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Sportsbooks for US players: Best offshore online betting sites list

Best Online Sportsbook USA

If you are a keen sports betting enthusiast in the United States, then you're probably looking for the best online sportsbook USA customers can enjoy. It is better to head online rather than making do with an old-fashioned bookie because you will have the ability to engage in sports gambling right from your home. Also, you will most likely appreciate the more diverse collection of markets available and greater flexibility with your bet sizing. If online sports betting sites sounds like something you're interested in, you live in the USA, and you're eager to find the best US sportsbook, then you've come to the right place.

If your goal is to save time, we will give you the tldr; immediately, as in right this very second! The top online sportsbook we have ever bet on and reviewed here at is ⛳

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However, if you want to learn about other options, continue reading and we will provide you with quite a bit of information based off our painstaking research over the last 15 years we have been in business covering the gaming markets. Here are the best offshore sportsbooks:

Best Offshore Sportsbooks

These are the top offshore sportsbooks for US players. The best attributes are highlighted. Click the links to go directly to the site of your choosing.

  1. - High limits and plenty of promos.
  2. Bovada - Great book for recreational bettors.
  3. BetOnline - Best book for eSports betting.
  4. Everygame - Monthly parlay bonuses.
  5. Nitrogen - Bet with Bitcoins.

Whether you're looking for solid NBA betting lines, football betting odds, or wagers on some other type of athletic contest, the books we present below have what you seek and more. Minimum wager sizes tend to be quite low – around $1 – at sportsbetting sites, and so you can divide up your betting bankroll among myriad contests without spreading yourself too thin. Of course, if you'd rather make big bets to give yourself a reason to avidly follow your picks, you can do that too because bets of thousands of dollars aren't uncommon online. All of our recommended online sports betting websites allow live betting, meaning you can make your selections even while the game is underway.

Due to the legal climate surrounding sportsbetting in the United States, you have a smaller contingent of bookmaking operators than most of the rest of the world does. Nevertheless, there are still many firms willing to accept your custom. It's important to partner with only reliable and fair bookies so that you can safeguard yourself against the confiscation of your funds and other shady business practices that fly-by-night bookies deal in. Fortunately, we've already separated the wheat from the chaff; all the hard work has been done for you!

Professional Rakeback has compiled a list of trustworthy sportsbetting sites. Without further ado, here are our recommendations for anyone seeking the best sportsbook for US players:



100% up to $1,000
4.8 / 5


READ REVIEW is a fully featured sports betting site with a wealth of promotions even beyond the welcome bonus. Many of these rewards get even better if you deposit with crypto-currency.




75% up to $750
4.6 / 5



Bovada is one of the most well-respected sportsbooks in the USA market. It's focused on recreational users and has a lot of features that they appreciate along with a rewards program to deliver value back to customers.




100% up to $1,000
4.5 / 5



BetOnline has made a name for itself as one of the leading online bookies for Americans. It's especially well-known for its extensive menu of props and its eSports betting menu.




50% up to $200
4.4 / 5



With a history stretching back more than 30 years, Everygame has proven its reliability and honesty. You have your choice of three different welcome bonus deals when you sign up for a new Everygame account.




4.0 / 5



Nitrogen Sports is a pioneering site that transacts in Bitcoin and Bitcoin alone. With low juice and a broad array of markets, it certainly merits your attention.



Funding Your Sportsbetting Account

Dollar Bills and Coins

For years, we've been pretty agnostic about what funding methods our readers should use for adding money to their sportsbetting accounts. However, there's now one means of payment that stands head-and-shoulders above all others particularly at the best online sportsbooks for US players. The “digital gold” cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is the best - online sportsbook USA companies that we recommend all support it.

Using credit cards means your transactions might be declined while cash transfer services subject you to low limits and sometimes high service charges. You'll avoid all these problems by conducting your deposits in Bitcoin. It's also of great benefit when it's time to cash out your winnings because you can avoid the fees and delays that accompany payouts through traditional processors. To learn more about this revolutionary financial instrument, check out our guide to Bitcoin for new users, and learn how gamblers use bitcoins.

All of the sports gambling companies we've told you about accept BTC for both deposits and withdrawals. Most of them will convert your coins to and from USD, which is what your account will be denominated in. If you would prefer to do everything in bitcoins – deposits, withdrawals, and actual betting – then there's at least one bookmaker that has you covered: Nitrogen Sports.

About Our Rating Criteria

You might be wondering how we decided what the best online sportsbooks for USA players are. Well, we've evaluated the fairness of their lines, welcome bonus sizes and clearance rates, ongoing promotions, markets offered, payment processors, wagering limits, esteem within the betting community, and more. Whichever of the above books you opt for, you'll be able to place your bets with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you're dealing with one of the best us sportsbooks.

If you seek an adjunct to your sports betting entertainment, we suggest other forms of real money gambling such as online poker and online casino games. Take a gander at this voluminous guide to finding the best online poker sites for US players created and verified by's team of professional poker players as well as this all-encompasing list of the most trusted online casinos for US players created by the notorious degenerate gambler, and our favorite author, Jake Rake.

BLACKLIST: Avoid These Sites!

While all the online sportsbooks we deal with are on the up and up, there are a few rogue operators that aren't so honorable. From deceptive bonus terms to disputes involving winning wagers and sometimes even an outright failure to process payouts, there are any number of tactics that these shady companies use to try to steal customers' money. If you value your bankroll and your peace of mind, then we counsel you to avoid the below listed dishonest online bookmakers:

  • CarbonSports - lack of promotions, deceptive affiliate practices, charges fees on BTC withdrawals
  •, PlayersOnly, Superbook, Linesmaker - sister sites of CarbonSports, engage in the same unsavory practices
  • OddsMaker - confiscates money from winners, member of the infamous Futurebet group
  • - poor management decisions, buggy software, rude customer service
  • TopBet - slow pay/no pay, associated with disreputable Futurebet organization
A stadium with online sportsbetting text and computers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a lot of wrinkles to online sports betting, so it's only natural if there are a few points that still seem confusing to you. You can read below to find the answers to some of the most common questions about this type of gambling.

No. Some individuals are concerned that the Federal Wire Act makes it against the law for them to bet on sports for real money online. However, the Wire Act only targets those in the business of providing sportsbetting services to USA residents. As an ordinary bettor at one of the best US sportsbooks we've highlighted above, there's no way that you'll get in legal trouble.

While the federal laws are quite clear on this matter, there are trade agreements that the U.S. is party to that may make these statutes invalid. The World Trade Organization has ruled that the United States is in violation of its obligations to allow foreign firms access to its markets. Offshore sportsbooks base their operations on an understanding of these rulings and believe that they're acting in accordance with international law.

There are a few states that now have legally licensed sports betting within their borders. As of August 2020, there are 19 states that have legal sports betting along with a few others that have passed the needed legislation but are still awaiting the appearance of the first regulated sportsbooks.

For a long time, only Nevada had full-blown sportsbooks because it was grandfathered in under the prohibitory PASPA law, which was passed in 1992 and prevented the states from expanding into new sports betting ventures. New Jersey and Delaware were only permitted to continue offering the limited types of sports wagering that they offered at the time.

Things changed when the U.S. Supreme Court declared PASPA unconstitutional in May 2018. Now, individual states are able to license sportsbooks if they want. New Jersey and Delaware expanded their gambling frameworks to permit full-fledged sports betting.

Mississippi meanwhile had taken the foresighted step of legalizing sports wagering in 2017 even before the Supreme Court weighed in on the matter. Thus, MS leaders were ready to go with only a few months' delay when the landmark decision was rendered. The first legalized Mississippi sportsbooks opened their doors Aug. 1, 2018.

Pennsylvania had made provisions for the possible legalization of sportsbooks when the Keystone State revamped its gambling laws in October 2017. In the wake of the Murphy case decision, its Gambling Control Board promulgated rules surrounding betting on sports and started reviewing sports betting license applications. The first Pennsylvania legalized sportsbook appeared in November 2018.

Mississippi and West Virginia hurriedly passed the needed legislation in the months following the May Supreme Court ruling, and their casinos started accepting sports action shortly thereafter. Rhode Island followed, basing its market on an interpretation of previous ballot measures whereby sports betting counted as a form of Class III gaming and was therefore allowed without needing any enabling bill to be passed. New Mexico still has not formally legalized sportsbook operations, but a NM tribe nevertheless began bookmaking efforts with the argument that its tribal compact allowed it to do so.

Other states continue to debate and vote on sports betting bills. Although there are occasional legislative sports betting pushes that fail, the list of states that have approved of wagering on sports continues to increase.

There are a few shady sports-betting entities that don't pay out wins and engage in underhanded business tactics. However, we don't feature any of these illegitimate organizations on our list of the best online sportsbooks for US players. All of the sportsbooks we've highlighted above are lawfully licensed in foreign jurisdictions, like Antigua and Barbuda, Curaçao, and Costa Rica. They pay out winnings honestly - if they didn't, we'd be among the first to know!

For American odds format, you'll see the odds of any contest shown like so:

Team 1: +135
Team 2: -150

What this means is that if you bet on Team 1, you have the chance to score $135 in winnings for every $100 you bet. On the other hand, if you put your money down on Team 2, you'll only collect $100 in winnings for each $150 that you risk. The side with the “+” next to it is the underdog while the team with the “-” is the favorite. There are other odds formats, like Decimal and Fractional, but we recommend that you view the odds in American format. You can change the style of displaying the odds at any of the best sportsbooks for USA users.

It's not uncommon for credit card deposits related to gambling to be declined because card issuers sometimes block gambling-related transactions. Other than trying a different card, you can explore alternate payment methods. We're strong advocates of the digital money Bitcoin. It's always accepted at all of the top sportsbooks displayed above. Furthermore, when you cash out your winnings through Bitcoin, you can avoid the fees and delays that sometimes come with traditional payout methods.

Apart from Nitrogen, which does everything in bitcoins, the sites we endorse run on USD. Therefore, any BTC deposits you make will be transformed into dollars at prevailing market rates, and you'll wager your dollars on the games and players of your choice. When it's time to withdraw cash, the money you want to take out of the site will be exchanged for bitcoins, and these virtual coins will be sent to your crypto-currency wallet.

Crypto currency is a relatively new human invention having only been created in 2009 with the advent of Bitcoin. Since then, the two most popular forms of cryptos, i.e. Bitcoin and Ethereum have become multi-billion dollar industries. Both currencies are accepted, and in fact encouraged for use with online bookies. Professional Rakeback has created two very detailed guides on how to purchase Bitcoins and use Ethereum for online gambling that will walk you through each step and make the process quick and easy.