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So Good, Our Competitors Poker Affiliates Give Us Props!

Many of Professional Rakeback's players know one of our managing partners, Kahntrutahn, from various places online.   Recently he was lauded with praise...

Kahntrutahn has been a professional poker player for over a decade.  He has focused exclusively on online cash games (with a yearly WSOP trip).  Kahn was around before rakeback existed and has managed to thrive in all sorts of environments.  He was a prop on over a dozen poker networks in the early 2000s and worked his way up the stakes until he found himself playing the highest stakes availalbe online for fixed limit holdem, his specialty.  He learned so much about the business while propping and mingling with higher up management at various poker rooms, that he decided to dabble in the affiliate business, mostly to help his friends out in the mid 2000s.  Since then Kahntrutahn does his best to help all of Professional Rakeback's players find the right fit at any of the two dozen poker rooms we represent.  Recently, one of ProfRB's competitors went so far as to publicly praise his work in this exceptional review!

Originally Posted by kahntrutahn
No one has asked you... what game(s) and stake(s) do you play? While I very much believe that ACR and BCP are excellent poker sites (both on the same network), everyone thus far, has effectively given you one choice. You have several including Bovada, possibly Merge depending on what you consider "somewhat quickly" and maybe even Revolution if you can connect with some of your old friends to help you in getting on board to a reputable site. Blindly recommending a room without knowing that could lead to failure to satisfy your playing needs(lack of games, stakes, liquidity).

As an affiliate myself, this is against my interest to say, but...

Yeah, for anyone that is interested in a really good affiliate I'd say Kahn is a good option. I'd never met him but touched base for about an hour the other day on a Skype call, and two things really stood out.

1) He's been around forever (10 years) and he knows the industry inside and out. This is especially true of the US-facing industry right now. And he made a compelling case for why some options were CLEARLY better than others.

2) His priority is not to just put a player in a spot where he can make the most money. He genuinely wants to put players in situations that are the best for them, based on their interests, games etc. and knows that his affiliate business' success is based mostly on his being able to do that. One player may do better on one site, and worse on another site based on the games they want to play, play style etc. This is a pretty unique thing, and deserves respect. There's more to finding a site than the flashy RB %. Certainly it's something I (and 99% of other affiliates) could think more about and Kahn does that.

Thanks for all the information the other night, Kahn. Best of luck to you.

We here at ProfRBcom would be more than happy to give this level of service to you, the reader, as our new customer at any of the Internet poker sites that we offer.  Kahn personally vets each and every deal we offer.  If he, as an industry expert, does not approve of a potential partner, then we do NOT offer that option to our players. His expertise is heavily relied upon in our seminal guide to online poker USA. We will go to bat for you and be your affiliate and advocate at any poker site we represent - our reputation is on the line, and our reputation means everything in this business!  Please check out all our partner networks (Merge, Revolution, Bodog, Winning, Party) and sites (Carbon, Aced, Intertops, Bodog, Bovada, ACR, True, BCP, Bookmaker, YaPoker Party Poker) and then contact us so that we may find the best place for you to play No Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, huge multi-table tournaments or whatever your particular flavor of cardgame happens to be.