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Pot Limit Omaha Online - Best Sites Ranked & Reviewed by Pros [2023]

Pot Limit Omaha

Many former Hold'em players have come to appreciate the subtleties of PLO and are therefore interested in the best Offshore Online Poker Sites for Pot Limit Omaha. Because it's the second most popular form of poker in the world, there are quite a few sites that spread the game, and a number of them are available to Americans, Aussies, and others around the globe.:

  1. Ignition Casino Poker
  3. ACR Poker
  4. Everygame

What's the Appeal of PLO?

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Pot Limit Omaha is a game where a greater variety of starting hands are playable compared to Texas Hold'em. The fact that the betting structure is pot limit rather than no limit prevents players from facing preflop bets that they cannot call too often. Both of these factors mean that PLO is a postflop game, where the big decisions are made later on in the hand, rather than a competition to see who can shovel in the most chips preflop.

Because of the greater number of hole cards involved, the ways that hands can interact with the board are quite numerous. For instance, it's not uncommon to have a straight draw, two pair, and a backdoor flush draw all at the same time. The possibility of “wraps” – straight draws with more than eight outs – introduces a wrinkle that's entirely absent from two-card poker.

In general, practitioners of the dark arts of PLO consider their pastime to involve greater strategic complexity than most other forms of poker. This means those who put in the proper time to study and familiarize themselves with the game have a big edge against their competitors. While solid figures are hard to come by, the general consensus is that winrates in Pot Limit Omaha for skilled players tend to be a bit higher than in NLHE in comparably sized games.

Of course, the variance in PLO is much higher also than in NLHE, but this just adds to the fun, right?

The Best PLO Sites

Although online PLO games aren't as common as NL Hold'em tables, they're still pretty easy to find compared to many other poker variants. Thus, you have your pick of several reputable places to play. We've kept tabs on the internet poker rooms that offer PL Omaha to bring you accurate info on the sites that have games that actually run and what the most popular stakes are. When you enjoy Pot Limit Omaha at any of the gray-market sites described below, you'll benefit from well-tested software, honest random number generation, and the prompt payment of any winnings you earn.

Best Site for Pot Limit Omaha: Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino Poker offers you all the PLO you could want at blind levels from $0.02/$0.05 to $10/$20 at six-max tables. There are two-player games too, but the highest stakes are $2.50/$5. There are plenty of participants at all levels, from the lowest to the highest, around the clock, so you shouldn't have much trouble getting a seat in a game that interests you.

Ignition, like the rest of the PaiWangLuo Network, employs a Quick Seat feature. This means you don't get to select your table and seat; rather, you choose the blind level and table size you want, and then the poker client automatically puts you in a matching game.

Ignition Poker PLO Table$0.50/$1.00 Pot Limit Omaha Cash Game at Ignition Poker

Another thing that's unique about the way things are done at Ignition is its anonymous tables. No identifying information on any individual player is shown, so you won't be able to track their play or take notes over the long term. This sounds like it may cut into your win rate a bit, but the truth of the matter is that it gives new players a feeling of security, and the tables are therefore very soft.

Ignition is the only US-friendly poker room that spreads fast-fold PLO, which it calls Zone. It's available at $0.10/$0.25 and $0.75/$1.50 blind levels. This type of game lets you fold your hand at any time and move immediately to the next hand without having to wait for the other players to complete their actions. This makes for faster and more exciting gameplay as waiting time in between hands is virtually eliminated.

You can play PLO at Ignition from your desktop using the provided Windows and Mac software, or you can fire up a table on your mobile device via the web client that works with all kinds of phones and tablets. Upon making your first deposit, you'll qualify for a 100% up to $1,000 bonus that delivers its value at an effective rakeback rate of 50% in the PLO ring games. Check out our fact-laden Ignition Poker review for further information.

Runner-up: Sportsbetting AG

Sportsbetting .ag, on the Chico Poker Network, lets you sit down at PLO tables ranging from $0.05/$0.10 at the low end to $5/$10 at the high. All of these tables are six-handed. The uppermost blind levels are sometimes deserted, but you'll find games going up to at least $1/$2 at most times of the day. During peak hours, there can be up to 30 or more active tables.

PLO Table at Sportsbetting Poker$0.50/$1.00 PLO Cash Game at

All your PLO cash game play will count toward the $15,000 weekly Cash Race leaderboard. This promo is designed so that a total of 30 players take home cash prizes every week while a further 70 receive prizes in the form of poker bonuses. At the same time as you're climbing this leaderboard, you'll be working off your 100% up to $1,000 first deposit bonus, which is worth 20% rakeback.

Visit SB Poker Today

There are Windows and Mac downloaders for Poker, and there's also a mobile app that runs on iOS and Android mobile devices. You can even play from your web browser if you want to. Consult our thorough Poker review page for further details about this site.

There's a sister site on the Chico Network called TigerGaming that's not open to Americans but might be appropriate for customers in other parts of the world. Browse over to our TigerGaming Poker review to read about this room that confers most of the same advantages as but has a few additional perks.

Third Place: ACR Poker

The blind levels for Pot Limit Omaha at ACR Poker span the gamut from $0.01/$0.02 up through $25/$50. Additionally, there are special “No Rathole” games at $50/$100 that only permit you to buy in for 10bb but have a seven-day rathole timer, meaning that anyone who returns within a week must buy back in for whatever total above 10bb they left with. The games are divided among nine-player and six-handed tables.

