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SportsbettingAG logo is a US-friendly online poker site on the Chico Poker Network. In this review, we give you full details on deposit bonuses, rake races, game selection, cashier options, rakeback, and more.

Professional Rakeback's Poker Review

Americans and others around the globe who are looking to play poker have a solid option available in the form of As its name might imply, this site is mainly an internet bookmaker, but it does also offer plenty of poker games as well. Whether you like poker tournaments or cash games, Texas Hold’em poker or some other format, you’ll find what you seek in spades (and hearts, clubs, diamonds as well) at this online poker room. is part of the Chico Poker Network along with its partner site BetOnline, and they both serve players from the U.S. and many other countries around the world. Chico has grown over the past couple of years until it’s now the third-largest destination, by traffic numbers, that’s accessible to poker players from the United States. There are no authorized percentage-based rakeback deals available anywhere on the internet, but what you’ll get instead is a sweet 100% match on your first deposit up to a maximum amount of $2,500. This bonus has a high rate of clearance, so whether you win or lose at the tables, you’ll be able to augment your bankroll nicely.

Welcome Bonus Details

Every site that allows you to play poker online has its own unique wrinkles when it comes to the welcome bonus, so it’s prudent to go over them now to help you avoid making any mistakes. After you make your initial deposit, which must be between $50 and $2,500, you’ll have to send an email to poker[at] to request that your bonus be issued. Include your username in the text of your email, and put the bonus code NEWSB in the subject line. Your bonus will be credited to your account within 48 hours, and the amount of free money you’ll get will be identical to the sum you deposited. The 60-day bonus period will start at this time, so you’ll have the next two months to unlock your complimentary money in $5 portions by gathering 1,500 comp points to earn out each segment of the bonus. In ring games, every cent you pay toward the rake will reward you with one comp point. In poker tournaments, the tourney fee will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar, and you’ll receive 100 points for every dollar of the fee. This effectively means that MTTs with fees of less than $1 won’t be of any use for the purpose of clearing your bonus. In cash games, you’ll get 33% of your rake back while the returns from MTT and SNG play might be less depending on the exact buyins of the poker tournaments you engage in.

There’s one other extra that you’ll get with your first deposit: a ticket to a $10,000 tournament. This New Player Freeroll takes place the second Sunday of each month at 5 p.m. ET, and your entry will be placed into your account within 72 hours after the start of the month following the one in which you deposited.

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OPTIONS & OTHER NOTES: There is only one native heads up display that works on SportsbettingAG.  That HUD is Holdem Indicator.  It also happens to work with virtually every single US-friendly site as well as most non-US sites as well.  We have a detailed review of Holdem Indicator that you can read about on our updated poker software review page.  If you want to skip right ahead to the good stuff, you can purchase Holdem Indicator at a 10% discount which is exclusively offered by Professional Rakeback for our loyal customers.

** For best results when attempting to deposit or withdraw via an internet browser, choose Internet Explorer.

*** Please note, they will call you immediately after you create your account to help you make an initial deposit, you do not need to deposit immediately if you are not ready yet.

If you have taken advantage of our BOL or SBag offers and created an account, please consider sharing that fact with your friends.  We would be happy to have them as customers as well! Product Suite

Poker is just one of the types of gambling that you can look forward to when you register your new account. This reputable bookmaker will award you 75% up to $1,000 on your opening deposit to use for making sports wagers along with 100% up to $1,000 to try out the casino. Then you’ll be able to claim further free benefits in the racebook, live casino and other sections of the site. Deposits and Cashouts

The cashier at is among the most thorough of any site that accepts U.S. players. You can fund your account with any one of these processors:

  • Bitcoin: $20 - $25,000
  • Litecoin: $20 - $25,000
  • Ethereum: $20 - $25,000
  • Visa/MasterCard: $25 - $5,000
  • American Express: $25 - $2,500
  • Person to person: $100 - $600
  • Money Order (USA only)*: $300 - $9,000
  • Skrill (non-USA, non-Canada): $10+
  • Bank wire*: $1,000+
  • Check (non-personal)*: $1,500 - $15,000

The methods that have an asterisk (*) next to them require that you contact support for assistance and directions on how to deposit via that option. Overall, we feel that Skrill is best if it’s available to you; otherwise, depositing through Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum should work well for most people. Credit cards are a decent choice as well. Whatever payment solution you wind up selecting, remember that your deposit must be between $50 and $2,500 for you to collect the 100% up to $2,500 first deposit bonus.

As far as withdrawals go, most of these same processors are offered, but there are a few that are missing, notably credit cards. Here’s the full list of supported cashout methods:

  • Bitcoin: $20 - $10,000
  • Litecoin: $20 - $10,000
  • Ethereum: $20 - $10,000
  • Person to person ($26 - $51 fee): $50 - $400
  • Bank wire: $500 - $24,900
  • Couriered check ($50 fee): $500 - $2,500
  • Skrill (non-USA, non-Canada, $20 fee): $25 - $9,900

You’ll notice that there are fees attached to some of these forms of payouts. Fortunately, every customer can get the fee reduced by $50 once per month on a Friday. This basically makes almost every method of withdrawing free as long as you time your requests appropriately.

