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Bodog Poker Pros and Cons

  • Speedy withdrawals
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV support
  • Mobile and Mac Gaming
  • Lottery-style Jackpot Sit & Go
  • Fast-fold Zone Poker
  • Anonymous games to protect recreational players
  • Attached sportsbook, racebook, and casino
  • No table/seat selection
  • Anonymized games may annoy some
Bodog Poker logo

Bodog's online poker, casino, sports, and racing platform is one of the leading gambling sites on the PaiWangLuo Network. The current ownership structure of the Bodog empire is a bit confusing, but suffice it to say that it's descended from the successful gaming destination founded by billionaire Calvin Ayre in the 1990s.

Bodog's Canadian division is housed at and holds a license from the Antigua Gaming Commission. The Latin American version of the site is called, and it's licensed in Curaçao. There used to also be a version of Bodog for the Indian subcontinent, but Bodog India closed down in September 2020 and is no longer in operation.

There are various small differences between the two sites, which we have noted below where appropriate. All the poker gameplay is identical at both rooms, and they share cardroom traffic with each other and several other partner organizations. The major aspects that vary between these sites are the promotions, cashier functions, and some of the casino gaming options.


Bodog has really improved its poker operations over the past few years to become the seventh-largest online poker destination worldwide. It has achieved this level of success not by copying what others have done but rather by sticking to its own idea of what an online poker room should be.

The philosophy here is called the “recreational player model,” and the basic gist of it is that the site aims to attract casual and novice players instead of catering to experienced pros. If you're a pro yourself, then you might have a few second thoughts about this mindset, but the truth is that this strategy has succeeded beyond all expectations, leading to butter-soft games. What you lose in the lack of Bodog rakeback and other perks is more than compensated for by the quality of the opposition you'll face.

Bodog Poker Bonus

The poker bonus at Bodog is a 100% up to $1,000 match, which will be applied automatically on your first deposit without the need for a Bodog Poker bonus code though you may have to select the deal from a drop-down menu when making your initial deposit in order for it to be applied to your account.

The amount of bonus you earn is tied to the amount of Reward Points you accumulate during the 30 days after you first fund your account. Every time you collect another 150 points, you'll obtain a $5 bonus payment, which will be applied to your balance as real money.

The rate of point accrual is the same at (CAN) and (LATAM). All users will receive 15  points for every $1 paid in tournament and SNG fees, 15 per dollar contributed in rake in cash games, and 1.5 times the buyin amount of Jackpot Sit & Gos in points.

Bodog Poker Bonus Value

Tournaments, SNGs, and ring games clear the poker bonus at the same rate: a rakeback percentage of 50% because you must pay $10 in rake to get back $5 in bonus. In Jackpots, you'll actually do considerably better, increasing the cashback percentage to an incredible 71%! lets players denominate their accounts in currencies other than U.S. dollars. In case you're using a different currency, the total value of the poker bonus will be capped at a figure corresponding to about $1,000 U.S. dollars, which is 4,000 Brazilian reals, 20,000 Mexican pesos, 40,000 Argentine pesos, 3,000 Peruvian sols, or 7,000 Bolivian bolivianos.

Geographic Markets accepts poker, sports, and casino players from Canada while transacts in Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and El Salvador.

You can join whichever of these sites is appropriate for your location right from this page. If you're ready to take the plunge, then sign up right now. Otherwise, continue reading our reviews of the online poker room, sportsbook, racebook, and casino at Bodog.

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STEP 1:  Clear the cookies in your web browser - this is mandatory - you may not receive the maximum deposit bonuses if you fail to complete this step!  Click the correct browser button below for instructions.

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Step 2:  If you've previously installed the Bodog poker software, you have to uninstall it now before continuing.

Step 3:  Click on the Bodog button below that corresponds to your geographic location (if your ad blocker renders the buttons invisible, click the direct links below instead):

Step 4:  Click "Join Now" button.

Step 5:  Enter in your account information - this information must be accurate!

Step 6:  Contact Us with your "customer ID number" and registered email address so that we can confirm your account.  Players can get their "customer ID number" by emailing support or phoning them toll-free.

Step 7:  Deposit and enjoy! You can deposit with a credit card for free. However, Professional Rakeback recommends that all players transact using Bitcoin for access to large and fast payouts. If you think it's a hassle to learn how to use Bitcoin, think again! Check out our Bitcoin gambling guide for step-by-step help, with screenshots, on setting up your BTC wallets.

HUD:  Do you want to use a HUD when playing? Sadly, the terms and conditions of Bodog are restrictive, and very few HUD programs are allowed. In fact, only one appears to natively support Bodog. That program is Holdem Indicator, and it even works in Zone Poker games. Professional Rakeback offers an exclusive 10% discount on Holdem Indicator (and iHoldem Indicator for you Mac users) to our visitors.  If you're interested, head over to our software page. If you want to buy it now, with a ten percent discount off the retail price of $99 USD, then click here for PC and here for Mac.

