would receive $4.05 of that back to you in the form of a rakeback payment!  If you're a high roller and you played 25,000 hands of $10/20, $2,000 max buy-in Pot Limit Omaha over the course of the month you would expect to pay nearly $5,000 in rake per month.  With rakeback, your rebate for that month on this program would amount to $1,350 paid back to you to help pad your bankroll. 

On the Intertops poker site, we have an even better deal.  Players that sign up through us receive a 36% rakeback rebate.  Sit and Goes also have fees that are eligible for rakeback as well. If you were to play 100 $5 sit and goes this weekend, you would pay $50 in SNG fees.  Your rakeback payment would amount to $18 however, allowing you to buy into 3 more sit and goes and stretching your entertainment dollar even further!  An enthusiast player playing 20,000 hands of fixed limit holdem at $20/40 blinds might expect to pay $5,000 in rake over the course of a month.  However, with our Horizon rakeback program in effect on your account, you'd receive $1,800 back each month.  That's 90 big blinds worth of added value each month.  And it's all yours simply by being a savvy shopper and signing up for the right type of account from the start.

Legit Rakeback Sites

We have been in the online poker business for over 14 years.  We play each and every day on the digital felt and we know which rooms are safe, trustworthy, relatively easy to deposit and withdraw from, and most importantly, which ones offer the best discounts via rakeback.  Below we split up the sites into two categories, those that accept Americans as well as International players, and those which exclude American players. Here are our top recommendations:

Legitimate Rakeback Rooms Allowing American Players

The rooms below are friendly to players from the USA.  However, they are not exclusive to players from America.  In other words, International players are allowed on all of the sites below as well with very few exceptions.  Typically the only excluded countries are those with highly regulated markets such as France or Spain.

Our Top Recommended Rakeback Room

America's Cardroom

Americas Cardroom logo

 Amount: 27%
 Methodology: Weighted Contributed
 Paid: On demand with 24 hour delay
 Game Quality: toughest US-friendly player pool
 Sign Up: Clear cookies then click here and input bonus code PROFRB27

America's Cardroom is the flagship room on the Winning Poker Network.  This network is one of the top 10 largest in the world for cash game traffic allowing both USA players and International players with few restrictions.  The size of the network ensures that you will always get a game. The games relative to other US-facing options, are tougher on this larger site, which is great if you are hoping to hone your skills against good players, but if you are brand new to the game you'll want to stick to the lowest stakes a bit longer while you learn or play on a different site.  If you are an International player, fear not, this site is only the toughest US-friendly site, but it has far easier games than PokerStars, and is very much legit.



Intertops poker logo

 Rakeback Amount: 36%
 Rakeback Methodology: Dealt
 Rakeback Paid: $10 chunks as soon as earned
 Game Quality: middle of the pack
 Sign Up: Clear cookies then click here

Intertops is the flagship poker site on the Horizon Poker Network.  This poker network is of middling size and accepts both American and International players with very few restrictions. The unique thing about Intertops is that it offers "dealt method" rake calculation which means that every player who enters a hand is credited with having paid an equal portion of the rake. This allows players looking to exploit rakeback the ability to play very tight poker and soak up a higher than normal effective rakeback percentage. If you are a TAG, or a ROCK, this is the site you'll want to grind out micro through lower medium stakes play on.

Grand Poker

grand-poker-logo Amount: 50%
 Methodology: Contributed
 Paid: Points for Cash or Tickets
 Game Quality: easy
 Sign Up: Clear cookies then click here

Grand Poker Network is the newest US-friendly poker site on the block, however, it is quite legit. Because of this fact, it has little traffic, which is its only downside.  The software is excellent, as are the cash outs.  Grand Poker is owned and operated by 5Dimes Group, one of the most respected sportsbooks in the business.  Rakeback is paid once a week, on Mondays, for 50% of the rake paid by the player in the prior week. On top of this, there is also a 200% match up to $2,500 deposit bonus that adds an additional 10% rakeback while clearing.! This is a great site for bankroll building with lots of fishy recreational gamblers in the games that are running.

