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Doyle Brunson Retires From Poker? Say It Ain't So!

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After more than six decades in the game, Doyle Brunson has announced his retirement from poker. But all might not be as it seems. Read about Doyle's playing history, what others think of his retirement, and why Brunson is taking this step.

Idaho Online Poker: Learn About Sites, Laws, History, & Much More | '18

Idaho state map
Idaho state flag

Can I enjoy online poker in Idaho? Yes, you sure can. Is it illegal? No, it isn't. Read on for detailed information on the poker sites available, the laws that apply to this activity, the live gaming scene, and other relevant topics.

Fastest Paying Poker, Casino, Sports Betting and Gambling Sites

Offshore Online Poker and Gambling Site Payout Report

Are you curious how quickly the offshore online poker and gambling sites pay winnings out? Which ones send checks, bitcoin, bank wires, etc? This report is compiled from public information every month and details all of this information and more!

Marketing Slots to Children: Fairy Tale Slots = Criminal? m88 Guilty?

Logo of m88 Casino

The Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom has found fault with the online casino. Apparently, some of the images it was using could appeal to children. Read on to learn more about this case and what we think of it.

MGM Resorts Adds New York's Empire City Casino to Portfolio

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Casino and hospitality industry giant MGM Resorts International has just announced its intention to buy the Empire City Casino in Yonkers, New York. Learn more about this deal and what it might portend for the future.

Phil Hellmuth Charges Loyal Fans Absurd Markup for Tournament Action

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Phil Hellmuth sold pieces of himself in this year's WSOP $10K Superturbo Bounty event. Ho-hum. But wait till you see the markup he charged - an amazing 1.8! Many observers believe this to be a complete rip-off.

Sun Club Casino Hosts Stolen Slots - So Stay Away!

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Sun Club Casino has tons of games for players to enjoy. There's only one issue: These games are pirated versions of genuine titles. Keep reading to learn more about this dishonesty and how it can impact the gameplay experience.

Reno Casino Must Pay $40K+ for Promoting Offshore Gambling

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Boomtown Casino in Reno took the questionable step of affiliating with offshore gambling companies while being itself subject to the laws of the State of Nevada. All was well until the Gaming Control Board started investigating. Read about the penalties levied against Boomtown and why the casino made such a boneheaded decision in the first place.

Rattlesnake Open Bites Global Poker Players Hard in New Scandal

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Players at Global Poker were eagerly anticipating the conclusion of the Rattlesnake Open and its three Main Events on Sunday, May 20. However, unexpected problems soon cropped up. Read on to learn what happened and how poorly Global Poker handled this new scandal.

Is Live Poker Coming to Japan? Hai!

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Japan is getting ready to allow live casino poker games. Keep reading for details on the Integrated Resorts Implementation bill, which is working its way through the Japanese Diet right now and will authorize the construction of up to three casino resorts.