There's actually another HUD solution that now works on Bodog as well. You see, the developers of PokerTracker have created a free hand grabber that, in conjunction with the main PT4 program, is able to import hand histories from the site. To read more about the features of this piece of software, browse over to our PokerTracker 4 review. To purchase it today, click this link.

Anonymized Tables

The heart of the recreational player model at Bodog Poker lies in anonymous gameplay. No user is identified by any name other than a randomly generated player number. Not only is it impossible to track your adversaries over long periods of time, but you can't write saved notes on them either. There are a couple of HUD tracking software programs that work with Bodog, but they only allow you to monitor your opponents over the course of a single table session vastly reducing the utility of these types of tools.

Anonymous Table at Bodog Poker $0.50/$1.00 NL Hold'em Full-Ring Game at Bodog

Ring Games

In the two most popular forms of cash game poker, No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha, stakes run from $0.02/$0.05 to $10/$20. There are also LHE tables denominated from $0.05/$0.10 to $30/$60. You can only join a maximum of four ring game tables at a time.

Bodog's Quick Seat Interface Bodog Quick Seat Interface

In April 2017, Bodog introduced a Quick Seat feature that makes table selection impossible. The way it works is that players select the game format, table size, and stakes they wish to play, and then the software places them in a seat at an appropriate game. The consequences of this change have been that the most demanded games tend to fill up more rapidly than before, but thinly played variants, like the limit tables, have seen a drop in traffic.

Zone Poker

Zone is Bodog's take on fast-fold poker, a style first made popular by Full Tilt's RUSH Poker quite a few years ago. In Zone, nobody has to wait for hands to complete after he or she folds; instead, anyone who mucks a hand is brought right away to a new table to begin another round. The elimination of much of the downtime traditionally inherent in poker leads to a blazing-fast pace and ensures that you'll see many more hands per hour in Zone than at a standard ring table.

Bodog's Zone Poker Lobby Zone Poker Lobby at Bodog

Because there are no static tables in Zone, players instead join pools. You can see how many players are in each pool in the lobby although all population figures of 50 or more are indicated as “50+.” It's not uncommon, particularly during peak hours, to see multiple blind levels sporting 50+ participants at once. Although the greatest number of players can be found in NLHE Zone, PLO runs too, and there are a couple of PLO/8 stakes supported as well. Player volume in four-card Zone is lighter than in Hold'em.

Zone Poker on Mobile Zone Poker on a Mobile Device

Sit and Goes

The buyins for SNG poker extend from $1 + $0.05 up through $200 + $14. Regular, turbo, and hyper turbo speeds are present, and table sizes include heads-up, six-max, and nine-player. There are also 27-man multi-table sit-n-goes. The majority of contests are for NLHE, but there are PLO and PLO/8 games listed up to $100 + $9.

Bodog offers Double-Ups, which are similar to the Double or Nothings you may encounter at other sites, as well as Triple-Ups, which pay out three buyins apiece to the top third of the participants. Most of the Double-Ups charge half rake compared to similarly priced competitions, but this isn't the case with Triple-Ups except at the higher buyin levels. Beginner matches have a flatter payout structure than the other games, allowing more people to get paid.

You can't view sit-n-goes that have already started (except, of course, for the ones that you're in), nor can you even see them in the lobby. Still, as long as you play for micro and small stakes, you should have no trouble getting the amount of action you crave.


Bodog, in past years, ran frequent guaranteed tournaments that overlaid very often. This foresighted decision worked out well as the room now has enough MTT traffic to almost always cover the sums promised. There's more than $1.5 million in guarantees up for grabs each week, and the largest of them is the $150 + $12 $150,000 Guaranteed on Sunday afternoons. Throughout the rest of the week, you can buy into events priced from $1 + $0.10 to $300 + $25.

Bodog Poker Tournament Lobby Bodog Tournament Lobby

Beyond the regularly scheduled tourneys, Bodog hosts series several times per year. These generally have boosted prize pools and an enhanced roster of events that allows you to play formats that are  not commonly spread during the normal course of things. Recurring series at Bodog include the Black Diamond Poker Open and the Golden Spade Poker Open, each of which routinely offer millions of dollars in total prizes to the victors. Whenever these series are about to begin, satellites appear so that cash-strapped individuals can attempt to win their entries for less.

Jackpot Sit & Go

The latest expansion to the Bodog poker palette, Jackpot Sit & Go, went live at the end of October 2017. These three-handed hyper turbo games use a random number to determine the prize pool. The valid multipliers are: 2x, 5x, 15x, 120x, 240x, 1,200x. The higher multipliers are rarer than the cheaper ones; the 2x option is chosen close to 75% of the time. At the top three multiplier levels, all players win with a prize distribution of 80/10/10, but the rest of the Jackpot Sit & Gos are winner-takes-all. It's possible to play up to four Jackpots at the same time. The buyins offered are $2, $7, $20, $60.

