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PaiWangLuo Network Launches Jackpot Sit & Go

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Ignition, Bodog, and Bovada on the PaiWangLuo poker network have deployed a new game format: Jackpot Sit & Go. These contests are listed in a separate tab in the poker software. They're reminiscent of other lottery-style poker games on the market, like Jackpot Poker at the Winning Poker Network. As is normal in this type of variant, players compete for a prize pool that's equal to the amount of the buyin times a randomly generated multiplier.

Bovada Jackpot SNG TableJackpot Sit & Go Game at Bovada: $60 Buyin and 240 Multiplier

Jackpot Sit & Go Details

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These contests seat three players and are available at four separate price points: $2, $7, $20, and $60. They're contained in the lobby tab labeled “Jackpot Sit & Go.” The maximum prize pool in each sit-n-go is 1,200 times the buyin.

Participants can elect to register for up to four tables of a given price at the same time. Each game will pop up in its own window when enough people have registered.

Players begin with 500 chips apiece, and the initial blinds are 10/20, so starting stacks are equal to 25 big blinds. Blind levels are 3 minutes long.

Ignition's Jackpot Sit & Go Lobby

When the game starts, the multiplier number is chosen through random means. There are six possible values ranging from 2 to 1,200. The buyin of the SNG is multiplied by the multiplier figure to determine the total prize pool.

If one of the lowest three multipliers appears, then the Jackpot game will be winner-takes-all. If, on the other hand, one of the top three multipliers is hit, then all three contestants will win a prize. The breakdown of multiplier values and prize distributions is as follows:

MultiplierFrequency1st Prize2nd and 3rd Prizes

The rake in Jackpot Sit & Go depends on which multiplier is selected. For the most common 2x multiplier, the rake is 33% because only two-thirds of the total buyins is awarded to the winner. For all other multipliers, the rake is effectively negative because more money is distributed than collected. Over the entire range of possibilities, the average rake works out to be 7%.

The largest possible prize comes in the $60 game for those who are lucky enough to see a 1,200 multiplier. Top prize is 1,000 times the buyin, which is $60,000, while the other two competitors receive $6,000 each.

UPDATE (Feb. 2, 2018): Jackpot Sit & Go has now been added to the mobile client. All four buyin levels are present. This mobile poker software is compatible with iOS, Android, and many other phones and tablets released within the past few years.

Reasons for Adding Jackpot Sit & Go


With the addition of Jackpot Sit & Go, the PWL Network is addressing a gap in its product offerings. Rival poker operator Winning Poker Network has had Jackpot SNGs for several years, making it the only U.S.-facing poker destination to feature these lottery-style games. Ignition, Bovada, and Bodog have ended WPN's monopoly on this kind of game.

While PaiWangLuo is the most popular place for internet poker among Americans, the Winning Network has been catching up to it. Read our article on the growth of the Winning Poker Network for more details. Now that Ignition and its network partners have deployed similar SNGs, they've blunted one of the WPN's biggest competitive advantages. It's moves like this that have enabled Ignition to become the #1 poker site for U.S. individuals.

Comparison to WPN's Jackpot Poker

Apples and Oranges Comparison

Jackpot Sit & Go has plenty in common with the competing Jackpot Poker at the Winning Poker Network. Both of them have 500 chip starting stacks, initial blinds of 10/20, and three-minute levels.

Jackpot Poker has a lower maximum buyin of $40 compared to the top $60 tier at Ignition, but on the other hand, WPN spreads a couple of Jackpot games in PLO while all Jackpot Sit & Gos are NLHE-only at Ignition. However, Jackpot Sit & Go supports a contest at a $7 price point that might entice players for whom $2 is too low but who don't wish to pay the $10 demanded by WPN's Jackpot Poker's second-lowest buyin.

As far as the prizes go, Jackpot Poker at the WPN has a top multiplier of 2,500, much greater than the 1,200 of Jackpot Sit & Go. On the other hand, the PaiWangLuo's lottery SNGs select the lowest 2x multiplier with less frequency than Jackpot Poker does.

Rake-wise, WPN has the edge with 6% as opposed to PWL's 7%. Game quality at the Winning Network tends to be worse than at PaiWangLuo, however, and this should more than make up for the higher rake.

Play Jackpot Sit & Go Today!

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