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West Virginia Real Money Online Poker - best sites, laws & more in 2023!

WV Online Poker

Can I play online poker in West Virginia? The answer is yes!

Is it legal to play online poker in West Virginia? The answer to this is also yes!


Although there's plenty of state-regulated gambling in West Virginia, online poker isn't part of the least, not quite yet. Nevertheless, it's possible to sign up for a reputable offshore poker provider and get your fill of poker action without even leaving the house.

The land-based cardrooms in the state only have a couple dozen tables each, and sometimes fewer, but the sites for online poker in West Virginia expand this total enormously. Whether you'd like to partake in cash games, sit n' goes, or tournaments, you'll find an awesome selection that trumps anything you could find in one of WV's five brick-and-mortar casinos.

There are those who contend that internet-based poker is illegal both in West Virginia and also around the United States as a whole. However, they're either mistaken or are relying on outdated information. It's true that the Wire Act used to be interpreted in such a way as to prohibit the game, but a new interpretation of this law in 2011 by the Department of Justice found that it applies only to betting on sports, not to poker, lotteries, or any other type of real money gaming. The much-derided UIGEA only comes into play when triggered by other federal or state statutes, and this opinion by the DoJ means that the Wire Act no longer causes the enforcement mechanisms of the UIGEA to become active.

At the state level, the gambling laws are never directed toward the purpose of prosecuting individual online poker players. The authorities have little inclination to file charges against poker fans who indulge their hobby privately, instead focusing their efforts on busting up illicit live gambling rings and going after those actually organizing underground games.

All of this means that online poker is definitely available in the Mountain State, and we're here to tell you all about the fine companies that allow you to play. Not only that, but we've compiled a ton of information on West Virginia online poker laws, the history of gambling in the state, live arenas for poker, and more. Read to your heart's content, and then begin playing poker on your computer today.

What Online Poker Sites Can I Play in West Virginia?

When dealing with the subject of West Virginia online poker sites, it's important to remember that not all of them are equally good. There are several upstanding organizations offering internet poker, but there are also a few that are unscrupulous and shady.

In order to safeguard you against sites that may perhaps deal dishonest games or confiscate your money, we've evaluated all the entities that provide online poker to the WV market and have presented the premium options below. Sign up for one or more of these poker rooms, and you'll be assured of functional software, fair dealing algorithms, and the reliable payment of your cashout requests.



150% up to $1,500
4.5 / 5



There are many reasons to recommend Ignition Poker, and not least among them is that it's the largest site available to players in West Virginia. Ignition is well recognized for offering a wide range of cash game formats like NL Hold'em, PLO, and PLO/8 featuring blinds up to $10/$20. You will also find plenty of multi-table tournaments, fast-fold Zone Poker, SNGs, and lottery-inspired Jackpot SNGs at Ignition. All play is anonymous in an effort to protect players from being targeted by sharks.

The poker client at Ignition is available for download on any Windows or Mac device. Players who prefer to utilize other hardware can play using an instant-play version of the poker software. The welcome poker bonus at Ignition is 100% of your first deposit up to $1,000, and this bonus increases to 150% up to $1,500 if you use crypto for your deposit. Be sure to check out the attached casino to get additional bonuses.



100% up to $1,000
4.4 / 5



SB Poker represents the third largest site available to players in West Virginia. SB Poker offers a wide selection of cash games, including NL Hold'em, PLO, and PLO/8. SB Poker boasts the largest Bad Beat Jackpot available to U.S. players, occasionally reaching as high as $1 million. Other popular offerings include fast-fold Boost Poker, SNGs, randomized Windfall Poker, and a decent array of multi-table tournaments. Additional promotional value can be had by participating in cash game and SNG leaderboards.

You can download the SB Poker software to any Windows PC, Mac, Android, or iOS system. If you would like to use any other kind of computing device, you can play through the web-based instant play software. Sign up today and you'll get a poker bonus equal to 100% of your initial deposit of up to $1,000. Visit the casino and sportsbook for more valuable promotions.