Jackpot Sit & Go Game $60 Jackpot Sit & Go at Partner Site Bovada With a 240x Multiplier

Bodog Poker Promotions

There are a number of ongoing promos at Bodog Poker, so you'll be able to grab some freebies even after your welcome bonus is done:

Points to Tickets

Points Exchange: The points you garner while playing at the tables can be traded in for poker tournament tickets (including Jackpot Sit & Go) and bonuses to use in the sportsbook and casino. Watch for tickets to major tournament series events because they tend to represent a better value for your points than the standard exchange options.

Bodog RF Bonus

Royal Flush Bonus: If you're fortunate enough to get the best hand in poker, a royal flush, you'll be able to claim a reward of 50 times the big blind up to a max of $200. At least three players must have received cards during the hand, and you have to use both of your own hole cards to make the royal. This offer is only available in real money Texas Hold'em cash games. Only available on (Canada)

Bad Beat Bonus at Bodog

Bad Beat Bonus: If you take aces full of kings to showdown and lose, you'll be compensated to the tune of 100 big blinds with a cap of $1,000 on your payout. Three or more people must have been dealt into the Texas Hold'em hand to qualify, and both the winner and loser must use both of their hole cards at showdown. Only available on (Canada)

Bodog Poker Summary

The Bodog poker software has been refined continuously for more than a decade, and it's now a very polished suite. Zone Poker, Jackpot Sit & Go, and anonymized games are just a few of the elements that developers have added after careful thought. With the capacity to be enjoyed from desktops, laptops, and mobile systems, Bodog is a fine solution for anyone in search of a poker home. A 100% up to $1,000 bonus awaits to give you an opportunity to enhance your profitability.

Bodog Cashier

Bodog offers its clients a standard menu of cashier methods, which we have outlined below. There are sometimes extra payment channels that are provided to certain customers, so you might have additional alternatives to choose from.


Bodog accepts a few different payment processors for your deposits. You can either pay with the usual suspects in Visa or MasterCard, Bitcoin using a compatible wallet (Bodog recommends Bread, Mycelium and Electrum), Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV , or Interac e-Transfer (Canada only). Each option has its own pros and cons which you should weigh individually. Be aware that additional methods may be offered in select geographic areas.

Logos of Credit Cards

Your Visa and MasterCard transactions may need to be cleared for international merchants as Bodog has used processors from a few different regions like India and Hong Kong. If you are not sure if your account is restricted, contact your bank and find out. Of course, you must also keep in mind you may incur other banking fees, which, while not generated by Bodog, must still be added to the deposit. Fees, such as those charged by banks when a deposit is categorized as a cash advance, are not under Bodog's control. International service fees are also a concern. If your bank charges such a fee, it might be upwards of 3%.

Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin (BTC) is the choice that we advise you to employ especially given the current focus among gamblers toward privacy and security. Bitcoin maximum deposit limits tend to be higher than those for credit cards. The most compelling advantages to BTC, however, are that Bodog never charges any fees for its use neither on deposits nor cashouts, and you can bypass the entire banking infrastructure and its sometimes-unpredictable surcharges. You'll only have to pay the miners fees of the Bitcoin network itself, which are usually under $1.

Interac e-Transfer Logo

Interac e-Transfer is a way for Canadians to make deposits through their checking or savings accounts at their financial institutions. The maximum amount that can be transferred this way is $1,000, and the process takes between 3 and 20 hours to complete.

Bitcoin Cash Logo

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a crypto-currency derived from legacy Bitcoin, but it's a distinct digital coin and should not be confused with its forebear. Bodog quietly added BCH to its deposit options sometime in October 2017. Bitcoin Cash has several advantages over its older big brother, including faster transaction speeds and fees of sometimes just a penny or two.

Bitcoin SV Logo

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) was forked off of Bitcoin Cash in November 2018 and added to the Bodog cashier sometime around the beginning of 2020. It expands the crypto choice available to customers at this group of real money gaming companies.


The ease of putting money into your Bodog account is great, but depositing funds into nascent accounts has never really been a big problem for most sites and their faithful customers. Withdrawing those funds is where due diligence is required. Depending on the location where you reside, you may have a variety of legacy payment channels open to you, like checks and bank wires. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are probably the best ways to request payout because they never incurs any fees from Bodog and are available to customers around the world.

Of course, questions concerning liquidity and solvency are always the elephants in the room when processing withdrawals. Bodog stands on its claim that it has never missed a payout. That being said, the verbiage used when asked is murky enough; you can see the foresight on their part as they say payouts are made “on a first come, first served basis.” Yet, it's rare to find any complaints of Bodog slow-paying or no-paying any individual.

Withdrawal speed is wonderfully quick, easily one of the best and most reliable in the industry. Bitcoin requests are the fastest by far with funds available in as little as an hour, taking no longer than 6 hours in most cases. Legacy withdrawal processors may take longer, up to a couple of weeks, to deliver the funds to you.

