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Winning Poker Network - An Overview

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Winning Poker Network Overview

The Winning Poker Network is owned and operated out of the country of Costa Rica in the city of San Jose, the Costa Rican capital city. This offshore group, no surprise given its name, caters to winning card players around the world, but especially those in the United States of America. The online poker rooms Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker & YaPoker are all highly reputable sites that Professional Rakeback is willing to put our name behind and endorse. We have this faith in these sites for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that all of the aforementioned sites are owned and operated directly by the Winning Poker Network.

Branding Differences

Why do they have multiple skins you ask? Well, the answer is that they were acquired at different times, in different manners, and are marketed to different groups of players in general. For example, Americas Cardroom is the network flagship and is the one that you will see advertised on American television, such as ESPN. Black Chip Poker is marketed pretty heavily towards forums and online poker rakeback pros, as it was involved heavily with rakeback deals on the Merge Gaming Network before moving and being purchased by WPN. True Poker was a standalone poker site created in the early 2000s that is marketed more towards recreational players. Ya Poker is marketed towards Spanish and Latin American markets in Central and South America and worldwide.

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Winning Poker Network Rakeback vs Elite Benefits VIP


Every new client at a Winning Poker Network skin has the opportunity to grab a 100% up to $1,000 first deposit bonus that clears at a rate equal to 20% rakeback and is released $1 at a time. In addition, you'll get to choose between a flat 27% rakeback plan or the Elite Benefits VIP rewards scheme, which is intended to cater to high-volume players. At Americas Cardroom but not on the other network sites, newly depositing players also get $50 free to use on the Jackpot Poker SNG games.

Cash game players can look forward to The Beast leaderboard while sit-and-go fans can participate in the Sit & Crush competition. Both of these promos pay out cash prizes and satellite entries to the top placers each week. The best part is that these prizes are funded by a portion of the regular rake taken in ring games and fees paid in SNGs – there's no extra house charge involved. Occasional reload bonuses exist to pad your bankroll too.


The WPN is where the high rollers go to play online – at least if they're Americans. This is because both NLHE and PLO are spread up to $25/$50, and it's not unusual for a few tables to be active at these stakes. Of course, the microstakes games, down to $0.01/$0.02, will probably be of more interest to most customers. This is one of the few US-friendly poker destinations where you'll find Limit Omaha8 and Seven Card Stud tables actually populated.

Besides the regular sit-and-goes that you'll encounter at any poker site, Winning provides a couple of variants that you won't find at any other room in the US market. Jackpot Poker is a lottery-style contest where three people play for a random multiple of their buyin, which can be as high as 2,500 times the amount paid to enter. SNG 2.0 keeps an old-school nine-seat format, but it introduces random elements pregame to grow the prize pool and possibly trigger jackpot payouts.

Many serious tourney players have begun to appreciate the Sunday Special $150,000 Guaranteed, the most lucrative such guarantee regularly available to American poker enthusiasts. The Sunday Special PLO, with at least $35,000 up for grabs each week, holds the same distinction on the Pot Limit Omaha side. Once every few months, there's a Million Dollar Sunday, a $500 + $40 event that rewards the lucky winners with $1,000,000+ in total prizes. WPN sometimes strings dozens of tournaments together in series, like the Online Super Series. Besides these big-name events, there's also a compelling schedule of daily and weekly MTTs for every budget and poker preference.

History of the Winning Poker Network

The progenitor of the Winning Poker Network was True Poker, which operated a standalone 3-D poker site since 2001. This was certainly a unique poker platform when it first appeared, but it wasn't really updated very often, and it soon fell by the wayside as newer and slicker software packages started to go live on competing sites. Nevertheless, True Poker was a modest success in the US poker scene, and it was able to host games for several partner organizations on its Yatahay Poker Network.

BetCRIS, one of the operators on Yatahay and a well-known bookmaker, decided to take over the network in 2011. The company then opted to deploy a better poker client solution, developed by IGSoft. At around the same time, the network bailed out players from failed poker site Doyle's Room, on the Cake Network, and transferred them over to the new Americas Cardroom. ACR had once served the US market before being retired in the wake of the UIGEA, and it now returned in a newer, more attractive form. While True Poker used to be the leader of the network, this position has now been taken over by Americas Cardroom, but True remains a respected network skin.

With a smoother poker client and the renewed vigor provided by the new management group, the network started to grow. Far from being a small, niche entity, like it used to be, it has now become the second-largest network serving the United States.

WPN Today

The Winning Poker Network is one of the top options available for US online poker players and continues their upward trend. Offering players a bevy of tournaments, cash game options, sit-n-go's, and great promotions such as Sit & Crush and The Beast, WPN has carved out a coveted space among the desired places to play for players of all types of skill levels. Highly rated in our own Monthly Cashout Reports and offering dependable, safe deposit options at recommended online poker sites America's Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker, and Ya Poker (all offer the same promotions and options - the only serious difference is software color schemes), you can be sure that the Winning Poker Network is here to stay.

We give great detail on how you can take advantage of WPN's offerings to US and Rest-Of World players alike. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at your leisure.

Winning Poker Network FAQ

When you have problems with your online poker room, you want answers fast because time = money! Professional Rakeback understands this and wants you back in action as soon as possible.  With that in mind, we have created and are constantly updating and adding onto this list of frequently asked questions, or Winning Poker Network FAQ if you will. If you note any errors, omissions, typos, or are unable to solve your problem after reading this FAQ, please contact us for further assistance! Enjoy!

What WPN promos exist? - There are two main ongoing promotions at the Winning Poker Network and all of the aforementioned skins participate in them. Those promotions are "Sit and Crush" and "The Beast," which are effectively very large weekly rake races.

How big are these weekly WPN rake races?  - Sit and Crush, or SnC, often has more than fifteen thousand dollars in the  weekly prize pool.  The Beast often reaches the eighty to ninety thousand dollar market each week, and it sometimes tops $100K. The top winners get $2,500 in cash apiece. There are additionally satellite tourney entries up for grabs in both The Beast and Sit & Crush

Do SNG players and cash game players compete against each other? - No, each race is separate. All SNG play is counted towards SnC, and likewise all cash game play is counted towards The Beast.  Players can compete separately and concurrently in both promotions and receive prizes from both.

Is it possible to transfer player notes from my previous skin to my new skin on WPN? - Yes it is!  See this exclusive article, Winning Poker Network notes transfers, by professional rakeback staff!

The server crashed while I was playing! What can I expect to happen? What do I do now? - First of all, take a moment and don't panic! We have all the info you need in the event this rare and untimely event occurs. First, there are two policies in place for tournament players - one if a crash happens before you're "in the money", and one while you are in the money. Tournaments are resumed if the server recovers within 30 minutes - but if this does not happen, a tournament is then cancelled. Players still in a tournament, but not in the money, receive their buy-in and fee back, plus an equal share of the remaining prize pool. Players in the money receive an equal share of 50% of the total prize pool, while the remaining 50% is divided based on chip stack at the time of the cancellation. You can view the full details of this disconnect policy by clicking here.

What happens when a tournament is cancelled on WPN? - Professional Rakeback has a copy of these rules ready for you right here: Winning Poker Network tournament Cancellation Policies.

What countries are not allowed to create an account at Winning Poker Network? - France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Mayotte, Réunion and Martinique.