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The Beast - Winning Poker Network

What is all this hype about "The Beast" promotion on the Winning Poker Network?  Can someone explain this promotion to me?  Yes we can...


The Beast & Brands of the Winning Poker Network


The Beast - Internet Poker's Largest Rake Race

In 2013, the management of The Winning Poker Network had a bright idea.  "Let's scrap the Bad Beat Jackpot tables that we have, and convert that fee into a rake race to reward our high volume players."  It was then that The Beast was born!  Since it's inception, The Beast has paid out over $9,800,000 dollars in cash and tournament entries to regular poker players on the network, making it the largest rake race in the history of online poker!

How Does It Work?

The Beast is a progressive points race, although the points are closely correlated to rake paid, so we like to refer to it as a progressive rake race.  A player has to earn "Beast Points" in order to move up the leader board.  To reap the rewards of The Beast, all a player has to do is participate in any of the real money cash games* offered at any of the WPN brands such as Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, Ya Poker, True Poker and PokerHost.  The normal industry standard $3 maximum rake is taken from each pot, but a small portion of $0.25 from each max raked hand is put into The Beast prize pool in order to grow the progressive prizes and payouts. Thus there is no extra fee charged for this race and The Beast is a completely free promotion for players! 
*heads up tables do not earn beast points in order to prevent race collusion

Each week (races begin Saturday 12:00am EST and end Friday 11:59pm EST) players are paid out according to how much money has been collected in the prize pool.  The higher one places in the race, the more money is earned.  Two types of prizes are awarded each week - tournament satellite tickets to whatever upcoming large tournament is being offered on WPN and cash prizes. The weekly top tier cash prizes in this weekly rake race are $2,500.  That's right, a hard core grinder placing in the top tier 52 weeks a year could earn $130,000 dollars on top of his Elite Benefits VIP rewards!  Our sponsored* professional online poker grinder, The Green Smoothie, is one of those outstanding players. 
*Do you think you have what it takes to be a pro Twitch streamer? Contact us!

Current Beast Leaderboard

Below you will find the current Beast Leader Board that updates more or less in real time.  You can check to see where your favorite players are in the standings, where you are in the standings, and see how big the prizes can grow.  And remember, these prizes grow as the week progresses, so by the end of the day on Friday when the race resets, there are often 200 players claiming cash and tournament prizes!  And yea, The Green Smoothie is always at the top of this leaderboard!  Do you think you can beat him to 1st place?  He accepts prop bets for heads up race challenges... (and we want in on that action too!)


This Sounds Amazing, How Do I Sign Up and Compete in The Beast?

We're glad you asked!  Signing up is simple.  All you need to do is follow the instructions below to sign up for your Elite Benefits VIP account (which pays up to 70% in VIP rewards for ELITE grinders in addition Beast payouts!)  Yes, one can earn over 100% rewards being one of the top grinders on the Winning Poker Network!

High Volume Players Sign Up Below

Step 1:  Clear your cookies - this is mandatory for proper tracking! Click the links below for instructions.

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Step 2:  If you've previously installed the software, you must uninstall it now before continuing.

Step 3:  Select any of the following Winning Poker Network skins by clicking the appropriate link below.

Step 4:  Download,install and open the poker client.

Step 5:  Create an account and log in / username.  When doing so, leave the bonus area blank as using Professional Rakeback's links insures that you receive the largest deposit bonus available automatically!

Step 6:  Create your tablename (this is displayed on the tables).

Step 7:  Skype or Email your login name and registered email address to Professional Rakeback for new account VIP confirmation.

Step 8:  We recommend that you pre-verify your account by contacting live chat as doing so will insure that when it comes time to withdraw your winnings, there will be no delays.  Verification may also result in higher deposit limits.

If you have any further questions, please try the FAQ - you can also contact us here.



Lower Volume Players, visit this web page to sign up for flat 27% rakeback.  Not sure which category you fit into?  Read this article comparing the rakeback and VIP programs for more information.  If you are interested in all of our rakeback offers, click here.