Account Validation

Bodog sometimes requires customers to complete an account validation procedure before being able to withdraw. Occasionally, a player might have to fulfill these requirements even before being able to make a deposit. The reasons for this policy are laid out on Bodog's website:

“We take our player's financials and security seriously and need to ensure that the person using the account is:

  • 18 years old and older.
  • The true owner of the credit card being used to deposit.
  • The person to whom withdrawal payments will be sent to”

You'll have to submit a government-issued identification document. Additionally, if you elected to deposit with your credit card, you'll have to send in copies of the front and back of your card and fill out a Credit Card Verification form before being able to cash out. Verification takes between 24 and 48 hours. Once you complete your account validation, you won't have to do it again in the future unless you move or your personal details change for some other reason.

Currency Conversion

The Canada platform employs just a single currency (CAD), but lets you hold your balance in several distinct national currencies. Your options are: Brazilian real, Mexican peso, Argentine peso, Peruvian sol, and Bolivian boliviano. The maximum amount of bonuses and other promos varies depending on the currency your balance is denominated in so that they're roughly equivalent for people from different countries.

It may be possible to deposit and withdraw to and from a currency that's not natively supported by Bodog. However, you may be hit with exchange fees. For the best results, use a payment method that's compatible with the currency displayed in your Bodog balance. Or employ crypto-currency, which Bodog never charges exchange fees on.

Bodog Mobile

By using sophisticated responsive web techniques, Bodog is able to cater to users with virtually any type of computing hardware, including mobile devices as well as standard desktops and laptops. The only restriction is that your machine must be capable of running HTML5 software, which is a condition that virtually every system released in the past five years will comfortably fulfill. The sportsbook, racebook, casino, and poker room are all present in mobile form, and you don't need to do anything special because the Bodog website will automatically detect your screen size and adjust itself to accommodate your display resolution. The full range of poker, sports, racing, and casino betting products is present in mobile.



Bodog offers a diverse selection of gambling choices for sports gamblers and bettors. On top of the general sports offered, such as Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, MMA, Golf, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Motor Racing Sports, and the Olympic games, they also offer action on E-Sports, Rugby, Darts, Snooker, Cycling, Volleyball, and Australian Rules Football. If you have particularly esoteric gambling intentions, you can even wager on the Gaelic Games, Futsal, Winter Sports, or political and entertainment prop bets. Throughout the gamut of sports offered, your action can be split up and customized any number of ways. With the exotics offered, bettors have more than one way of swinging the odds in their favor, helping to ease some of the risk at hand.

Bodog Sports Screenshot Bodog Sportsbook Main Display

Before placing any wagers, you need to be aware of Bodog's dual lines and how they are applied to each individual consumer. There are no hard-and-fast rules published by Bodog though the principle is pretty simple. As an online sportsbook vendor, Bodog wants to see more action on big-name, popular events like Red Sox/Yankees, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Dallas Cowboys action. Bodog will apply one of two sets of odds to each individual gambler, one for sharps and one for squares. Once you begin placing action on smaller, less-wagered matches, games or races, you may be classified as a sharp by Bodog. This is not typically a huge difference in odds: usually as little as a half point here and there on point spreads. Nevertheless, it is enough to change the bottom line.

Bodog Sports Bonus

Bodog's sports welcome offer is tailored to the client base served by each of its branded operations. Look below for the deal that's valid at the network site you intend to bet at. Be aware that for the purposes of calculating your progress toward fulfilling sports bonus wagering totals, it's the lesser of your risk and win amounts that matters when talking about bets that you win. When dealing with losing wagers, it's the risk amount that counts. (Canada)

Bodog hands out a 100% up to $400 bonus and 50 free spins to new sports bettors, and no Bodog Sports bonus code is needed. This deal is valid for sports, horses, and casino play; however, the wagering requirement changes a bit depending on how you deploy your bonus funds. The required rollover is 5x on the ponies or on sports while jumping to 40x in the casino. This playthrough obligation is calculated based on the sum of your deposit and bonus amount. For instance, if you deposit $400 to max out the bonus at $400, you'll have to wager ($800) * 5 = $4,000 in sports and/or races before the bonus is yours to keep.

There's also a Bitcoin sports bonus of 100% up to $300, but unusually, this BTC-only bonus is inferior to the normal welcome bonus. Therefore, we counsel you to claim the regular deposit bonus for sports even if you are using Bitcoin to deposit. (Latin America)

The sports bonus is a 100% up to $60 special with a 5x playthrough requirement on the sum of the deposit + bonus. So if you deposit $60 and get a matching $60 bonus, then you'll have to make wagers amounting to ($60 + $60) * 5 = $600 before being able to withdraw your funds. You can instead clear the sports bonus in the casino, but in this case, the rollover jumps to 40x.

In the event that your account balance is held in a currency other than USD, the following maximums apply to the sports bonus:

  • Brazilian real: 200
  • Mexican peso: 1,200
  • Argentine peso: 2,400
  • Peruvian sol: 180
  • Bolivian boliviano: 420

In addition to the welcome bonus, provides you with cash back on your first bet if it loses. This is limited to a maximum of $15.

