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Customer Testimonials

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the professional rakeback team since 2012. They’ve gone above and beyond servicing my US poker needs and are always there to answer questions or trouble shoot any problems I have. I’m so confident in their understanding of the current poker environment that I send all my students to them to find the best games and get the best rakeback deals.

Out of all the qualities I value most, response turnaround time and attention to detail is at the top of the list. If you’ve been around online poker long enough, you know what a rarity this is. Makes me rest easy that they’re on top of the ball. Keep up the great work!”

-Brandon H
February 16th, 2020

I have been a ProfessionalRakeback customer for over 10 years. During this time any issue I have had has been handled by customer support, and at times the owner, quickly and successfully.

They have always been honest and upfront about site integrity and site issues etc, even if it sometimes could hurt their bottom line. They care about their customers and put them first before anything else. Since I have been a customer I have referred to the website for information such as site cashout times, rakeback reports (elite benefits vs 27% rakeback), and read the articles they post regularly to keep up to date and get accurate information about whats going on at the sites I play. They also have a nice guide for setting up crypto for using at poker sites that I have referred many people to.

I will continue to refer anyone looking to get into online poker toProfessional Rakeback because I trust they will be treated fairly and provided excellent customer support.

-- Matt S.
September 12th, 2019

I have used Professional Rakeback’s services since I first posted on TwoPlusTwo about 5 years ago, looking for an online poker site. I was inexperienced and the advice they gave was invaluable. They explained the pros and cons of different sites and made recommendations based on which sites suited my game type, skill level, and stakes. They recommended a HUD that was compatible with each site and my Mac computer, and later introduced me to using Bitcoin. They were also always available on Skype to answer questions. Since then, I have used ProfRB to sign up to a handful of different sites. For all of these reasons, I can say ProfRB is a great resource for any serious poker player.

Now I will tell you why they are exceptional. A few years back, one poker site I was playing on shut down and ran away with the players money. I had over $21,000 in my account and was pretty upset once it was clear that the money was gone. I had signed up through ProfRB and had been talking to them on Skype during the slow demise of the site. A few weeks after the poker site was fully defunct, I received an unsolicited message from ProfRB telling me they wanted to make me whole. I was shocked and ecstatic. They set up a program which gave me additional RakeBack for a site I was already playing on. Now, I am happy to say the entire balance that was stolen by the poker site has been refunded by ProfRB and all I did was keep playing poker on a site I was already playing on. Not only do they give great customer service, but they go above and beyond to protect their customers. Thanks ProfRB!

-Sam H
August 16th, 2019

I've seen a few of your posts around over the months and you look like you have been a great help to players. I was wondering if you have any advice...

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Just wanted to thank you for your detailed post...

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