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Pokerrrr 2 App Review: Are These Poker Clubs Any Good?

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Pokerrrr 2 Brags and Beats

  • USA, Australia, Canada accepted
  • Android and iOS supported
  • Need to join private clubs or tables for real money play
  • Potential payout issues
  • No desktop app
  • No landscape view
  • No multi-tabling
  • No game security staff
  • Gesture-based input system hard to get used to
  • Extortionate rake allowed in clubs
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Pokerrrr 2 is one of the herd of mobile poker social apps, like PPPoker and PokerBros, that have been taking the industry by storm. Just as its aforementioned competitors do, Pokerrrr 2 hosts play money games across the entire player pool, but there are also private tables and clubs where participants can sit in real money games by agreement between the club owner and members.

Pokerrrr 2 was launched in 2014, well before the current crop of mobile club/agent poker rooms, and so it’s really a holdover from an earlier time rather than a mere copy-cat of its more famous brethren. As you would expect, it therefore has a few intriguing differences that separate it from the crowd.

With recommendations for various Pokerrrr clubs popping up here and there on social media, we elected to craft a comprehensive review of Pokerrrr 2 so that you can familiarize yourself with what's on offer here before making a deposit and playing. We've carefully evaluated the software, gaming selection, club setup, and other aspects of this poker site to bring you all the info you need.

Poker Games

The poker games you can play on Pokerrrr 2 are divided into cash games, sit-n-goes, and multi-table tournaments. There's no type of fast-fold poker or lottery SNGs spread on this platform.

Cash Games

Quite a number of poker ring games are present in the Pokerrrr 2 app. However, it's one thing for a game to be theoretically possible and quite another for there to be action in it. This is true especially in the more niche formats.

Pokerrrr traffic levels will, of course, depend upon the club you join, but in general there are not enough players in most clubs for anything other than No Limit Hold'em and perhaps Pot Limit Omaha to actually run with any regularity.

Still, here's the full rundown of all types of poker for which ring games are supported:

  • NL Hold'em
  • PL Omaha
  • R.O.E. (round of each: NLHE & PLO)
  • PL Omaha Hi-Lo
  • 5 Card PL Omaha
  • 5 Card PL Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Short Deck (6+ Hold'em)
  • OFC Regular
  • OFC Progressive
  • OFC Joker

The table creator has the ability to change the big blind amount, add antes if desired, set the permitted buyin sums within a range from 20bb to 500bb, and adjust the action timer. Table sizes of 2, 6, 8, and 9 players are allowed.

Sit & Gos

SNGs can be configured in the software with either NL Hold'em or any of the four PLO variants used. The payout structures, blind levels, starting stack, and several other attributes can be customized. These games seat a maximum of nine individuals.

Multi-Table Tournaments

The ability to create tournaments is built into the Pokerrrr 2 app. They can feature either NLHE or any of the PLO formats.

Just as with sit-n-goes, the initial chip stack, blind levels, and prize distribution can be altered according to the club manager's wishes. Rebuys and add-ons are possible for any tournament with the host able to adjust how many rebuys are allowed as well as the price and size of the add-on. The maximum number of runners in an MTT can be set at any of the following values: 18, 36, 90, 180, 360.

Play Money

Play money at Pokerrrr is represented by a red chip balance near the top of the lobby. You start out with 10,000 practice chips, but there are several opportunities to get more if you run out.

Pokerrrr 2 Main LobbyPokerrrr 2 Lobby With Play Chip Balance (9,000) at Top of Screen

The play money lobby at Pokerrrr consists of four types of games:

  • Ultrasonic SNG (3-max hyper turbo)
  • No Limit Hold'em 6-max ring game
  • Pot Limit Omaha 6-max ring game
  • OFC Progressive 3-player tables

There are several blind/buyin levels available for each of these games. Once you select your game and stakes, you will be brought to a valid table of that type and automatically seated. There's no manual game or seat selection in Pokerrrr 2 play money.

