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Testimonials From Real Clients, Business Partners & Public Forums has been online since 2008, and in business since 2005. In that time, this company has recruited hundreds of thousands of clients to poker sites.

Many of those clients became our friends.

Some of those clients were also kind enough to allow us to post their feedback to us publicly, in the form of a testamonial. Please read the kind words our customers had to say and know that we aim to treat each and every customer with dignity, respect, and to help them achieve the most they can in the game of online poker!

Customer Testimonials

All of these testimonials are from real people, real poker players, and real customers of

Professional Poker Players

It is no surprise that a website named "Professional Rakeback" would attract professional poker players. Here are some anecdotes from real work online poker grinders who have enjoyed the information and services provided by

Alexander P

I discovered ProfessionalRakeback two years ago. I contacted them via Skype and from the first moment they helped me with my questions and the treatment was very close. They offered me the best deal adapted for my need, which I really appreciate because they really make an effort for it.

Alexander P.
July 20th, 2022
Professional NLHE player

Sam H

We helped Sam recover $21,000 when one of the poker rooms we represented abpruptly failed. We had no legal obligation to repay this debt, as does NOT provide poker games, operate poker websites, and was in no way connected to this failed poker site other than we were a 3rd pary marketing agent. However, we feel morally obligated to protect our client's money and we created a custom plan for Sam so that he could be repaid in full.

I have used Professional Rakeback’s services since I first posted on TwoPlusTwo about 5 years ago, looking for an online poker site. I was inexperienced and the advice they gave was invaluable. They explained the pros and cons of different sites and made recommendations based on which sites suited my game type, skill level, and stakes. They recommended a HUD that was compatible with each site and my Mac computer, and later introduced me to using Bitcoin. They were also always available on Skype to answer questions. Since then, I have used ProfRB to sign up to a handful of different sites. For all of these reasons, I can say ProfRB is a great resource for any serious poker player.

Now I will tell you why they are exceptional. A few years back, one poker site I was playing on shut down and ran away with the players money. I had over $21,000 in my account and was pretty upset once it was clear that the money was gone. I had signed up through ProfRB and had been talking to them on Skype during the slow demise of the site. A few weeks after the poker site was fully defunct, I received an unsolicited message from ProfRB telling me they wanted to make me whole. I was shocked and ecstatic. They set up a program which gave me additional RakeBack for a site I was already playing on. Now, I am happy to say the entire balance that was stolen by the poker site has been refunded by ProfRB and all I did was keep playing poker on a site I was already playing on. Not only do they give great customer service, but they go above and beyond to protect their customers. Thanks ProfRB!

Sam H
August 16th, 2019
Professional NLHE and PLO Mid-Stakes Cash Game Player

Matt S.

I have been a ProfessionalRakeback customer for over 10 years. During this time any issue I have had has been handled by customer support, and at times the owner, quickly and successfully.

They have always been honest and upfront about site integrity and site issues etc, even if it sometimes could hurt their bottom line. They care about their customers and put them first before anything else. Since I have been a customer I have referred to the website for information such as site cashout times, rakeback reports (elite benefits vs 27% rakeback), and read the articles they post regularly to keep up to date and get accurate information about whats going on at the sites I play. They also have a nice guide for setting up crypto for using at poker sites that I have referred many people to.

I will continue to refer anyone looking to get into online poker toProfessional Rakeback because I trust they will be treated fairly and provided excellent customer support.

Matt S.
September 12th, 2019
Online Grinder

Poker Coaches

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the professional rakeback team since 2012. They’ve gone above and beyond servicing my US poker needs and are always there to answer questions or trouble shoot any problems I have. I’m so confident in their understanding of the current poker environment that I send all my students to them to find the best games and get the best rakeback deals.

Out of all the qualities I value most, response turnaround time and attention to detail is at the top of the list. If you’ve been around online poker long enough, you know what a rarity this is. Makes me rest easy that they’re on top of the ball. Keep up the great work!

-Brandon H
February 16th, 2020
Professional Poker Coach

Public Forum Testimonials

Professional Rakeback and its staff are very in tune with the "poker scene". One of the ways we achieve this is by hanging out and incessantly reading online poker forums. In some cases PRB actually manages forums that keep players well-informed of the status of online poker and specific online poker websites.

Voted Most Useful Poster on Reddit /r/poker

Once upon a time, ProfessionalRakeback's Reddit account, /u/ProfRBcom, was voted the most valuable poster on the Reddit /r/poker sub-reddit. This subreddit is the main poker sub on Reddit, which is one of the largest websites in the world and one of the top ten social media websites in existence!

Screenshot from

Happy Forum Users

Here are some testimonials from the public forums. These are public statements that we have provided screenshots of as well as linked to as proof of our happy relationship with poker communities all over the world.


I've seen a few of your posts around over the months and you look like you have been a great help to players. I was wondering if you have any advice... - Reddit User chezzylee

post by chezzylee - reddit


Just wanted to thank you for your detailed post...

Reddit user trevdv thanks us


You have a good information website and have been kind to people here...

Reddit user "greenmachinez" compliments Professional Rakeback in a private message.

Reddit Chat

Your site has quickly become my favorite source of research and information for online poker.

I was using Google to research because I didn't feel very confident about their business model. Your site was at the top search result and your article on answered all my questions and saved me from possibly wasting money. -- Reddit User - Chat Screenshot

Business Partners

Professional Rakeback interacts with a number of professionals in the online poker industry. There are poker sites representatives on public forums, affiliate managers in the marketing arms of online poker sites, other friendly compeittor websites, tech vendors, and many others whom we do business with on a regular basis. Here are some of the kind words they have to say.

Poker Site Representatives

Even site reps praise our advice in public forums such as Reddit's heavily traffic /r/poker subreddit.

ACR Poker Official Representative praise.

ACR Poker Logo

Excellent advice to all our players, the best way to deposit and withdraw in our site is with any of our crypto currencies, as well, we thank you for giving such a great explanation about some reasons why security flags are raised on player accounts. -- AmericasCardroomRep


Then there was that one time on the TwoPlusTwo poker forums where one of our direct competitors gave us a huge endorsement because we were so helpful!

As an affiliate myself, this is against my interest to say, but...

Yeah, for anyone that is interested in a really good affiliate I'd say Kahn is a good option. I'd never met him but touched base for about an hour the other day on a Skype call, and two things really stood out.

1) He's been around forever (10 years) and he knows the industry inside and out. This is especially true of the US-facing industry right now. And he made a compelling case for why some options were CLEARLY better than others.

2) His priority is not to just put a player in a spot where he can make the most money. He genuinely wants to put players in situations that are the best for them, based on their interests, games etc. and knows that his affiliate business' success is based mostly on his being able to do that. One player may do better on one site, and worse on another site based on the games they want to play, play style etc. This is a pretty unique thing, and deserves respect. There's more to finding a site than the flashy RB %. Certainly it's something I (and 99% of other affiliates) could think more about and Kahn does that.

Thanks for all the information the other night, Kahn. Best of luck to you. -- Revlis87 quote