100% up to $1,000
4.4 / 5



BetOnline and SB Poker are both members of the popular Chico Poker Network, and thus, the poker offerings and bonuses are roughly the same at the two sites. The player pool is combined into one which results in the third-largest US-serving online poker option. BetOnline is also known for its excellent mobile poker software that boasts the full range of games available on the desktop client. You can also choose from a wide array of casino games and a full-featured sportsbook.

The mobile poker software at BetOnline is available to download and play on Android and iOS devices. The desktop software can be downloaded on any Mac or PC machine. You can benefit from a poker bonus worth 100% of your first deposit of up to $1,000. Check out the sportsbook and casino as well to receive additional bonuses.



100% up to $500
4.2 / 5



Bovada and Ignition are both partners as members of the most popular U.S.-facing network online, the Pai Wang Luo network. Therefore, both Bovada and Ignition offer the same poker formats and tables. The primary distinction is that Bovada boasts a sportsbook and racebook, which are both missing at Ignition. If you like to wager on sports or horse races in addition to playing poker, Bovada may be the best option for you.

The poker software here can be installed and played through any Windows or Mac machine. If you would prefer to utilize another device, like a smartphone, you can play via the browser-based instant-play software. You can get a poker bonus worth 100% of your initial deposit of up to $500. Head over and visit the sportsbook, racebook, and casino to take advantage of further valuable promotions.



100% up to $2,000
4.1 / 5



ACR Poker is the second-largest poker destination available to West Virginia's players. ACR is well recognized for offering the largest selection of multi-table tournaments across numerous buy-in levels. One popular tournament, the recurring VENOM series, boasts 7-figure prize pools with regularity. Other popular offerings at ACR include SNGs, fast-fold cash games, Jackpot SNGs, and plenty of regular cash games from micro-stakes through high-stakes.

ACR Poker is available to download on any Windows or Mac device. ACR also offers a mobile version, but unfortunately, a number of game types are absent. Visit ACR Poker today and use our exclusive promo code PRB10FREE to receive a $10 no deposit bonus. You can also get a bonus equal to 100% of your first deposit up to $2,000.



100% up to $700
4.0 / 5



CoinPoker is currently the largest online poker destination operating exclusively utilizing crypto. Tether (USDT) is the only crypto used to denominate the poker games, but deposits and withdrawals can be completed with a few other cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, and BUSD. CoinPoker has experienced consistent growth, partially thanks to Tony G's endorsement and ongoing participation. You can enjoy a few poker variants here, including NL Hold'em, PL Omaha, and 5 Card Omaha. Another perk to playing here is the reduced rake across micro-stakes tables.

The CoinPoker software can be accessed on a wide variety of devices including Mac, PC, Android, or iOS systems. You will receive three excellent welcome bonuses at CoinPoker including a 100% bonus worth up to $700, a 100% bonus of up to $300, and a 100% bonus of up to $100. All players can also receive 33% rakeback each and every week as long as they're willing to invest at least a small stake into the proprietary crypto, CHP.



200% up to $1,000
3.9 / 5



Everygame doesn't boast the robust player traffic that the other sites on this list do, but it compensates by offering exceptional promotional value. 36% rakeback is offered standard and issued daily. Also available are numerous other promotions, like rake races, reload bonuses, overlay tournaments, and a VIP rewards program.

Windows users can download the Everygame Poker client while users who prefer other hardware can play using the instant-play version of the software. Visit Everygame today and receive a 200% poker bonus worth up to $1,000 as well as 25 free slot spins. Be sure to check out the attached sportsbook and casinos for additional promotions and bonuses.



3.6 / 5



SwCPoker is an excellent online crypto-only poker option. SwC utilizes BTC for all deposits and withdrawals as well as for the poker play at the tables. The main attraction to this poker room is the extensive selection of poker variants spread, including Hold'em, Omaha, HORSE, Razz, and much more. You can jump into freerolls right away to get started without depositing any of your own funds.

SwCPoker can be played using almost any modern system including PC Mac, Android, and iOS machines. You won't get an initial bonus when you deposit here, but you can receive up to 50% in rakeback payments based on your poker play.



100% up to 25 mBTC
3.3 / 5



Nitrobetting operates exclusively with Bitcoin and Bitcoin only. Because of the focus on BTC, Nitrobetting offers some of the quickest cashout times in the industry, often in under an hour. You can choose from a decent range of poker formats, including NL Hold'em, PL Omaha, Crazy Hold 'em, and 6+ Hold'em. The vast majority of the traffic is at the cash game tables, but there are a few scheduled tournaments and sit-and-goes for you to enjoy.

Nitrobetting runs right in any current web browser, so it is compatible with nearly every desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. You can get a poker bonus worth 100% of your initial deposit amount up to 25mBTC. Visit the casino and sportsbook to take advantage of further promotional value.



How to Choose the Best West Virginia Poker Site For Your Style of Play

It's impossible to say for sure which of the above online poker sites would best serve you because they all have their own distinct advantages and drawbacks. Only you can evaluate their characteristics and come to an accurate determination as to which one would be ideal based upon your own particular preferences and playing habits. Although we can't name the room that will leave you the most satisfied, we can present you with a list of factors to think about as you're making your decision.

☛ If large bonus percentages appeal to you, then you'll most likely appreciate the 200% up to $1,000 deal at Everygame or the 150% bonus for crypto users at Ignition.

☛ If you want to see a myriad of games running simultaneously, then the player liquidity figures for Ignition, ACR Poker, and Bovada ought to suffice.

☛ If you seek an all-in-one gambling home with a casino and sportsbook in addition to poker, then SB Poker, Bovada, BetOnline, Nitrobetting, and Everygame are the top choices.

☛ If mobile and Mac compatibility are must-haves for you, then Ignition, BetOnline, Bovada, SB Poker, or CoinPoker should satisfy your wishes.

☛ If you approve of the steady cash infusions made possible by rakeback, then Everygame's 36% offer and CoinPoker's 33% deal may be worthy of your attention.

☛ If you wish to use cryptocurrencies exclusively for your poker endeavors, then you may benefit from checking out CoinPoker, SwCPoker, or Nitrobetting.

☛ If you feel that you deserve regular rewards payments, then the Elite Benefits at ACR or the Loyalty Levels at Everygame will take good care of you.

☛ If you're looking to play lottery-style SNGs, then Ignition, ACR Poker, BetOnline, Bovada, CoinPoker, and SB Poker are all fine options available in West Virginia.

How Do I Receive Withdrawals and Payments?

Golden Dollar Bills

With any luck, you'll soon have the opportunity to test the payment processing features of the site you've chosen. All of our recommended rooms are prepared to send you a check in the amount of your withdrawal. At some of them, other payment methods may be available, like debit cards and bank wires.

Perhaps the most desirable cashout channel is the digital currency Bitcoin. Every one of the internet poker sites described above supports this crypto-currency. It permits you to avoid the fees and delays that are sometimes involved with old-school methods of transferring money. If you'd like to start using Bitcoin now but are uncertain about how to get started, then read our guide to setting up Bitcoin for online poker.

Alternatives to Registering Your Poker Account in West Virginia

West Virginia and Adjacent States

Perhaps you happen to have another address in a nearby state, be it your office address, summer home, second apartment, family home, etc. If so, then you may have other online poker options available. Here is a list of the states that border West Virginia and Professional Rakeback's review on each of them: Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. If you're more engrossed in the overall scene for internet poker throughout the rest of the United States, then our guide to U.S. online poker rooms might appeal to you and answer any questions you have.

There's plenty of ignorance about online poker among the population in West Virginia. You can help alleviate this situation by sharing this page with any of your friends, family, and acquaintances whom you believe would find it instructive.

Facts About West Virginia's Poker Industry

The sections below will aim to provide accurate information regarding the legality of online poker, live gambling options, state regulation, and the history of gambling and poker in West Virginia.

The Legality of Playing Online Poker in West Virginia

Legal Reference Book

When trying to determine if online poker is legal or illegal in the State of West Virginia, we must head to the primary source: the West Virginia Code. While some of these statutes refer to video gaming terminals, authorized table games, and other state-supervised forms of gambling, these provisions don't apply to ordinary individuals playing poker on their own.

The part of the law that concerns us is Chapter 61 - Crimes and Their Punishments, Article 10 - Crimes Against Public Policy. Taking a look at §61-10-5, we learn that:

If any person at any place, public or private, bet or wage money or other thing of value on any game of chance, or shall knowingly furnish any money or other thing of value to any other person to bet or wage on any such game, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be fined not less than five nor more than three hundred dollars, and shall, if required by the court, give security for his good behavior for one year, and in default of the payment of such fine and the costs and the execution of such bond, if such bond be required, shall be imprisoned in the county jail not less than ten nor more than thirty days.

Whether or not this law applies to poker, either online or offline, hinges on if it is a “game of chance.” Many compelling arguments have been made in favor of the proposition that poker is a game of skill. Perhaps the most noteworthy legal incident decided in this direction was the U.S. vs. DiCristina case. However, this determination didn't form a precedent binding upon West Virginia jurists because it dealt with New York law.

In West Virginia, courts have historically used the Predominance Test to decide whether or not a given game is a form of gambling. That is, they have attempted to discern whether chance or skill plays the dominant role in the outcome. It's pretty difficult to draw a hard line separating the particular games that fall on either side of this question, and so legal officials have decided differently in separate jurisdictions over time.

There's little case law about this in the Mountain State, but there are indications that poker is viewed as a game of chance by the W.V. authorities. In 2012, the West Virginia Supreme Court issued a ruling in 2012 on United States vs. Dobkin where the justices wrote, “…although there is some element of skill involved, poker or any electronic simulation thereof, is a game of chance.” Now, this case revolved around the status of video poker rather than peer-to-peer poker, so it could be argued that it's not relevant, but on the other hand, it mentions both “poker” and “any electronic simulation thereof,” making it likely that the court intended to discuss both video poker and normal poker, including games conducted online.

Even if we proceed with the understanding that poker is illegal under §61-10-5, which is by no means settled law, the penalties are light. Anyone convicted is subject to a fine between $5 - $300 and a possible security bond. Only if a guilty party is unable to pay will he or she be subject to jail time, and this sentence is limited to between 10 and 30 days.

In actuality, this law is never used to prosecute online poker players. You have nothing to worry about legally if you want to enjoy internet-based poker games from within West Virginia.

It's different if you're attempting to run an illicit real money gaming business in the state. Those running such games could be charged with keeping or exhibiting a gaming table, permitting gaming on premises, permitting gaming at hotels, promoting a lottery, running a “policy” or “numbers” racket, and various other crimes.

The highest possible penalties are a year in jail and a $1,000 fine except for those convicted of policy- or numbers-related offenses who might have to serve as many as 10 years. Regardless, the companies that offer up U.S.A.-facing poker games aren't afraid of these laws, and virtually none of them exclude West Virginia players. Perhaps their legal counselors have advised them that the risks of prosecution are so minor as to not be worth thinking about.

Land-Based Gambling

Logo of Hollywood Casino in Charles Town

West Virginia is pretty liberal on the subject of offline gaming, and you have quite a few options. There's charitable bingo and raffles along with the West Virginia lottery, but the focus of W.V. gaming is on the racetracks.

There are two tracks that offer pari-mutuel betting on horses and another two that feature greyhound racing. All of them also have slots and other casino games, so they're fully fledged “racinos.” A single standalone casino, without any type of racing, also exists.

Every one of these venues had a cardroom, but a couple of them closed during the COVID emergency and never reopened, and there are now only three remaining. The largest is in the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town. It has 10 tables serving up $1/$2 and $2/$5 NLH along with a few low-stakes PLO games from time to time. Unfortunately, it's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and is open only 18 to 21 hours on other days of the week. There are no tournaments here.

State Regulation

Blue Regulations Page

The leaders of West Virginia have been very open to gambling expansion since the '80s, and this extends to the internet arena as well. In 2014, Lottery Director John Musgrave was quoted in the Charleston Gazette-Mail as saying, “We’re still exploring (online gaming) because we feel that’s the way the industry’s moving, so we want to plan for it,” and in 2016, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey opined that daily fantasy sports contests do not run afoul of the state's gambling laws.

It's therefore no surprise that internet gaming legislation was introduced in 2017. H3067, sponsored by House Delegate Shawn Fluharty, would have allowed existing licensed companies to run online poker and casino games. This legislation failed, but Fluharty tried again in 2019 with H2934, and this time, the bill was successful.

After a delay to promulgate rules and award licenses, the West Virginia Lottery authorized DraftKings to launch an online casino, which it did in July 2020 thereby becoming the first entrant in the WV licensed online gaming economy.

W.V. is a pretty good candidate to eventually have a robust in-state internet poker scene especially if officials sign volume-sharing compacts with other states that have legalized online gambling, like Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware.

History of Gambling in West Virginia


During the colonial era and up until the Civil War, West Virginia was a part of Virginia and not really the most populous part. Therefore, the gambling entertainments that could be found within its territory were mostly the same as the rest of Virginia: horse racing and lotteries to fund public improvements.

In 1863, while the nation was in the throes of rebellion, the western portion of Virginia voted to secede from the rest of the state and rejoin the Union. A constitution was promulgated, and West Virginia became the 35th state.

The initial, hastily drafted state constitution proved unpopular, and so a second Constitution of West Virginia was ratified in 1872 and is still in effect at present. It took an unfavorable view of gambling as expressed by the following prohibitory language:

The Legislature shall have no power to authorize lotteries, or gift enterprises, for any purpose, and shall pass laws to prohibit the sale of lottery, or gift enterprise tickets in this State.

Under the common legal understanding of the time, all forms of real money gaming were considered to be types of lotteries, so this constitutional provision had the effect of outlawing gambling throughout the state. It was only through changing the constitution that the current regulated forms of gaming in W.V. were instituted. The legislature also passed laws in the 1880s and '90s penalizing those who operated faro banks and other gaming tables.

Things were quiet on the West Virginia vice front for the first few decades of the 20th century, but the passage of national prohibition in 1919 opened up plenty of opportunities for bootleggers. In fact, underground operations running corn liquor across the state had been prevalent for some time beforehand as producers sought to evade state liquor taxes, but the nationwide ban on alcohol kicked these efforts into overdrive. Saloons sprung up, and they often contained illicit gambling within.

Photo of Sam Giancana Mobster Sam Giancana

Some of the booze trade was in local hands, like those of gangster William “Big Bill” Lias, but criminal kingpins from elsewhere also established presences in the Mountain State. Al Capone had many customers along Milwaukee Street in Wheeling and was reputed to be a patron of local speakeasies.

After Prohibition's repeal in 1933, underworld czars simply refocused their efforts on gambling and other still-disallowed enterprises. In the '60s, the Villa Venice restaurant in Wheeling – reportedly owned by Chicago mobster Sam Giancana – offered free shuttles to take patrons to a nearby gambling den called “the Quonset Hut.” The mob continued this kind of activity well into the '80s with occasional shootouts and mysterious early-morning fires destroying certain buildings that fortunately had had their insurance premiums fully paid up.

The legal gambling environment in West Virginia took a while to get started and remained small for quite some time. In 1931, the West Virginia Racing Commission was founded to oversee horse racing. The first legalized facility for pari-mutuel betting appeared two years later when Charles Town Races opened for business. In 1975, a law passed that added greyhound racing to the menu of pari-mutuel options.

In 1980, the Constitution of West Virginia was amended to authorize the legislature to regulate bingo and raffles, and this body enacted a bill in 1981 to allow licensed charitable groups to host these games. Voters approved the creation of a lottery through a similar amendment to the state constitution in 1984, and it started selling tickets a couple of years later.

In 1994, racetracks were allowed to install video lottery terminals, and this was followed in 2001 by the decision to permit these terminals in commercial establishments and benevolent organizations. In 2007, the racinos were able to add table games to their mix, and in 2008, the proprietors of the Greenbrier Resort were authorized to conduct casino gaming in West Virginia's first non-racing-related casino.

The Greenbrier Resort The Greenbrier Resort, Some Time Between 1930 and 1945

On March 3, 2018, the state passed SB415, the West Virginia Lottery Sports Wagering Act, which legalized sports betting at four racetracks and the Greenbrier. Regulatory oversight was added to the powers of the WV Lottery, and the licensees each had to pay $100,000 for a five-year license and hand over 10% of revenue.

The effects of this legislation were in abeyance because sportsbook expansion by the states was blocked by the Congressional PASPA statute. However, this ceased to be an obstacle in May 2018 when the U.S. Supreme Court reached a decision in Murphy v. NCAA, which had the effect of nullifying PASPA.

The first sportsbook opened on Aug. 30, and by the end of December, all five eligible properties boasted sportsbooks. Also in December, the first online and mobile betting apps appeared.

Online poker and casino operations were legalized too in March 2019, and the first licensed internet casino in West Virginia opened for business in July 2020.

To properly summarize the history of gambling throughout the state of West Virginia, we here at ProfessionalRakeback have created a timeline detailing each and every gambling-related event to occur within the borders of West Virginia. The full timeline can be viewed below:

A detailed timeline covering the history of gambling in West Virginia

Famous Poker Players From West Virginia

A small, economically modest state, West Virginia can boast but few poker luminaries from within its borders. Towering above them all is Jason Koon who is originally from Weston though he no longer resides there.

Jason Koon hails from Weston, WVJason Koon Has Won $51M+ in Live MTTs

Born in 1985, it was during his years studying for an MBA from Wesleyan College in Buckhannon that Jason first began to play online poker. This occurred in 2006 following an injury that sidelined his collegiate athletic ambitions, and Jason soon became a fixture in the world of online poker under the names “JAKoon1985” on PokerStars and “NovaSky” on Full Tilt Poker.

However, the world of pixels and preferred seat settings proved too restrictive for Koon's burgeoning poker skills, and he soon branched out on to the live tournament circuit where he posted his first major cash in 2008. A year later, he booked his first two in-the-money finishes at World Series of Poker events. It has been smooth sailing for Koon since then.

Jason has recorded some dozen seven-figure scores in live tournaments becoming something of a legend in the world of high-stakes tournaments. His top three cashes have come in the super-high stakes Triton Poker Series. He nabbed first place in the HK$1 million-buyin ($128,000) Short Deck NLHE event in Montenegro in 2018 for a payday of $3.58 million then did the same the following year in Jeju, South Korea, in a similar event for a prize of $2.84 million. In 2023, Koon won the Main Event at the Triton series in Cyprus and received $2.45 million in this “lowly” HK$100,000 ($12,800)-buyin contest.

In 2021, Jason Koon achieved something that was undoubtedly part of his bucket list: a WSOP gold bracelet. This notch on his poker belt came in the $25,000 Heads-Up NLHE Championship event where he won $243,981: an amount that doesn't even rank within his top 50 live cashes.

All told, Jason Koon has amassed offline tournament earnings of $51.2 million, but this figure jumps to closer to $55 million if we include his online cashes. Jason handily tops the list of winningest West Virginia poker players with the second-place individual, William Lee Childs, Jr., barely clearing the $1.5-million mark.

Other Types of Online Gambling

Although the primary topic of this article is poker, there are plenty of other types of gambling available online including slots, table games, and sports betting. Our expert gamblers have meticulously researched the available options and below, we will provide our top recommendations for trustworthy casinos and sportsbooks on the internet.

Online Casinos

The first state-licensed online casino appeared in West Virginia in July 2020, and a few more have joined the market since then. However, the offerings are somewhat limited. Live Dealer games, for instance, are not offered by any of the regulated W.V. internet casinos. Therefore, you might want to bet with an offshore casino for a greater gaming selection.

Quite a few of these online casinos extend a warm welcome to West Virginians, and we have presented three of the best of them below.

1. Cafe Casino - Exclusive Crypto Bonus of 350% up to $5,000
2. Wild Casino - Bonuses on Your First 5 Deposits for up to $9,000 Free
3. Ignition Casino - Crypto-Currency Bonus of 150% up to $1,500

There are plenty of other legitimate casino destinations on the internet for West Virginia's residents to enjoy. You can read more about them on this page describing trustworthy online casinos for Americans.

Online Sportsbooks

West Virginia was one of the first states to legalize sports betting within its borders after the Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on this type of gambling, and licensed sportsbooks soon began to appear. However, the small size of the W.V. population means that only a few operators have opened their doors in the state. You might do better by betting with an offshore online brand instead.

We have researched the internet bookmakers available in West Virginia and are pleased to present you with three reliable options below.

1. Bovada Sports - Crypto Bonus on First Deposit of 75% up to $750
2. - 100% up to $1,000 Sports Bonus for Crypto Deposits
3. Everygame Sports - Receive $250 Bonus on Your First Three Deposits

West Virginians have recourse to other honest online sportsbooks, and you can read more about them in this overview of the best USA sportsbooks online.

Summary of Online Poker in West Virginia

Online poker in West Virginia is an activity that you can partake in without any fear or legal worry. Simply select one of the leading West Virginia online poker sites from our recommended list, and get ready to play your hands for all they're worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a few questions about WV online poker before you sign up and make a deposit, then check out the info presented below in our FAQ. We aim to deliver honest, accurate answers to our readers' questions.

No, there aren't any internet poker providers licensed by the authorities in The Mountain State. This is a bit surprising because West Virginia is one of the few states to have passed online poker legislation.

The explanation lies in West Virginia's small size. It simply doesn't have the population to support a potential market that appears promising to operators. Neither has it joined a traffic-sharing arrangement, like the MSIGA, to improve its player volume. Therefore, while it's legal for companies to pursue licensure to provide online poker services to the state's residents, no organization has yet availed itself of this process.

To get your daily ration of exciting online poker action, you'll have to resort to offshore sites. Fortunately, there are several excellent online cardrooms that welcome players from West Virginia.

Yes, poker over the internet is legal to play for WV residents. There are mechanisms in place for licensing online poker sites, and clearly, any such sites that appear would be legal WV online poker rooms. However, there are exactly zero state-regulated internet poker venues, and this isn't likely to change for at least a couple of years.

Fortunately, there are already existing offshore poker sites that willingly serve the West Virginia market. It's effectively legal to play at these cardrooms too because the penalties for violating WV gambling law are basically a slap on the wrist, and in practice, these laws are never enforced against online poker players.

At the federal level too, anti-gaming statutes, like the UIGEA, are targeted at those running and managing the games, not those who are mere players.

Therefore, it is legal to play poker online for real money in WV. All you need to do now is select a trusted provider from our list above, sign up for an account, and begin playing!

Yes, Pokerstars' operations in West Virginia are in full accordance with the law. However, this means that the firm offers only play money tables for now.

PokerStars agreed in 2011 to stop serving American customers for real money except in states where it holds a valid gaming license. While it could apply for such a license under WV's Lottery Interactive Wagering Act, it has not yet done so, and it appears unlikely that it will in the near future. Thus, PokerStars' real money poker offerings are, as of August 2023, restricted to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Yes, Ignition Casino Poker is operating legally in West Virginia. There are those who would question this assertion, citing certain provisions of U.S. Federal law.

However, there have actually been World Trade Organization rulings that have found that these laws are themselves violations of treaty obligations that the United States voluntarily agreed to. By restricting access to its online gaming markets in this manner, the Federal government is not fulfilling its international obligations.