Black Chip

black chip poker logo

 Amount: 27%
 Method: Weighted Contributed
 Paid: On demand with 24h delay
 Game Quality: Toughest US-friendly network; med-soft vs ROW networks
 Sign up: Clear cookies then click here and input bonus code PROFRB27

Black Chip Poker is another high quality legit site on the Winning Poker Network. This skin offers the same promotions as America's Cardroom, but has a sleeker look to the poker client. If you have an existing Winning Poker Account that is on the VIP program and you want to instead be on the rakeback program, this skin is a great option as it is owned and operated by Winning Poker Network, and thus quite safe.

True Poker

True Poker logo

 Amount: 27%
 Method: Weighted Contributed
 Paid: On demand with 24 hour delay
 Game Quality: Toughest US-friendly network; med-soft vs ROW networks
 Sign up: Clear cookies then click here and input bonus code PROFRB27

True Poker is the oldest and one of the most legit skins on the Winning Poker Network.  Though it's not as popular as America's Cardroom or Black Chip Poker, it is just as viable a site.  Owned and operated directly by the WPN, you can take advantage of all of the available games on the network via this operator.  All promotions and deposit bonuses are also available for those of you who like to have multiple names on a network. Please note that you may have multiple accounts on the Winning Poker Network, but any attempt to log into more than one account at a time will shut down the software and alert the security department.  Multi-accounting isn't condoned!

Juicy Stakes

juicy stakes logo

 Amount: 36%
 Method: Dealt
 Paid: Weekly to player account
 Game Quality: middle of the pack
 Sign up: Clear cookies then click here

Much like Intertops, this legit Horizon Network poker skin offers 36% rakeback.  The methodology is dealt, so this site is good for very tight players to get more than their fair share of the rake.  Please note that players who play solely heads up tables often get rakeback removed by management and are put on standard VIP accounts. 


Legit International Rakeback Sites Excluding Americans

These poker sites pulled out of the USA markets either way back in 2006 when UIGEA passed, 2009 when UIGEA was implemented, or on the infamous Black Friday event in 2011.  None of these sites service American players and consequently tend to be a little bit tougher than the American sites, but not nearly as tough as PokerStars or Full Tilt.  Plus, they offer rakeback!


Betfair poker logo

 Amount: 35% GROSS
 Method: Contributed
 Game Quality: Softer than Stars, tough vs USA sites
 Sign Up: Clear cookies then click here

Betfair is the premier sports exchange in the world. It is our choice for the most stable, safe, and legit room offering rakeback on the iPoker Network. As a tier 1 provider on iPoker, players on Betfair will have access to all poker games running on this top 3 world wide network. Our rakeback offer is 35% gross, no "new calculation method rakeback" or bonus addition gimmicks that you will see other rakeback providers offer in order to inflate their offerings; nothing but a simple to calculate 35% gross deal. In order to convert your account and enable your rakeback upgrade, you will need to contact us after signing up and send us your User Name and Registered Email address.


betsafe poker black logo

 Amount: 30%
 Method: Weighted Contributed
 Paid: Monthly, directly to player account
 Game Quality: Medium difficulty
 Sign Up: Clear cookies then click here

Betsafe is our choice for a legit Microgaming Network rakeback solution.  This large company has never had any difficulty with payments and provides a good portion of the recreational traffic to the Microgaming Network, ensuring its longevity and good standing.  A simple 30% rakeback deal is what we offer here, the maximum allowed by the network. Both regular and anonymous tables up to high stakes are available with daily action.  This rakeback is in the form of a VIP status upgrade to the top tier of the program.  In order to have your account upgraded, you must email or Skype us your user name and registered email address after you've created your account.  Processing time is 6-24 hours.

Ya Poker

ya poker logo

 Amount: 27%
 Method: Weighted Contributed
 Paid: On demand with 24 hour delay
 Game Quality: Medium-soft International network
 Sign up: Clear cookies then click here

Ya Poker is a legit online poker site that caters mostly to players from South America and Latin America. Support has many native Spanish and Portuguese speakers.  The site shares the Winning Poker Network but excludes American players unlike some of the other WPN skins.  At this site, International players can play against USA players without having to hold funds with a company who is commingling funds with American depositors, thus reducing the risk of International players who play WPN from this skin.  All promotions and benefits of the WPN apply.  This site also is the only other site besides PokerStars who hosts $1,000,000 guaranteed poker tournaments!

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