Most of the active tables are for micro- and small-stakes, as one would expect, but there's a surprising amount of higher action too. Throughout the day, you're likely to see at least a game of $5/$10 or $10/$20 running. During peak hours (U.S. evenings), there's generally at least one $25/$50 table going and sometimes more than 60 games running across all stakes. The special $50/$100 No Rathole table also has players seated several times per week.

Your PLO play will count toward The Beast leaderboard, in effect across the entire Winning Poker Network, which hands out tens of thousands of dollars in satellite tournament entries and cold, hard cash to more than 100 players each week. Indeed, the fact that Pot Limit Omaha is an action game that generates tons of rake might put you ahead of NL Texas Hold'em competitors whose nittier tables don't allow them to climb the ranks of The Beast as rapidly.

PLO Table at ACR Poker$25/$50 Pot Limit Omaha Cash Game at ACR Poker

Speaking of the rake, you'll receive what amounts to a rebate on your rake totals through the Elite Benefits program, which is geared toward high-volume players. If you only play sporadically or for smaller stakes, then you can opt for a straight 27% rakeback program instead. Consult our in-depth rakeback vs. Elite Benefits article to help you decide.

ACR welcomes all players with a 100% up to $2,000 bonus along with a complimentary $10 credit to their real money balances by using our exclusive promo code PRB10FREE. You can sadly only play the PLO tables on a Windows machine if you want to use the officially released software although there is a Mac client that's still in beta testing. Read our review of ACR Poker for more info. If you'd like, you can access the same games from any of ACR's partner rooms on the Winning Poker Network: BlackChip Poker and True Poker.

Honorable Mention: Everygame

Everygame is the flagship site on the Horizon Poker Network, and while this room doesn't have the largest traffic figures, PLO is among the games that people play here. Blind levels run the gamut from $0.02/$0.04 to $10/$20, but there's rarely any table above $0.25/$0.50 with players seated. Table sizes are two-, six-, eight-, and nine-handed: somewhat overkill when we consider that there are usually fewer than a half dozen simultaneously active games.

PLO Table at EverygamePot Limit Omaha Cash Game at Everygame Poker

What Everygame lacks in volume, it compensates for in player rewards. For starters, you'll get 36% rakeback when you sign up through our links. Additionally, your first deposit will be matched 200% up to $1,000 with bonus funds that deliver a kickback of up to 27% on the rake you pay. Then there's the $4,000 weekly rake race, frequent reload bonuses, a loyalty tiers program, and much more.

The Everygame developers have created a download poker client only for Windows, but users of Macs, Linux boxes, and mobile devices can access the Instant Play client from their hardware. This web-based Everygame poker solution has its faults, but it's better than nothing. For a comprehensive overview of what Everygame has to offer, head over to our Everygame Poker Review.

Unfortunately, Everygame is closed to Australians, but its fellow Horizon Poker site Juicy Stakes gladly transacts in the Land Down Under. Look over our review of Juicy Stakes for detailed information, including account registration instructions.

Other Leading PLO Online Poker Sites

We've covered your main options for Pot Limit Omaha internet poker above, but there are a few others available. CoinPoker is another excellent option with plenty of PLO action on a daily basis from micro stakes up to high stakes.

You can also find games every now and again at SwCPoker and Nitrogen Poker although there's no predicting when and at what stakes PLO tables will run at these two Bitcoin poker sites. SwC is especially noteworthy because it spreads many games related to Pot Limit Omaha, like Courchevel and Big O, but remember that traffic is sparse.

What About PLO/8?

If you enjoy Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, then we recommend the same four sites as we do for normal PLO, but the number of games to choose from is an order of magnitude lower in this split-pot variant.

Ignition still heads the list with games from $0.02/$0.05 to $10/$20, but there's a dearth of tables running in mid/low stakes. Micro and high-stakes players should find enough to keep them happy.

ACR Poker and both generally have about six to a dozen PLO/8 tables populated. There's scarcely anything to be found above $2/$4 at ACR, but sometimes higher games do run. Games of $3/$6 and $5/$10 appear at several times per week, but you'll mostly encounter smaller games. Everygame typically has a game or two of PLO Hi/Lo going, but it's almost always at $0.02/$0.04 or $0.05/$0.10.

Whether you're a veteran of four-card poker or you're looking to add it to your repertoire, the sites we've discussed above should more than satisfy you. We've compiled exhaustive reviews of all of these rooms, which we urge you to read if you still have any questions.

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Pot Limit Omaha FAQ

The major differences between PL Omaha and NL Hold'em are three-fold. Firstly, you get four hole cards rather than just two. Second, you cannot go all-in at any time because the size of your bets and raises is capped at the size of the pot. Third, you must use exactly two of your down cards along with three community cards to make your final five-card poker hand. If you have the lone Ace of suit matching the suit of four board cards, you DO NOT have a flush.

It's true that the rake per 100 hands is generally higher in Pot Limit Omaha than in most other poker variants. However, compensating for this fact, pots are larger and action tends to be looser. Good PLO players make back the extra rake and then some through the advantages they possess over their less-skilled adversaries.

The popular hand tracking software packages PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2 have versions that are able to import and process PLO hands. You can also purchase a combination deal that covers both PLO and NLHE if you want to analyze hands from both games. Each of these programs also contains a powerful HUD that will assist you in getting reads on your opponents. Read what we have to say about both of these pieces of top-notch software: PokerTracker 4 review | Holdem Manager 2 review

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