Yes, we count Betonline as a legal internet poker room in West Virginia. While its activities would be questionable if it were based in the United States, BOL is actually a Panamanian company. Thus, it must follow the laws of Panama, not those of the United States. Under the legal regime of Panama, BetOnline is doing nothing wrong when it offers poker games to West Virginians.

Global Poker states that its unique business model allows it to circumvent state and federal gambling laws. We're not entirely convinced by the company's justifications. While there isn't enough space here to go fully into our reasons for feeling this way, you can find out more on this topic in our review of Global Poker.

Like many states, West Virginia has a two-tiered gambling age policy depending on the type of betting in question. To purchase lottery tickets, bet on racing events, or participate in charitable bingo, an individual need only be 18 years old or older. However, for playing in a casino, betting on sports, or engaging in legalized online gaming, 21 is set as the minimum age.

Offshore poker sites, however, cannot possibly keep up with the minutia of the law in West Virginia and thousands or other places around the world. Therefore, they have almost all established 18 as the minimum age for players regardless of where those users are from.

Should you fall short of this 18-year threshold, then you'll have to wait until you're older to partake in online poker games. It would be unwise for you to attempt to play now by submitting false personal information to the sites.

All internet cardrooms have provisions in their terms and conditions whereby they can shut down the account and seize the funds of anyone attempting to play while underage. They will likely uncover your deception when they ask you to verify your identity and you are unable to do so. You then stand to lose all the money you deposited along with any winnings you were able to accumulate.

No, it would be foolish to attempt to base an illegal gambling operation inside the borders of West Virginia. While the penalties for regular players are pretty light, it's a different case for those actually running the games. Sentences of up to 10 years' imprisonment are possible.

Even worse, the commission of certain infractions in West Virginia or especially illegal business dealings that cross state lines can trigger the intervention of federal law enforcement. This is what happened in the case of Emmanuel “Manny” Loucas who was convicted under the Travel Act for his role in West Virginia illegal gambling. He appealed his conviction, but this appeal was denied.

For online poker in WV, you have several choices when it comes to depositing money into your account and cashing out your winnings. Credit cards are probably the most popular means of adding funds to users' balances while withdrawals are typically performed by check. However, there are problems with these kinds of payments, including cards sometimes being declined and checks taking weeks to arrive.

Fortunately, Bitcoin doesn't suffer from either of these problems. Transactions are virtually always accepted, unless there's some problem with the address or another technical issue, and they can be processed within minutes. All of the West Virginia online poker rooms we recommend support Bitcoin.

As a matter of fact, many of them also transact in “altcoins” – that is, crypto-currencies other than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are two popular coins that are often available to make deposits and payouts for online gaming.

West Virginia treats gambling winnings as taxable personal income, and the West Virginia Tax Division certainly expects to collect its share of whatever you earn from internet poker. The Internal Revenue Service also would like to receive its cut as well. Unless you want to take the risk of running afoul of these organizations (not recommended), you ought to diligently calculate what you owe and pay it before the legally stipulated deadlines.

The responsibility of calculating how much income you derive from online poker rests squarely on your own shoulders because offshore sites don't provide detailed win/loss records or tax statements. If you require some assistance in completing and filing your tax paperwork, then it's probably wise to consult with a qualified CPA or tax attorney.

Yes, it's certainly possible to enjoy mobile online poker in West Virginia. Almost all internet poker software has an option compatible with phones and tablets. This sometimes involves apps that you need to download and install to your device. In other cases, you can access a web-based client that works with all kinds of hardware, including mobile systems.

Yes, many online poker rooms now fully support Mac computers. Even those that don't specifically cater to Macs typically allow you to access browser-based software to play poker on your Mac.

If all else fails, you can attempt to use emulation software to run the Windows version of the poker app on your Mac.

No, the text of WV law indicates pretty clearly that live poker games, even if hosted in a private place, are illegal. The only exceptions are those poker tables hosted by duly licensed WV casinos.

Nevertheless, the penalties involved are so small and the risk of prosecution so slim that you probably won't encounter any difficulties in setting up and proceeding with a social home game. Just exercise common sense and try to keep your game low-key and scandal-free.

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