Besides earning red chips in these games, you can also buy them in the store, redeem them from a bonus countdown timer, or watch videos to receive more.

Watch Video WindowYou Can Get More Play Money by Watching Videos

Your performance in practice chip games will award you PRR points, which will determine your Medal Level (from Lieutenant to General of Poker) and placement on various leaderboards. These are purely for cosmetic and bragging purposes; there are no tangible benefits unlocked by either Medal Level or leaderboard success.

Pokerrrr 2 Gaming Model

Rather than merely listing a lobby of games that everyone can enter, Pokerrrr 2 allows users to create their own tables and clubs and invite others to join. The only games shown to everyone across the whole app are play money games. Therefore, in order to play for real money, you must join one or more of these private tables or groups.

It goes without saying that any financial transactions you make within these groups are not monitored, supervised, or guaranteed by the developers of Pokerrrr 2, a company known as These deals will be entirely between you and whoever is running the particular games you join.


Much of the gaming portfolio at Pokerrrr is powered by the in-app currency, known as gold. You can get small amounts of gold for completing certain actions, like joining your first club or logging in with Facebook, but the main way to acquire it is by purchasing it in the store.

Pokerrrr 2 StoreGold Is the In-App Currency at Pokerrrr

Players can use gold to acquire play chips and to unlock various virtual goodies, like additional card back graphics and nameplate styles to use on the tables. However, people who wish to organize games on the app have more robust ways to spend gold.

Hosting games, creating clubs, and accessing reports of gameplay results all cost gold apart from some very limited functionality that's provided for free to all clubs.

Private Tables

Any user of Pokerrrr can make a private table and invite others to take a seat. You don't need to create a club to do so. After selecting all the appropriate game parameters and hosting the table, the creator will receive a code. Anyone who possess this code will then be able to join.

Game Settings WindowYou Can Adjust the Game Parameters While Creating a Table

There's a short period of time during which the game will run for free, but then after this, there's a charge in gold for each hour. You can set a length of time for the table after which it will expire and disappear.


Clubs are probably where you'll be spending most of your time if you decide to download the Pokerrrr 2 app and begin to play. Each club has a club owner, up to five managers, and a varying number of individual members. Clubs can contain multiple games at different stakes, which is their big advantage over just hosting individual tables.

In order to enter a club, you have to request membership by typing in the club code in the appropriate section of the app. Then the club needs to accept your request which could take a while depending on the responsiveness of the people running the club.

Pokerrrr 2 Club CodeEach Club Has a Code That You Need to Type in to Become a Member

Unlike at most sites of this ilk, there's no formalized agent system whereby designated promoters of clubs entice players to sign up under their code in exchange for a percentage of those players' rake. There are some informal referral bonuses awarded by certain clubs, but the way these work is highly variable and generally involves new members telling the club owner who (if anyone) referred them.

Real Money Games

Because chips to play in the club games are distributed by the club owners and/or managers, they can basically run real money tables without the permission or indeed the knowledge of the people responsible for the Pokerrrr 2 app. What the club administrators do is figure out all the necessary financial arrangements with the participating players outside the platform without relying on the software for any accounting of the money involved.

It goes without saying that bears no responsibility for and has no knowledge of any of these transactions. According to the app's website:

Pokerrrr is a free mobile gaming software application for social card gaming enthusiasts who enjoy playing poker with their friends or poker club members.

If pressed, the developers of the app would likely state that their program is intended purely for social card games and would deny all knowledge of its being used for real money play.

Little Assurance That Funds Are Safe

Unlike at traditional online poker sites, there's no overall cashier to handle financial matters at Pokerrrr 2. Instead, you have to rely on the integrity of the club owner: a person whom you have probably not met in person and who is represented solely by a string of characters on your screen.

There are undoubtedly many solid, upstanding club managers, but whenever there's money involved, the temptation of pulling off an exit scam will always appeal to some. There are hardly any resources on the internet, apart from word-of-mouth reports, about which Pokerrrr 2 clubs are trustworthy and which are shady. Therefore, you're taking a big risk with your cash whenever you opt to play for real money at any club unless you personally know and trust the owner.

No Club Chips or Internal Accounting

One unusual aspect of the way Pokerrrr is set up is that there are no club-specific balances that you can view from within the app. Thus, there's no easily accessible record of how much money you have to your credit in any club.

Instead, what happens is that club owners turn on a setting that lets them approve or reject any attempt to buy into a game. If a player who tries to join a table has previously sent enough cash to cover his or her buyin, then that person is permitted to enter the game with the appropriate number of chips. Otherwise, the club manager denies the buyin. Any reloads, add-ons, or top-ups of a user's stack must be authorized in this manner too.

Then when a player leaves the game, the club owner figures out how much (if anything) stands to the credit of that individual. This balance can be sent back to the player or retained for use in future games.

This means that you have to rely on the integrity of the club and your own recordkeeping to ensure that all your money is accounted for. This is undoubtedly a benefit to the Pokerrrr 2 team because it removes even the smallest vestiges of real money transactions from being archived within the app. Yet, it places an additional burden upon regular users and club managers who cannot see everyone's balance in one convenient location and must instead update their own notes by hand upon observing the results of any game.

We've noticed that Pokerrr 2 clubs tend to be on the smaller side compared with similar groups on competing mobile social poker apps, and tables often run only during certain hours of the day. Perhaps all the manual recordkeeping required for hosting card games on Pokerrrr is partly responsible for this phenomenon. Another relevant detail is that there's no “union” mechanism for clubs to pool their traffic together as there is at most similar sites.


All payment arrangements are between you and the club you're a member of. In most cases, the club info within the app will give you a phone number to text or a telegram account to message. Once you contact the person responsible for the club's deposits, he or she will inform you of the valid methods of depositing and where to send the money.

The most popular methods of funding Pokerrrr 2 club accounts appear to be peer-to-peer wallets, like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Apple Pay. The exact payment channels available will depend on the club you're working with. Each balance you hold with any given club will be completely independent from your money at any other club.

It's fairly normal for each chip to equal 1 U.S. dollar, but chip values can differ from club to club. Remember to find out what the exchange rate is before you initiate a deposit.


Much as with deposits, you will need to communicate with your club owner or manager to finalize the details of any cashout you intend to make. Most clubs allow withdrawals back to the original method used to deposit in the first place.

The process of withdrawing your money is where you will find out if your club is honest or not. Some clubs may be only too happy to accept your deposit but hesitant to pay you any winnings.

If this happens, you will have no effective remedy. will take no sides in any disputes of this nature; they are just the supplier of the gaming software. Thus, you could find your profits or even your entire balance repossessed by an unscrupulous club.

For a rundown of internet venues where you can play poker without worrying about the payment side of things, check out our monthly report on offshore gaming cashouts. The rooms listed on that page have demonstrated their reliability in this department over the course of many years, and so you're taking much less of a risk by playing at any of them instead of Pokerrrr 2.

Pokerrrr 2 Rakeback

There's no official Pokerrrr 2 rakeback to be found. This is not surprising since the app creators do not promote their product as a real money gaming solution. What's more unexpected is that even private, unofficial RB deals are scarce.

We have encountered clubs offering deposit bonuses, special payments for those who put in a certain number of hands, freerolls, high hand jackpots, and other types of promotions. Yet, rakeback offers are pretty rare on this app.

With the limited club management tools present in the Pokerrrr app, determining who paid how much in rake is a challenge. This is probably the reason for rakeback opportunities being hard to come by.

If you do find someone willing to provide Pokerrrr rakeback, we advise you to proceed with caution. You will have no way of knowing if the calculations are being performed accurately, and there's the ever-present chance that the person offering the Pokerrrr 2 RB deal is really a scammer.