Bodog Sports Bet Types

Betslip at Bodog Sports

Of course, nearly every sport offered allows for straight wagers placed within their website. Outside of this mundane action, you can place a couple different types of parlays in typical multi-team formats allowing for anywhere from 2 to 12 teams to be included in a single parlay. No surprise here that all teams picked have to be winners for the parlay to hit, but that is why the parlays have higher payouts compared to a single bet. Obviously, the more teams you add to each individual parlay, the greater the payout.

Now, if you are a shrewd gambler and want to hedge your bets even more, you can choose to place a teaser instead of a parlay. Teasers are capped at 10 teams instead of 12, but the gambler is allowed to increase or decrease the point spread as well as altering the totals (otherwise known as an over/under bet). Now, this added benefit to the gambler does come with a tradeoff in a lower payout, but that is how most of your wagering choices work; risk versus reward tends to act as a negative reciprocal. The less risk there is in the form of bettor-influenced odds (teasers), the less the payout can be. It stands to reason that the greater the risk then, the greater the payout. Pretty straightforward.

Bodog Sports Bet Customization

Bodog also allows for bets to be placed on individual portions of a given game, match or fixture. You can bet on either the first or the second half instead of the whole game in the NFL, NBA, or the soccer leagues offered, such as the Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Series A, and the like. You can place bets on each individual quarter in the NFL, but if you want quarter action in the NBA, it is only offered during the NBA Finals. Bodog even allows partial bets on MLB games in the form of 5th Inning wagers where the bet is paid out based on the score at the end of the fifth inning provided the listed starting pitcher actually starts the game.

When considering ways to hedge your bets, Bodog also allows individual gamblers to buy points within their chosen wagers. This is another option, similar to the teaser bet when picking a parlay, which allows the gambler to warp the odds in his or her favor, allowing for a better shot at a payout at the risk of a larger outlay. It would be wonderful if we could turn a 7 point favored Patriots team into a 3 point Patriots favorite. Alas, this is not the case. Bodog caps this by only allowing you to bump the line a half point and only when your final odds are a whole number (i.e., you can go from 7 1/2 to 8, but not from 8 to 8 1/2 on said Patriots game).

Bodog Sports Live Betting

While traditional sports-betting involved studying the lineups and placing your action in advance of the game actually starting, you're no longer hampered by this restriction. With the Live Betting platform, Bodog lets you make wagers even while matches are underway. This functionality isn't extended to all betting markets, but it is present for most of the popular selections. To browse over to this part of the sportsbook, click on “Live” at the top of the screen next to the listings of all the different sports offered..

Live Betting Window at Bodog Place Your Bets Live As the Action is Underway

Once you're in the Live Betting section, you'll see a list of live games along with upcoming contests to the left of your browser. In the middle of the display, you'll find all the bets listed for the match you've chosen. The lines are updated in real time as the fortunes of the competitors shift. You'll have to act quickly to make your choices before the odds change again; otherwise, the bets you intend to make will become invalid by the time you try to place them.

Bodog Sports Summary

Bodog's Sportsbook is full of options, allowing most every professional sporting event to carry action and typically in a multitude of forms. They seem to excel in the soccer leagues, covering nearly every team playing in professional soccer, offering most exotic bets, and even offering daily Bodog pick 3 team parlays on many occasions. For an online sports gambler, Bodog makes it pretty easy to cover whatever action you prefer.



Bodog has partnered with some of the leading online casino game vendors, like Realtime Gaming and Rival Gaming, to bring exciting titles to its players. In all, there are more than 250 games, and you can load them up on your traditional computer or your smart device. You can try them out for free by going to the casino webpage while logged out and then log in to play for real when you're ready.

The exact casino gambling lineups vary a bit among and For instance,'s Latin America-focused casino contains Microgaming's hit titles “Thunderstruck” and “Immortal Romance.” meanwhile lacked quite a few games that were present on the other site until February 2020 when it began rolling out titles from Microgaming, Habanero, Booming, PG Soft, and Realistic.

It's very probable that management has tailored the specific titles offered to the preferences of its users in each area. The willingness or unwillingness of software providers to make their products available in certain countries likely also played a role in determining the selection of games at each Bodog-branded website.

Bodog Casino Bonuses

There are quite a few casino bonuses for newcomers to the Bodog gaming emporium. We have descriptions of them all below, separated by site. (Canada)

The standard Casino welcome offer lets you grab a 100% up to $600 deposit bonus. If you deposit via Bitcoin, you can instead take advantage of a 150% up to $900 deal. Please note, you must sign up via our sign up procedure to avail yourself of these bonuses. Both of these specials require a wagering requirement of 25 times the amount of your deposit and bonus added together. Most games contribute to the playthrough total demanded, but some count for a greater fraction of the amount wagered than others do as shown in this chart:

Bodog Casino Wagering Contribution Percentages (Latin America)

The welcome special is three-part match deal worth up to $1,300. First comes a 100% up to $500 match (or currency equivalent) on your first deposit. Then, you get 100% up to $400 bonuses on your next two deposits. The playthrough you must meet before the bonus funds convert into cash is 30x on both the bonus funds themselves and the qualifying deposit.

