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Best U.S.A. Online Poker Sites for Lottery SNGs

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Lottery-style sit-n-goes combine the competitive nature of poker with the exciting aspects of a lottery. It used to be the case that there were no avenues for Americans to savor this type of gameplay, but this isn't true anymore. We've identified several online poker sites that spread lottery SNGs and gladly accept players from the United States:

  2. Ignition Poker
  3. ACR Poker
  4. CoinPoker

How Do Lottery Sit-n-Gos Work?

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Lottery-style SNGs seat three players, and they’re held in hyper turbo format. Once a game starts, a random multiplier is chosen from among several preset values. The buyin value is multiplied by this number, which determines the size of the prize pool. The overwhelming majority of these contests are winner-takes-all, but at the highest multiplier levels, all players usually receive a prize. The pace of lottery sit n' goes is very quick because the stacks are short and the blinds escalate rapidly. Most of them conclude within 10 minutes of starting.

The Best Lottery Sit & Go Sites for American Players

Although the lottery sit-n-go game style was totally absent from U.S.-facing internet poker sites until April 2015, it has since appeared at a number of poker rooms. You, therefore, have a fair bit of choice in where to play. We've presented the leading online poker sites for lottery SNGs below so that you can learn what you're getting into before registering a new account. Whichever of these sites you join, you can be assured of smoothly functioning software, fair and honest payouts, and enough traffic to keep you occupied at the tables.

#1 U.S.A. Lottery SNG Poker Site:

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The Chico Poker Network, which houses, implemented Windfall Poker in December 2017. If you're keen to try your hand at this lottery poker variant, then by all means make your first deposit today. You'll get a 100% up to $1,000 poker bonus that releases at a 10% cashback rate in most types of poker.

Windfall is present only in NLHE form, and it's listed at the following buyins: $3, $8, $15, and $30. You can register for up to four games at the same time. There's no information published on how rapidly you'll accumulate comp points in Windfall, but ProfRB's private testing suggests that it is a bit slower than most other games. Thus, you'll earn your bonus somewhat slowly if you attempt to collect it by playing exclusively Windfall tables. The Windfall rake is 7-8%, depending on the buyin level.

SB Poker WindfallsWindfall Jackpot Sit and Gos at SB Poker

The prizes in Windfall games can be as high as 2,500-10,000 times the amount you pay to register.

Additionally, there is a unique type of Windfall called "All in or Fold" that will begin with each player only having a single chip. These Windfall events are concluded extremely quickly as they're all-in or fold style of poker. If you should be fortunate enough to strike the jackpot, then all three players will take home some money. The exact breakdown of this generous award varies a bit depending on the buyin you paid to enter, but it's around 80%/15%/5%. Windfall is present in the Mac and PC software for, and it's also accessible to mobile and web browser-based customers.

If you want to learn all about Windfall and the other poker options at this site, then consult our comprehensive Poker review. has a sister site too with the same Windfall and other games present. For more info on it, check out our review of BetOnline Poker.

#2 U.S.A. Lottery SNG Poker Site: Ignition

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Ignition is the busiest destination for U.S. online poker, so it was about time that it added lottery-style games to its menu at the end of October 2017. Called Jackpot Sit & Go, this product is active across the entire PaiWangLuo Network. Newcomers to Ignition get to take advantage of a 100% up to $1,000 bonus for poker.

This $1,000 bonus can be cleared at Jackpot Sit & Go, yielding an effective rakeback percentage of 36%. This helps to alleviate the sting of the mediocre 7% rake charged. Although Jackpot Sit & Go was initially just for desktop users, Ignition has since added it to its mobile platform. This means that you can play it on iOS and Android machines, and it also works on a broad array of other types of phones and tablets.

Jackpot Sit & Go fun can be had for $0.50, $2, $7, $15, $30, $60, or $100. Only Texas Hold'em in No Limit betting structure is available. There are three multiplier values that change Jackpot Sit & Go from winner-takes-all to paying out all three entrants: 1,200, 240, and 120. Whenever one of these three numbers is hit, the prize pool will be divided 83.3%/8.3%/8.3% between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. You can take a seat at up to four Jackpot Sit & Gos simultaneously.

Ignition Poker Jackpot Sit and Go LobbyJackpot Sit and Go Lobby at Ignition

Something to note about Ignition is that all players remain anonymous at all times. You and your two adversaries will be shown simply as “Player 1,” “Player 2,” and “Player 3.” You won't be able to observe your opponents and gain insight into their long-term play, and neither will they be able to get a bead on what you're doing. This isn't as game-changing in Jackpot Sit & Go as it is in other poker tables because the short stacks and limited game duration mean that there isn't much scope for making sick reads or outplaying the other contestants. Still, it's something to keep in mind as you contemplate playing at Ignition.

Step-by-step signup instructions for Ignition can be found in our factual and accurate Ignition Casino Poker review. is another site on the same network, and you can read more about it with our review of Bovada Poker.