Rake Amounts Unconstrained

Most apps of this nature allow significant customization of the rake taken at the tables, but there are usually some restrictions to prevent greedy hosts from fleecing players too much. However, at Pokerrrr 2, there's no restriction on the percentage or cap on the rake.

On this site, the rake is referred to as the “Tips box.” Despite this friendly sounding name, it functions the same as the rake at any online poker room. There's a certain percentage of the pot that will be raked away up to a stated maximum number of chips, or cap.

We experimented with different values for the tip box, increasing the percentage to 25% and the cap to 15 chips. The software didn't flag either of these figures as too high and did not issue any warning of any kind. Therefore, we must conclude that the sky's the limit for the rake at Pokerrrr 2.

Pokerrrr Tip Box SettingsHigh Rake Settings Are Definitely Possible in the Pokerrrr App

Most clubs will, of course, establish more reasonable rake schedules, but there are undoubtedly a few that seek to extract the maximum possible value from the suckers at the table. After joining any club, we urge you to look at the information for any table you plan to play at so that you can see what the rake is like before taking a seat.


The Pokerrrr 2 software, although debuting in the relatively early year of 2014, has been updated regularly since then. Therefore, its roots go back further than most similar mobile poker apps, but the software programmers have worked hard to keep it from falling too far behind. Though the graphics are a bit simplistic and some of the advanced features you might expect are absent, the overall gaming experience is fairly solid.

Initial Setup

Upon installing Pokerrrr 2 to our phone, we were able to launch the app with no problem. We were greeted with the loading screen:

Pokerrrr 2 Intro ScreenThe Image That Shows When You First Open the Pokerrrr 2 App

To our mystification, this splash page includes the message:

From now on, you are a secret agent.

Playing poker is essential for getting valuable info.

Pokerrrr is your ace in the hole.

With an introduction like that, we were looking forward to some kind of James Bond-themed RPG elements or at least cool espionage-related missions. We were disappointed to learn that this aspect of the game is not fleshed-out apart from a few of the in-game graphics. Perhaps this storyline is a relic of the original roadmap for the app but was quietly dropped as the poker games took primary focus.

When you first open the app, you have the choice to play as a guest of log in with your Facebook account. There's not much difference between the two ways of signing in, but connecting through Facebook will net you some complimentary gold and let you access your account from multiple devices (though not simultaneously).


Though the main lobby does have a few features to it, like access to the sitewide play money games and the ability to view the leaderboards, the main action is within the clubs.

Once you have applied to and been accepted to a club, you will be able to go to it by clicking on “Clubs” at the bottom of your screen. Then if you choose “Games” near the top of the display, you will be able to see the games available.

List of Games in a Pokerrrr ClubClub Lobby at Pokerrrr 2

All tables will be listed, including games that have ended and are not active anymore. If you played any recent sessions at these tables, then you will see your results shown too. For some reason that we have been unable to determine, the big blind is listed before the small blind when describing the stakes of ring games.

By clicking on the black “i” with a blue background to the right, you can see a description of the club written by the owner. You can press the “Notification” button to permit the club to send notifications through your phone.

Club Information at PokerrrrA General Briefing About a Club Is Usually Shown in the Info Section

The “Messages” section of the club is basically a club-wide chatroom while the “Members” tab lets you see who's part of the club.

Pokerrrr 2 Club ChatroomClub Hosts Usually Keep Players Updated on Club News in the Messages Tab


The tables at Pokerrrr follow a portrait layout. It's impossible to rotate them to landscape mode. Because of the unusual way that poker actions are performed on this app (more about this later), the table occupies only the top half of the portrait view while your hole cards fill up the bottom half.

Pokerrrr TableNLHE $0.50/$1.00 Table at Pokerrrr

All players are arranged around the table with their screennames and stacks shown. There are no avatars. You occupy the bottom-center seat.

Unfortunately, there is no note-taking or player-tagging function. When you click on a user's nameplate, the only option you are presented with is the ability to mute that person's chat.

Opening the top-right “hamburger” menu enables you to change certain settings, like wait for big blind, bet sizing values, and four-color deck.

Pokerrrr 2 Table Menu OptionsPokerrrr Table Settings Menu Options

The chat icon is in the bottom-right of the table view. Clicking on it opens up a small window at the bottom of the screen along with a field for you to type in your message. Alternately, you can click on the microphone to record and send a short voice message. Even if you keep the chat window closed, you will see the chat of other players because each message also appears for a short interval in a small bubble next to the players' nameplates.

Table Chat at Pokerrrr 2Voice and Text Chat Are Both Present at Pokerrrr 2

You cannot multi-table at Pokerrrr 2. In fact, if you're sitting at a table, then you can't browse away from it without standing up. This is quite annoying because it prevents you from seeing the club chat or interacting with other parts of the app while you're in the middle of a session.

Action Gestures

Pokerrrr 2 accepts gestures as input rather than embracing the typical check, fold, and bet buttons that are omnipresent at other rooms. These gestures are performed atop your hole cards, which cover the bottom half of the table view.

Initially, your cards are face down. You must peek at them by swiping from the lower edge toward the center of the cards. Don't release your swipe until you've gotten a good look because your cards will fall back down to the surface of the table when you lift your finger off your screen.

Looking at Hole Cards at Pokerrrr2You Have to Peek at Your Cards Manually on the Pokerrrr 2 App

You can check by double clicking on your cards. Folding is accomplished by pressing down on the cards and moving your finger up toward the top of the phone.

When there's a bet in front of you, a chip will be shown with the value of the bet written on it. To call, simply hold the chip and fling it in an upward direction.

To bet or raise, set the value of the chip to your desired amount, and then throw the chip into the middle. You can change the bet/raise size by using one of the preset sizing buttons, pressing the plus or minus symbols, dragging the slider across the top of the chip, or entering the sum you wish to bet manually through the calculator icon.

Pokerrrr Bet SizingAdjusting Your Bet Size at Pokerrrr Is a Bit Unusual

This entire approach to betting took some getting used to. Nevertheless, although it sounds complicated, it eventually became second nature for us. It probably appeals too to a certain class of users who want their experience to be as similar to physical poker in a cardroom as possible.

Table Information

You can bring up additional info about the table you're at in the bottom portion of the display. To do so, click on the up/down arrow circle on the left.

Table Rankings at Pokerrrr 2Pokerrrr Will Show You Who Has Won the Most During a Session

A list of all the players who have joined the table since its creation will appear. You will see a ranking of who won the most during the session among currently seated individuals. The specific buyin and profit figures for other users are hidden, but you are presented with this data for yourself.

If you press the arrow to the right, you'll see general info about the table. It's here that you can find out the rake schedule, if running it twice is enabled, et cetera.

Table Info WindowBasic Info About Any Table Can Be Viewed When the Game Is Open

Hand History

Hand histories can be browsed by pressing the image of two hole cards at the top-left of the game window. Your most recent hands will be shown in a scrollable list:

Hand History ListList of Hands Played

Click on “Replay” to see the hand play out on a miniature table.

Graphical Hand ReplayerHand Replay Feature at Pokerrrr

If you select “Hand Log,” then you will be able to read through the action in textual form.

Pokerrrr 2 Hand LogHand History in Text Form

The “Share” button puts the hand in the club chat so that other members can review the hand and then berate you for posting bad beats.


The Pokerrrr 2 app is available for both Android and iOS systems. You can download it from the Apple Store if you possess an Apple device or from the Google Play Store if you're running Android.

You need iOS 9+ or Android 4.1 or higher to ensure maximum compatibility. We tried out the software on an Asus Zenfone 2 running Android 5.0, and we had no issues apart from occasional disconnections that lasted only a few seconds.

There is no version of the app for either Windows hardware or Macs. You can run it in an emulator, like BlueStacks, but we have heard complaints that the betting gestures are challenging to perform with a keyboard and mouse, so you might have to fiddle with the emulator settings until you get something that works halfway decently. It is probably safer to avoid these glitches altogether by not trying in the first place and simply playing real money games on software that is designed for desktop platforms and actually functions as intended. If you insist on playing on Windows or Mac, perhaps try voicing your opinon to the Pokerrrr 2 Twitter account.

No HUD programs are natively compatible with Pokerrrr 2, and our research did not uncover any hand converters for the site either.

Game Integrity

When deciding where to play internet poker for real money, the fairness and integrity of the games is a paramount concern. This is true whether you inhabit a traditional offshore poker room or one of the newer mobile-centric apps like Pokerrrr 2. We've evaluated this aspect of the room with a view toward keeping you safe from anything unethical that might be occurring.

Random Number Generator

Of all the sites we have reviewed at ProfRB, Pokerrrr appears to have attracted the most accusations of being rigged as a percentage of all posts made about the site. Oddly, those making these allegations often contend that the deal does not favor any specific players but rather has been manipulated to generate big action and for draws to complete more often than they should. Many also charge that high hands, like straight flushes and quads, occur more frequently than they should.

What all of these reports lack is any statistical evidence, gathered over a large sample of hands, that indicate any serious dealing anomalies. We joined a few clubs and checked out the games, and we did not come across any sequence of suspicious board run-outs or bizarrely strong hands that caused us to question the random number generators at Pokerrrr.

The third-party firm Gaming Laboratories International agrees with us. This respected gaming industry certification body tested the RNG adopted by, and this component of the software passed the tests.

We believe that these far-fetched tales of uneven card dealing are a consequence of the market of casual live players targeted by Pokerrrr 2. People who are used to handling actual chips and cards tend to be unjustifiably mistrustful of online dealing mechanisms. Moreover, many live poker fans are unaccustomed to the quickened pace of internet poker wherein participants might see three or four times as many hands in a given timeframe as are dealt out in a physical cardroom and thus will witness more monster hands in a session than they expect.

Site Security

Though anecdotes regarding an unfair shuffle at Pokerrrr are almost assuredly bogus, there's more to guaranteeing the honesty of the games than just having reliable dealing algorithms. There's also possible malfeasance coming from other users, like botting and collusion. In this area, you probably have more to legitimately worry about.

This is because, the company that created the Pokerrrr 2 app, doesn't police game integrity AT ALL. Pretty much every other poker site online at least pays lip service to the idea that management is watching the games intently, ready to ban wrongdoers and cheaters, but makes no such claims.

The terms of use don't even prohibit collusion, soft playing, botting, or other forms of illicit activity. It appears that this organization is truly committed to the philosophy of just providing a software platform without any particular concern for what happens at the tables. Thus, all policing of the games occurs at the club level.

There are a few tools that club owners have at their disposal when it comes to keeping the games honest. They can take advantage of GPS location services to prevent users who are too near each other from accessing the same tables. Because clubs must interact with members on venues outside the app for payments, club managers can prohibit people from using multiple screennames funded by the same payment account, and they can easily notice if two separate users attempt to communicate from the same phone number or Telegram account.

These restrictions can be circumvented by a dedicated scammer, and in any event, their effectiveness as a whole is totally dependent upon the club owner taking this matter seriously. Many of them probably have a desire to keep the tables honest, but they may not be conversant in the latest ways to identify unethical practices. And some of them could be themselves in cahoots with fraudsters, stocking their private fish pond with donks and then relieving them of their cash – by any means, fair or foul.

