New Hampshire Regulates Sports Betting With HB480 Bill

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The small State of New Hampshire is the latest to get with the program regarding legalized sports betting. Find out more about HB480, how the new NH sports betting industry will be set up, and the expected timeframes involved.

MICRO Tournament Series Underway at Chico Network: $120K Gtd

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The MICRO tournament series at has 100 events with buyins all $22 or less. Find out more about the schedule, the types of poker being spread, and more. Get an extra 5% on your next Bitcoin deposit too!

SB690 Passes in Illinois: LEGAL Sports Betting on the Way!

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Illinois is just a governor's signature away from legalized sports betting. Read on to find out about SB690, the rules under which the new industry will operate, what's in store for daily fantasy sports, and the other provisions of the bill.

Australia’s PM Scott Morrison a Threat to Online Gambling?

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Scott Morrison won the May 2019 Australian federal elections, extending his time as prime minister. But what does this mean for online poker and gambling in the country? We take a look at his previous actions and statements to try to forecast whether his election is good or bad news for Aussie poker fans.

Pot Limit Omaha Poker From Square One Part II: Starting Hands

PLO strategy, part II

If you're interested in learning how to play Pot Limit Omaha Poker, then our eight-parter strategy guide was written for you! Pot Limit Omaha Poker From Square One consists of in-depth, actionable information and guidance so that you can learn how to win at PLO.

In Part II, we go over hand selection and what to look for in your four starting hole cards. We'll show you how to identify premium hands, what cards are trash and can be folded almost always, and how to decide whether or not to play marginal holdings that could go either way.

DoJ Loses WIRE ACT Case: Law Covers Only Sports Betting

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A federal court has ruled in favor of the New Hampshire Lottery that the Wire Act only affects interstate sports betting and does not have anything to do with lotteries, casino gaming, or poker. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows for supporters of USA internet gaming. Read on to learn more about this decision, the reasoning employed to arrive at it, and possible clouds on the horizon.

Kenyan Judge Stays Gambling Ad Restrictions After Musician's Petition

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Kenya's leaders have decided that it's not good for famous people to work with gambling brands, and so they have banned these types of deals. But a local musician has objected to this plan, and the courts seem to be taking him seriously. Read on for more about this story.

Iowa's Governor Signs Sports Betting Legalization Bill: SF 617

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Iowa has become the latest state to legalize sports betting with SF 617. Find out more about how IA sports betting will work, the rules surrounding it, and the debate about gambling expansion in the state.

Pot Limit Omaha Poker From Square One - Part I: PLO Fundamentals

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We here at are happy to present to you our newest educational poker series,  Pot Limit Omaha Poker From Square One!

This exhaustive series is planned to be an eight part adventure with the goal of teaching you how to play, and win, at the game of online Pot Limit Omaha. Chapter One of our new series is a whopping 3400 words to set the fundamental stages of your learning. We would love to hear any comments you have after reading and we hope you enjoy!

Government Seizes $4.8MM+ From Oregon Poker Pro for Online Piracy

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More than $4 million in cash, crypto-currency, and real estate has been seized from a professional poker player in Oregon by the government. Find out what he allegedly did wrong, the court proceedings against him, and what we think of the matter.