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WPN Brings Back VENOM $5M Guaranteed: Apr. 29 – May. 22

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It's time for the tenth running of the Venom tournament at the Winning Poker Network, this time with $5 million in guaranteed prizes. The action begins Friday, May 13 and continues through Tuesday, May 24. This version of the Venom introduces Monster Weekends for you to participate in, too, where plenty of seats are up for grabs. You can access this tournament from any participating site on the WPN, including Americas Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, True Poker, and Ya Poker.

The VENOM Tournament

Millions Guaranteed Is a Venom Tradition

Money Bag

The total guarantee of $5 million is ambitious for most online poker tournaments. However, the first installment of the Venom wound up paying out $6,382,500 while the second distributed $6,740,000. And when you consider that the third one provided a total of $9,680,000, the fourth $6,777,500, the fifth $9,435,000, and the sixth $7,160,000, there is every likelihood that the $5,000,000 guarantee is achievable.

To be in with a chance of claiming some of the loot, you have the option of buying in to the tournament for the full sticker price of $2,500 + $150. Alternatively, you can gain access to the tournament via satellite qualifiers, and there is an absolute abundance of these satellite tournaments and other ways to gain entry without having to spend a lot of money.

Key Details and General Structure

Multiple Starting Flights

Magnifying Glass

The most important structural detail of the tournament is that there are four individual Day 1 flights. Day 1A is scheduled for Friday, May 13, and the event is set to get underway at 1:05 PM ET. This is important to note for a number of reasons but principally due to it being at the end of the work week. We foresee a lot of part-time poker players either leaving their day jobs early or calling in sick and making a three-day weekend for themselves.

The next opportunity for joining the Venom comes on Sunday, May 15, and that is when Day 1B will kick off, keeping the same 1:05 PM ET start time. The third starting day will take place on Friday, May 20 at 1:05 PM ET, followed by Day 1D on Sunday, May 22 at 1:05 PM ET.

On all four starting days, play will last for 28 levels. Each of these will be 20 minutes long, and there will be 18 levels of late registration.

It's possible to participate in multiple Day 1s so long as you earn enough entries or are willing to hand over $2,650 for each additional day you wish to play. However, once you qualify for Day 2, you will not be able to enter any more starting days.

Subsequent Days

If you make it past the first day, then you’ll find Day 2 springing into action on Monday, May 23 at 1:05 PM ET. You’ll start this day with the same chips carried over from the number that you finished with on your first day of the event. Day 2 is scheduled for a full 10 hours of gameplay. Then should you survive to Day 3, you will begin play at 1:05 PM ET again on Tuesday, May 24 and continue until there are only eight players remaining.

The Final Table is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 25. In a change from the previous days, the cards will begin to fly at 5:05 PM ET.

Progressive Knockout Format

This time around, the VENOM will feature a Progressive Knockout (PKO) format, the fourth VENOM to be held as a PKO. Of each $2,500 buyin, $1,250 goes into the prize pool as normal while the other $1,250 is committed to the bounty pool.

Each player thus begins the event with a $1,250 bounty on his or her head. Unlike in a regular bounty event, however, this bounty isn't paid in full to the person who knocks that player out. Instead, the lucky individual who succeeds in eliminating a competitor will acquire half of the bounty, and the other half will be added to the bounty on that player's head.

Therefore, as the tourney progresses and more and more contenders are eliminated, the bounty values on the remaining users will increase. This keeps the bounty aspect of the tournament interesting even when the tourney is well into the money. For example, the last victor of a PKO VENOM, “badlucktou,” scored $411,667.99 from the main prize pool, which was supplemented by an amazing $304,408.95 in bounties.

Satellites Available

Man Ascending Steps

A myriad of satellites and other methods are available for you to utilize as a potential way of gaining access to the Venom tournament. These work perfectly for players who don’t have the initial $2,650 buy-in price in hand.

Venom Fever

Something of particular note are the Venom Fever satellites. They operate as the fastest and easiest way of qualifying for the $5 million event. Standard MEGAs run almost daily from April 29 through to May 22. It starts at just $0!

How is it possible for this to be the case? Well, most of these MEGA satellites have a three-step approach for you to take. You start out by playing a freeroll satellite, which guarantees 10 seats to a Satellite. Win one of the 10 seats in the Satellite and that will transport you onward to the Mega Satellite. Through this, you can garner a $2,650 Venom ticket.

If you would rather buy in to a MEGA directly rather than battling your way through sub-satellites, this is of course possible. Buy-ins for the MEGA qualifiers start at $30 + $2 and range upward to $280 + $10.

There are 770 tickets available through the Venom Fever qualifiers.

For the First Time Ever - Venom Fever Monster Weekends Included

This time around, the Venom will be the first to incorporate Monster Weekends, featuring MEGA satellites running from Thursday through to Sunday. The first of these will be taking place on Thursday, May. 12 and running through to Sunday, May. 15. That will then be followed up with the second Monster Weekend from Thursday, May. 19 to Sunday, May 22.

During these Monster Weekends, you will find a huge number of events taking place that you can get involved in. They include Monster Turbo tournaments with 5 minute blind levels as well as Monster Mega options with 12-minute rounds.

Venom on Demand Steps and Skips

Anyone can get into the Venom by accessing the on-demand Step and Skip tournaments. Therefore, it doesn't really matter if you have a massive wallet that is flush with cash. Even someone with just a few cents in their possession can gain entry this way.

For as little as $0.10 + $0.01 for Steps, you can start ascending the ladder towards the $5 million Venom event. And the best part about this is that you're able to begin at any of the nine levels available. Each of these come with different buy-ins and fees as well as differing player numbers to start off with. Each Step at a given level awards tickets to the next-higher Step.

Step 1 costs a mere $0.10 + $0.01, and the buy-ins increase up to $850 + $30 for Step 9. Prevail in Step 9 (}or even come in second), and you'll be the recipient of an entry for the Venom.

These are On Demand satellites, which are similar to sit 'n' goes in that they begin once a certain number of people have registered, but they also have a late registration period during which additional players can enter.

A set of On Demand Skips exists too. These are like the Steps except that they allow for quicker advancement through the steps. For example, the $11 + $1 Skip 3 tournament is priced the same as the normal Step 5 SNG, but it awards tickets for Step 7 rather than 6.

Venom Blitz Steps

As an alternate steps route, you can try out Blitz satellites. They provide speedy, fast-fold Blitz action whereby you begin with a certain number of chips and must run them up to 5,000 in order to claim your ticket to the next step. Step 1 costs just $0.11 to enter.

In these Blitz satellites, you can join and leave whenever you please, and your chip stack will be preserved for the next time you play. The scheduling of the Blitz Steps is thus totally under your control, and you can play at the hours that are most convenient for you.

Venom Banner

Start Planning Today

All things considered, this is bound to be one of the biggest online poker tournaments of the year in terms of number of users participating and total prize money up for grabs. You only need to look at the outcome of the prior Venom tournaments to realize that. With so many opportunities to gain entry happening on a daily basis, it makes sense to take a crack at it and see if you can emerge from the season hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars richer.

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If you’d rather head elsewhere, then Americas Cardroom has several sister sites that provide the same access to the Venom and the rest of the tournament schedule although some of their welcome promos might be different. Check out our reviews of BlackChip Poker, True Poker, and Ya Poker (non-US) for information about these alternate WPN skins.

Previous Venom Details

2022Jan. 21 – Feb. 2$10 Million
2021Sept. 3 – Sept. 29$5 Million
2021Jul. 23 – Aug. 4$10 Million
2021Apr. 30 – May. 10$5 Million
2021Jan. 22 – Feb. 3$8 Million
2020Oct. 23 – Nov. 4$5 Million
2020July 24 – Aug. 5$7 Million
2019Nov. 27 – Dec. 11$6 Million
2019July 14 - 24$5 Million