Customer Support

There is a messaging system within the Pokerrrr software, but it's only for the app team to send information to users; you cannot use it to send a message yourself. Instead, you can email contact[at] for all your support needs. You can also go to the Pokerrrr 2 Facebook page and send a message.

Players' Opinions

Before making any definitive pronouncements on any poker room, we prefer to browse through internet forums and see what actual players have to say. Included below are a few comments left by real-life users of Pokerrrr 2:

3-Star Review of Pokerrrr 2 on Google Play
4-Star Review of Pokerrrr 2 on Apple Store
Post Questioning Pokerrrr's RNG
Forumite Urges Caution Regarding Pokerrrr 2


Pokerrrr 2 is certainly an intriguing venue if you're looking to set up a friendly game or two among friends. As a place to put in a large fraction of your online poker volume, though, it leaves a lot to be desired.

In addition to the questions surrounding financial probity and game integrity that plague the world of poker club apps as a whole, Pokerrrr has several other negatives that count against it. You cannot multitable through the app, and importing your results into tracking software is impossible. While competitors, like PokerBros and PPPoker, at least have rudimentary game security departments (albeit with uneven records of success), there are no such security personnel at Pokerrrr 2. You're entirely at the mercy of largely anonymous club owners for both the safety of your funds and the trustworthiness of the games and the other players.

In conclusion, we caution our readers to be wary of Pokerrrr 2. If you are comfortable doing your due diligence on the various clubs available, then by all means, set up an account if you wish and play a little bit at this room on the side. However, there are much better places to designate as your main internet poker home.

For a listing of the top offshore poker rooms for Americans, head over to our thorough guide to USA online poker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pokerrrr 2 is not one of the largest or most talked-about internet poker destinations around, and digging up reliable info about it is a somewhat arduous process. Therefore, for your enlightenment, we have collected a few common questions about the app along with their answers below.

Yes and no. We haven't seen any indications that the app developers are engaging in anything shady themselves. But the legitimacy of poker on Pokerrrr 2 really varies a lot from club to club.

We have no doubt that most clubs are what they are billed as – friendly groups of players who just want to enjoy honest online poker games among a small crew. However, there are others that are outright scams, and there's little effective policing of the clubs and their owners. Your mileage may vary depending on the particular clubs you join.

There isn't any telephone support at Pokerrrr. Instead, you can send an email to contact[at]

No, although there are many accounts on the internet of the shuffle being rigged, we did not see anything anomalous with the RNG during our time at Pokerrrr 2. It's certified by GLI, a well-known and respected software testing firm. We believe that the unorthodox, fishy play common on the app combined with the faster pace of online poker compared to live card games has led some losing players to draw the conclusion that the game is rigged.

No, there is no desktop client for Pokerrrr 2. The only way around this is to run an Android emulator and launch Pokerrrr from within this emulator. If you do this, however, be aware that gesture inputs don't translate well to a PC, so you might need to adjust the emulator settings to get the program to work well.

Probably not. For reasons that aren't obvious but may involve the difficultly of assigning rake contributions to players within the app, rakeback deals are hard to find at Pokerrrr 2. More common are welcome bonuses, high hand payouts, freerolls, and other promotions besides traditional rakeback. Of course, the value of these various promos depends upon the honesty of the club owner, so lucrative-seeming bonuses may turn out to be worth exactly $0 if you fall into the hands of an unscrupulous club.

Yes, you can launch a table for a one-off event even if you're not a club manager. To get started, press “Friend Game” near the bottom of the app, and then choose “Host Game.” Now configure all the settings for your game. When you're done, click “Host,” and your table will be ready.

All you need to do now is share the table code with your friends. They have to go to “Friend Game” in the app and choose “Join Game.” They will be prompted to enter the game code after which they will be able to sit at the table.

There is a short period of time during which hosting the game is free, but then you must pay a small fee. This fee is denominated in the gold virtual currency, which you can acquire in the Pokerrrr 2 store.