Live Dealer, Mini Games, and Progressive Games don't count toward unlocking the casino bonus. Moreover, Blackjack and Roulette only contribute 10% of the amount bet to the rollover total

Bodog Casino Games

There are so many games in the Bodog casino that they are divided into categories to make finding the choices you seek easier. As a casino player, you can enjoy titles that include:

Bodog Casino Slots


This is the most well-rounded section of the casino with considerably more than 100 slots present. They vary in the number of lines, the size of the playing field, overall theme, and many other aspects. There's almost certainly something you'll like within the inventory of slot machines at Bodog.

Bodog Casino Video Poker

Video Poker

Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild are a few of the familiar names you'll encounter in the Video Poker division of the Bodog Casino. Many of the varieties can be played for up to 52 hands at the same time, so you have as many as 52 opportunities to make a winning combination.

Bodog Casino Blackjack


Perhaps the most well-known casino game in the world, blackjack deserves a spot in any internet casino, and Bodog is no exception. There are several forms of blackjack, including European Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, and a few that have optional side bets, like Perfect Pairs.

Bodog Casino Table Games

Table Games

Such favorites as Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat from land-based casinos are also available on the Bodog Casino online platform. You won't have to deal with $10 or $25 minimum bets because you can put down as little as $1 per round in most of these games.

Bodog Casino Specialty Games

Specialty Games

This is a catchall class that contains amusements that don't fit in anywhere else, like scratch cards, keno, and bingo. If you're looking for something a bit unusual and distinct, then here's where you ought to look.

Bodog Casino Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer

Within the Live Dealer area of the Bodog Casino, you can enjoy games operated by a real-life dealer. Blackjack, Early Payout Blackjack, American and European Roulette, Baccarat, and Super 6 are all available for you to play.

We've actually taken a very close look at a few of the more popular games within the Bodog Casino. Click below to see our reviews of some Bodog's prominent titles:

Game Features at Bodog Casino

Bodog doesn't just expect you to know how every game works. For each gaming option, you can view a lengthy text about how the game functions to the left of the window while the game itself occupies the remainder of the width. Here, you'll see a description of the game, how the payouts are determined, any variables that come into play, and more.

Even from within the games themselves, you can usually press an icon labeled “Rules,” “Pay Table,” or something similar to view material related to the gameplay possibilities and the winning combinations you must try to achieve.

Paytable for a Slot Game at Bodog Casino Paytable for the Slot “Diamond Dragon”

Bodog Casino Leaderboards

The newest innovation to appear at is casino leaderboards. These are short contests for specific games with scheduled beginning and end times.

These leaderboards see players accrue points with each hand or spin, and more points are given for bigger wins. At the end of the competition, the top few (usually three) performers walk away with a bonus. All gameplay in Bodog casino leaderboards uses real money, so you'll bank your wins and losses like normal in addition to the prizes granted.

The bonuses you can win in these leaderboards tend to be on the smaller side, no more than $20, but they carry an easy rollover requirement of only 5x.

We've done the research to figure out how valuable these leaderboards can be, and we found them to represent a great way of scoring some free money. Watch our video of Ignition Casino leaderboards to learn more. (Ignition is one of the partners of Bodog, and their leaderboard setups are fairly similar).

As of March 2021, leaderboards are featured at the Canadian casino, but they cannot be found on the Latin American site. We've been assured by our contacts within these organizations, however, that it's only a matter of time before this element is added for South and Central American customers.

Bodog Casino Summary

Bodog's diverse casino gambling lineup means that you don't have to restrict yourself to just one or two styles of betting but can instead relish a wide array of casino fun. The first deposit bonus will increase your chances of walking away a winner. Better Than Bodog for Some?

If you enjoy a broad menu of gaming delights, then Bodog is likely the appropriate place to play. If, however, you are mainly interested in casino games and are located in Canada, then may prove a superior site for you personally. You see, has elected to focus on casino gambling while eschewing a sportsbook and peer-to-peer poker. It has all the casino titles that are present at Bodog, but boasts several distinct advantages.

Rather than rewarding you a single time with just $900, the welcome package is spread out over the course of your first nine deposits. The total amount of bonus money up for grabs is $7,500: an order of magnitude greater than the free cash you can obtain at for casino play.

In the future, you can also look forward to 150% up to $500 BTC reload bonuses every day at Actually, you can use each redeposit bonus twice per day to get as much as $1,000 in bonus money daily.

Consult the informative review article to discover more about this reputable online casino site.