Cash Tables

No Limit Texas Hold’em poker is probably what you want to see, and you won’t be disappointed at Stakes run from $0.01/$0.02 up to $5/$10, and there’s usually a game or two running at even the highest stakes although, understandably, the micro-stakes tables account for the bulk of the action. If you’re a PLO Hi or PLO/8 fan, then this site has what you crave too because big bet Omaha games run at the same stakes as NLHE. There aren’t as many games running in four-card poker as there are of Hold’em, but there’s nevertheless a vibrant Omaha scene. Next we come to Limit Texas Hold’em and Limit Omaha/8, which are unfortunately virtually deserted. There are three other ring games spread, Seven Card Stud (Hi and split pot), Americana and 32 Card Draw. Of the three, you’re only likely to ever see Stud running and that only sporadically.

Boost poker came to and the rest of the Chico Network at the beginning of 2018. This is a fast-fold cash game format, which lets you fold your hand if you don't like it and be transported instantaneously to another table to begin a new game round. This way of doing things speeds up the pace of the game significantly.

cash game tables at poker room


There’s quite a range of buyins present in the SNG lobby. You can enter contests as cheap as $1.50 or as expensive as $215. Whatever level you choose, it probably won’t be too long before enough people enter to make the tourney start. In December 2017, Sportsbetting.AG introduced Windfall Poker, which adds a random twist to the traditional sit n' go formula. In Windfall, the system chooses a number between 2 and 2,000, and that's how many buyins the prize pool contains. Windfall is a three-person contest.

Multi-Table Tournaments

The poker tournament schedule at this card room is weighted heavily toward the lower end of the price scale. Guaranteed events start as low as $0.22 and go as high as the weekly Sunday $50,000 Gtd Main Event, which costs $90 + $9 to enter. On the last Sunday of each month, this is replaced by a $100 + $9 tournament that guarantees $100,000. Sadly, there are no Omaha MTTs because all tournaments feature Texas Hold’em poker only.

Regular Promotions

While the huge initial deposit bonus attracts newcomers to, management understands the need to keep existing players satisfied. This is why the site offers a full rotation of promotional specials that are designed to put some additional cash into your pocket over time no matter what type of poker games you enjoy.

Tournament Leaderboards

Every week, the 60 players who demonstrated the best MTT performance get to split up prizes of $5,000. There are three distinct categories based on the buyins of the tourneys: Gold ($20+), Silver ($2 - $19.99) and Bronze ($0.05 - $1.99), and each separate leaderboard pays out 20 people. You’ll earn more points the higher you place in each event and the more money all participants contributed in buyins, rebuys and addons. At the end of the month, the top 100 competitors in each division get to play in a special freeroll.

SNG Leaderboards

Sit-n-goers get to participate in leaderboards too, and they use a similar classification system according to buyin as the MTT leaderboards do. The total prizes are the same as well with $5,000 up for grabs. Only six-handed and nine-handed sit-and-gos count. Everyone gets leaderboard points for every SNG he or she cashes in.

Cash Leaderboards

In ring games, there’s $10,000 awarded every week in the leaderboards. The categories are determined by blind level, with $3/$6 and higher constituting the Gold division, $0.10/$.25 - $0.50/$1 making up the Bronze section and everything in between counting toward the Silver leaderboard. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; it’s the amount of rake you generate, as tracked by comp points, that determines your placement on the cash leaderboards. Twenty grinders on each weekly leaderboard win a cash prize. Those who cash in this promotion tend to earn anywhere from 5% to 35% in effective rakeback.'s cash game lobby

Comp Points

You can trade in your comp points for tournament entries for 5.7% cash back on your rake. Only specific events allow you to buy in in this manner, and you can see if comp points are a valid for a given tournament by clicking on “Register” and reading the information presented.

Bad Beat Jackpot

If you play on the Bad Beat Jackpot tables at and suffer a massive cooler, your bad luck might turn into a six-figure payday instead. The Bad Beat Jackpot pays out for every hand of quad jacks or better than goes to showdown and loses assuming that at least four players received cards in the hand and both players used both their hole cards at showdown. 27.5 percent of the jackpot will go to whoever held the losing hand, and whoever won the hand will get 15%. The rest of the table will divvy up another 15%, and 5% will be split up among everyone sitting at any other BBJ table. A new jackpot will then be created with 27.5% of the fund, and 10% will be retained by the site as administrative fees. The way this jackpot grows in the first place is that $0.10 of extra rake is taken for every $4 in the middle during any hand at the clearly marked Bad Beat Jackpot tables, and the maximum Bad Beat contribution for any single hand is $0.50. If you decide to avoid paying this extra rake, then simply sit at the tables that aren’t listed with a star before their name. The largest Bad Beat Jackpot to pay out on the Chico Poker Network occurred May 24, 2017 when user “Catfancy” won $229,350.34 at a $1/$2 table.


Even at the best-run companies, unforeseen circumstances sometimes develop. Whenever you have a problem or concern at, you can easily get ahold of support personnel. Simply call the toll-free number, 1-888-843-9027, or click on the Live Chat link on the website. You can also direct your queries through email to cs[at] for general topics or poker[at] for specifically poker-related issues. Restricted Territories

The good news for Americans is that accepts players from all 50 states, a rarity in the online poker world. However, players from several countries cannot play here: Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Serbia and Ukraine. Yet there’s a workaround because residents of all of these areas, except Panama, are accepted at TigerGaming, which is on the same Chico Poker Network as and has an equivalent 100% up to $2,500 poker bonus.