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WPN Brings Back VENOM $6M Gtd: Nov. 27 - Dec. 11

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It has been only a few months since the Winning Poker Network set a world record with the $5 million Venom tournament, but the event is going to return in the coming weeks, and this time it’s bringing an even bigger guarantee. The $6 Million Venom Tournament is scheduled to kick off on Wednesday Nov. 27 and run for two weeks until Dec. 11. There’s little doubt that the WPN will be looking to replicate the success of the inaugural Venom tournament, which occurred between July 14 – 24 this year and smashed the $5 million guarantee, attracting over 2,500 players in the process.

$6M Venom Tournament

$1 Million Guaranteed for First Place Finish

Money Bag

The multi-day Venom event has guaranteed at least a $1 million prize to the player who finishes in first place, which falls in line with the inaugural occurrence of this event. There’s also the potential for the first-place player to receive his or her winnings via Bitcoin as was the case in July. The Brazilian victor chose to take WPN up on this offer, having his $1,050,559.50 prize sent through Bitcoin shortly after the closing of the final hand.

With the transfer of that $1+ million prize, the poker site set a Guinness World Record for the biggest cryptocurrency winning jackpot from an online poker tournament according to a WPN spokesperson. That prize was also the largest to have ever been awarded by the WPN, so there are hopes that the second coming of the tournament will go above and beyond that amount to smash another record.

To be in with a chance of claiming that first place position, you have the option of buying in to the November tournament for the exact same price of $2,650. Alternatively, you can gain access to the tournament via satellite qualifiers, and there is an absolute abundance of these satellite tournaments and other ways to gain entry without having to spend a lot of money.

Cyclones Allow Players to “Storm” Their Way into Venom

Man Ascending Steps

A myriad of satellites and other methods are available for you to utilize as a potential way of gaining access to the Venom tournament. These work perfectly for players who don’t have the initial $2,650 buy-in price in hand.

Something of particular note as far as satellites are concerned this time are the Cyclone qualifiers. These start on Nov. 14 and are accessible through both desktop and mobile devices. Cyclones work as Blitz Poker satellites, which means that they’re fast-paced games, transporting you to an alternative new table whenever you fold your hand. At the same time, these work as Step Tournaments, which have the possibility of awarding you with a seat in the Venom tournament.

Seven steps exist in the Cyclones, and you’re able to buy in to any of them, depending upon how much you’d like to spend and how many chips you’d like to start with. These range from buy-ins of $0.23 + a $0.02 fee and increase up to the maximum level of $600 + a $30 fee. In all circumstances, you’re looking to reach a total of 5,000 chips in order to access the next level. You’ll automatically move up to the next level once you obtain such a number of chips, and once you make it past Step 7, you’ll be the recipient of a seat in the Venom tournament.

That’s not all either, because if you finish with over 5,000 chips on your last hand, you are awarded with a step ticket to the very next step as well. You’re also automatically re-seated on the step you’re currently playing with the extra chips from the last hand. So, in theory, you have the ability to win an unlimited number of Venom seats with just a single Cyclone satellite entry.

One cool feature of the Cyclones is that you can leave at any time, preserving your stake for when you return. This is ideal for people who don't have enough contiguous free time to partake in traditional satellite tournaments.

Additional Ways to Enter

Satellites like the Cyclone Blitz games are just one of the alternative methods that can be used for gaining entry to the Venom tournament. You can instead endeavor to earn your seat through a more conventional series of Sit & Go Steps. Starting at $0.25 + $0.03 for Step 1, they go all the way up to $600 + $30.01 for the seventh and final Step. Prevail in Step 7, and you'll be the recipient of an entry for the Venom.

MTT Satellites also provide you with the possibility of entering the tournament, and these take place multiple times a day. The buyin for these is less than $109: a considerable savings when you compare it to the standard Venom buy-in. There are plenty of lesser satellite events as well with buyins as small as $4.40. Naturally, gaining entry into a tournament this large via low-cost satellites is a feat in and of itself, but there are ample opportunities for you to take a chance.

Key Details and General Structure

Magnifying Glass

The most important structural detail of the tournament – especially for those who qualify by way of satellites – is that there are four individual kick-off days, the first of which will be comprised primarily of satellite participants. Day 1 is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 27, and the event is set to get underway around 1 PM ET. This is important to note for a number of reasons but principally due to it being during the middle of the day on a weekday. If you have work or familial obligations, it would be best to sort those out ahead of time lest you run the risk of being ousted from the tournament without ever having played a hand.

Flash forward to Sunday, Dec. 1, and that is when the second starting day of action will kick off, keeping the same 1 PM ET start time. Once again, auto qualifiers from satellites will be sat automatically while those who pay the full price of admission may have some leeway with regard to choosing when they begin play. The third starting day, though, will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 11 AM ET, providing a morning slot rather than an afternoon. Finally, day four operates from the 1 PM ET time slot again, this time on Sunday, Dec. 8. On all four starting days, play will last for 12 full hours with breaks occurring intermittently as you would expect.

Proceeding Days

If you make it past the first day, then you’ll find Day 2 springing into action on Monday, Dec. 9 at 1 PM ET. You’ll start this day with the same chips carried over from the number that you finished with on your first day of the event. Day 2 gameplay is also scheduled for a full 12 hours as is Day 3, which will occur the following day, Tuesday, Dec. 10, with proceedings also kicking off at 1 PM ET.

The Final Table is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, Dec 11, and this comes with another time change with the finalists gathering to determine a winner at 5 PM ET.

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Start Planning Today

All things considered, this is bound to be one of the biggest online poker tournaments of the fall/winter in terms of number of users participating and total prize money up for grabs. You only need to look at the outcome of the inaugural Venom tournament to realize that. With so many opportunities to gain entry happening on a daily basis, it makes sense to take a crack at it and see if you can emerge from the season $1 million richer.

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