The Bodog Racebook offers a variety of options to the casual and semi-professional gambler who is looking for some reliable action on his or her handicapping. Operating without much difference between Bodog Online and a brick and mortar track, there isn't much action that Bodog won't book. From pari-mutuel pool wagers on nearly every race to fixed-odds action on the large stakes and derby races to futures, props, and boxed and wheel action, Bodog offers a buffet of racebook choices. As far as the bonuses go, horses has the same bonuses available as sports, and all the terms and conditions are identical.

Bodog Racing Options

Bodog allows you to begin wagering on thoroughbreds, quarterhorses, and harness racing, your choice. Harness racing is quite overshadowed but available regularly, comprising no more than 20% of the overall race coverage. Of course, most of your daily tracks and races will be available in the form of pari-mutuel pool bets where the total payout is divided amongst those who have winning tickets. Obviously, this means the key to a successful day of wagering is not so much picking a winning horse but picking one whom few others choose. The smaller the pool of winners, the larger the payout is. Although the morning line is shown to the right of the horse numbers, these are not the odds that Bodog pays out by any means, and they are simply provided for informational purposes.

Bodog Racebook Screenshot The Bodog Racebook

Fixed-odds wagering markets and futures are offered by Bodog on Saturday mornings. Bodog only offers fixed odds on major stakes races, maybe half a dozen races per year. You can typically expect to see fixed odds on The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, The Belmont Stakes, The Breeder's Cup, and The Dubai World Cup. There you will see a maximum payout of $50,000 USD with straight stakes maximums of $1,000 and $500 on exotic wagers.

Bodog Racing Tracks

Each tier of tracks has lower maxes with Category A tracks allowing a $30,000 maximum payout, with $500 straight and $300 exotic limits. This tier includes Aqueduct, Del Mar, Oaklawn Park, Arlington Park, Gulfstream, Santa Anita, Belmont, Keeneland, Saratoga, Churchill Downs, and Meadowlands Thoroughbred. These tracks and subsequent levels represent the daily tracks where you can expect to find pari-mutuel betting only.

Category B allows a $15,000 USD maximum payout with straights and exotics accepting maximums of $500 and $200 respectively. Tracks in this tier are Calder, Monmouth, Turf Paradise, Fair Grounds, Mountaineer Park, Turfway, Golden Gate Fields, Pimlico, Hawthorne, and Santa Rosa.

The last two categories are the most numerous with the lion's share belonging to Category D and others encompassed in Category C. The 12 tracks in C permit the bettor to risk $300 on straight wagers and $150 on exotics with the highest possible payout of $10,000. Category D contains dozens of venues with $200 allowed on straight bets and $100 on exotics. The max winning payday for Category D is $5,000.

British tracks are covered as well as Ireland. They're all included in categories C and D. A handful of racing tracks from South Africa are also listed, and all of them are Category D facilities.

Bodog Racebook Summary

All in all, Bodog services bettors with racebook options on more than 180 different tracks. There are tracks that you may want action on that Bodog does not offer, but those are few and far between. You will be hard-pressed to find a gambler who cannot make the picks he wants due to a lack of track selection. All bets offered by the individual tracks are mirrored by Bodog as well. Essentially, if you cannot make the bet at Bodog, you cannot make the bet at all as the track isn't offering it.

Bodog Rewards/VIP Club

The Bodog Rewards/VIP program is intended to reward the firm's frequent customers. It used to have one disadvantage, which was that playing poker didn't advance your position in Bodog Rewards, and neither did it grant any of the benefits of the system. However, circumstances changed in February 2019 when Bodog added poker to this program. The details of this loyalty system are distinct at and

Bodog Rewards (

Under the terms of the Bodog Rewards plan, Canadian customers get a specified number of reward points for every dollar risked in compatible products. Video poker and table games only give you 1 single point per dollar, but slot machines are worth 5 and specialty casino games give you 15. Sports bets are worth between 3 and 25 points for every dollar wagered with the higher figure reserved for round robins and parlays. Racebook straight wagers grant 40 points per dollar while exotics are valued at 60/$1.

For your poker play, you'll receive 15 points per dollar paid in rake and tournament fees. In Jackpot Sit & Go, the rate of point accrual is 1.5 points per dollar paid in buyins.

These points determine your rank in Bodog Rewards, and once you reach a tier, you can never drop back down in status.

The benefits of Bodog Rewards are daily cash back on your losses and the ability to redeem your points for bonus cash and poker tournament tickets. The bonuses have rollover requirements of 2x in sports and horses and 10x in the casino. The number of Tier Points required to achieve each level are:

  • Bronze: 0 points
  • Silver 1: 2,500 points
  • Silver 2: 5,000 points
  • Silver 3: 10,000 points
  • Gold 1: 25,000 points
  • Gold 2: 40,000 points
  • Gold 3: 60,000 points
  • Platinum 1: 150,000 points
  • Platinum 2: 250,000 points
  • Platinum 3: 500,000 points
  • Diamond 1: 1,000,000 points
  • Diamond  2: 1,500,000 points
  • Diamond  3: 2,500,000 points
  • Black: 5,000,000 points

The advantages associated with each tier are:

Levels in the Bodog Rewards Scheme

94 Club

While the extras delivered by Bodog Rewards can be quite remunerative, the organization feels that they're not enough for its most serious customers. Enter the 94 Club – an exclusive VIP section that can be accessed by invitation only. If you're lucky enough to be inducted into this hallowed realm, then you can look forward to waived deposit and withdrawal fees, personalized customer service, extra promotions, a higher rate of point accrual, and even tickets to major events like the Superbowl.

Bodog VIP Club (

Customers from South and Central America will progress in the Bodog VIP Club with all of their sports, casino, and poker gaming. For each bet made or game played, they'll collect points according to the schedule below:

Game TypeAmount Bet/RakedTier + Reward Points Earned
Slots, Keno, Fishing$111
Casino Card Table Games, Sic Bo, Roulette$161
Other Casino Table Games$221
Live Dealer$411
Sports Betting$113
Poker Tourney Fees$115
Poker Rake$115
Jackpot SNG$1 Buyin1.5

The amount of points earned will determine your position in the program. Each tier can convert Reward Points at a rate that gets better the further one advances up the levels. These bonuses can be cleared in the Casino with a 30x rollover or in the sportsbook with a 5x playthrough. They cannot be used in the Live Dealer Casino.

The levels that you can work your way toward along with their point exchange ratios are:

Levels in the Bodog VIP Club

There are other benefits in store for those who climb the ranks. For example, Prime level bettors get invitations to exclusive VIP events while Private members have their own dedicated priority support channels.

It's possible to drop down to a lower status in the Bodog VIP Club. At the beginning of each month, everyone loses 16% of their accumulated Tier Points. This may suffice to result in a reduction in rank, so keep playing regularly to retain your position.

Bodog Customer Service

Bodog maintains extensive FAQs on its websites for each type of betting offered, but sometimes, this just isn't enough. You can get in touch with customer service agents 24/7 through Live Chat or by emailing support. Canadians can also request assistance by calling toll-free 1-877-263-6422. Customers of should inquire about the number to dial to communicate by telephone.

The team members at Bodog provide service in languages appropriate for the demographics of their users. This means English for with Spanish and Portuguese available at

User Comments About Bodog

We've thoroughly evaluated the Bodog betting and poker platform, and we've found it to be superb. However, we're aware that others have their own opinions about the firm, and so we've decided to present you with a selection of comments about Bodog from around the internet below:

Reddit Users Shares Experience at Bodog's Sister Site, Ignition PokerNote: The above comment actually pertains to partner site Ignition, but the security division is network-wide, so it's accurate as far as Bodog is concerned too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Bodog does everything with a single set of account credentials. Whenever you open up one of the gambling interfaces, your entire balance will automatically appear and be ready for you to use. and Bovada both use the same poker platform supplied by the PaiWangLuo Network, and they also incorporate virtually identical sportsbook and casino sections. The main difference, besides their distinct bonus offers, is that Bovada allows players from the United States to sign up whereas's focus is on Canada, and Bodog doesn't operate in the American market. The other major partners on the PaiWangLuo Network are Ignition Casino, which caters to Americans and Australians and doesn't have a sportsbook and, which serves Latin America.

PokerStars is the largest destination for online poker in the world, and Bodog doesn't even come close to it in size. This really only affects heavy multi-tablers and those who play nosebleed stakes. At any level of about $200NL and below, you'll be able to meet the Bodog cash game quota of four games open at once. Bodog is just a bit smaller than 888poker and PartyPoker, but its games tend to be far juicier than any of the aforementioned internet poker rooms.

Bodog fully realizes that not all of its bonuses appeal to everyone. There are a few simple steps you can take to forfeit any of your bonuses. While logged into the Bodog website, go to the My Rewards Page. Locate the bonus you wish to forfeit, and click on it. Then press the Forfeit Bonus button. If you're having trouble canceling a bonus that you don't want, you can always contact support to have them remove it manually.

Be aware that not only will the bonus funds be removed from your account, but so will all winnings associated with them. To avoid any issues, we advise you to forfeit the bonuses you don't want before beginning to play with them.

Unlike the casino, sportsbook, and racebook, the poker room at Bodog is best accessed through a download client. There are installers for both Windows and Mac, and each of these types of computers has its own recommended system requirements:


  • Windows 7+
  • Intel Core Duo processor or later
  • 1 GB of RAM or more
  • Minimum 1024 x 768 display resolution
  • 32-bit color
  • 200 MB+ HDD space
  • Flash v 16 or more recent


  • Mac OS X 10.7 (64-bit) and up
  • Intel Core Duo processor or later
  • 1 GB of RAM or more
  • 250 MB+ HDD space
  • Flash v 16 or more recent

There are established formulas in place for how Bodog deals with the prize money of any tourney that does not run to completion. Learn more about these policies with the PWL Network tournament cancellation guidelines.