#3 U.S.A. Lottery SNG Poker Site: ACR Poker

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ACR Poker has made a name for itself by developing unique forms of poker competitions, like On Demand freerolls, Cyclone Satellites, and more. It's thus no surprise that it and its partners on the Winning Poker Network are one of the best U.S.A poker rooms when it comes to lottery poker, which it calls Jackpot Poker. Upon making your first deposit at ACR Poker, you'll obtain a 100% up to $2,000 bonus that clears at a 20% rakeback rate as well as a gratis $10 credit to use on any poker games you'd like, including Jackpot Poker. Be sure to utilize our exclusive PRB10FREE promo code to take advantage of this $10 no-deposit free bankroll offer.

Jackpot Poker was the first lottery poker product to appear for American players, having been introduced in April 2015. Perhaps because it has had the longest amount of time on the market, it's the most polished and mature of the offerings we're discussing today. There are only special $1 million Jackpot NL Hold'em sit and gos featuring buyins of $5, $15, and $50. As the name implies, these select buyins offer players a rare opportunity of winning up to $1 million.

Another advantage is that Jackpot games count fully for the various active promotions, including the first deposit bonus and the Sit & Crush weekly leaderboard. You can register for up to four Jackpot Poker matches at the same time, and there's even a “The Maximizer” interface to help you start up multiple games of the buyin tiers you prefer.

ACR Poker Jackpot PokerJackpot Poker at ACR Poker

The top jackpot is now set at $1 million across all three buyin levels. Of course, the higher buyins of $15 and $50 give you a slightly better opportunity of winning the coveted jackpot of $1 million. Any game that achieves one of the top multipliers sees the money split 75%/15%/10% among the participants. However, if all three players agree, this payout structure can instead be replaced by a 40%/30%/30% distribution. The WPN features lower rake than many of its competitors, coming in at 6%. You can play Jackpot Poker on a PC or mobile device. A Mac client exists too and functions well for all kinds of online poker including Jackpot sit and gos.

Find out how to register for ACR Poker, in our opinion the best site for lottery SNGs in the United States, by reading our ACR Poker Review.

#4 U.S.A. Lottery SNG Poker Site: CoinPoker

CoinPoker Logo

CoinPoker is fairly new in the online poker industry but the site has already aligned itself with many reputable figures like Antanas "Tony G" Guoga. CoinPoker has been in operation for around five years and has steadily increased its traffic levels over this time period. All poker play at CoinPoker is denominated using Tether or USDT (₮).

CoinPoker offers lottery-style sit and gos called Cosmic Spins at a variety of buyin levels ranging from ₮0.25 up to ₮100. The available Cosmic Spin buyin levels are ₮0.25, ₮1, ₮3, ₮10, ₮25, ₮50, and ₮100. The lowest possible multiplier is 2x and the jackpot multiplier is 1000x. The rake, or "Community Contributions" as it is called at CoinPoker, comes in at 5%, which represents the lowest rake for any lottery-style sit and go available to US players. Additionally, players can receive 33% in rakeback every week by paying rake utilizing CoinPoker's unique CHP tokens.

CoinPoker Cosmic Spins Lottery Sit and GosCosmic Spins at CoinPoker

Another benefit to playing Cosmic Spins at CoinPoker are the leaderboards worth ₮500 in Cosmic Spins tournament tickets each and every day. There are two separate leaderboards; one for the smaller buyins of ₮0.25, ₮1, and ₮3 and another for the larger ₮10, ₮25, ₮50, and ₮100 buyin levels. The top ten finishers on each leaderboard will receive their share of ₮3 or ₮10 Cosmic Spins tickets.

Players are awarded points on the leaderboards based on their finishing position and the buyin amount. 1st place will earn 3x the buyin in points, 2nd place will earn 2x the buyin, and 3rd place earns the same number of points as the Cosmic Spin buyin. It is also important to note that by paying rake using CHP coins you'll earn 50% extra points towards placing on the leaderboard.

To learn more about CoinPoker and all of its unique advantages, please feel free to check out this detailed review of CoinPoker.

Now that you have all the relevant information at your disposal, you can choose a lottery SNG online poker site wisely. Remember that variance will be high because of the uncertainty involved in which multipliers you hit, so don't get too discouraged if you don't start winning straight out of the gate.

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Lottery-Style Sit and Go FAQ

Independent French poker site Winamax is believed to have invented the lottery poker combination with its Expresso Poker in August 2013. It proved a smashing success, and many other sites have since released their own versions: PokerStars with Spin & Go, iPoker with Twister Poker, and PartyPoker's Sit & Go Jackpots among many others.

At ACR Poker,, and Ignition Poker, the most valuable multiplier pops up once every 100,000 games on average. For the $1 million prize pools available at ACR Poker, the jackpot is even rarer occuring approximately 1 in 5,000,000.

While Jackpot Sit & Go, Jackpot Poker, and Windfall tournaments are niche games that don't really have any permanent specials running, there are temporary promos from time to time. We've seen tables that award WSOP seats, free tournament tickets for grinding out enough lottery SNG volume, and the occasional presence of a higher-than-usual top multiplier that promises the opportunity for a super-sized payday.

After you've found the right poker destination for lottery SNGs, you might be curious about which sites are best for other types of real money gaming. Fear not; we have compiled a list of resources tackling this subject as it pertains to American poker fanatics: