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Pokerstars Review, Bonuses & More | World's Biggest Poker Room

Pokerstars review info & bonus codes, how to take advantage of a FREE $20 matching bonus or a 100% deposit bonus, $600 maximum, for first time players!


Pokerstars - the world's safest online poker room!


PokerStars Review


Pokerstars is the largest poker room on Earth.  It is over one-hundred times as large as the largest brick and mortar card room and it has twelve times as many active players as it's nearest competitor.  There are a plethora of reasons why Poker Stars has become the biggest poker room on the planet, and we will go over them with you below.

Safety of Bankroll Funds and Protection From Cheating:

Over the last decade, time and time again PokerStars has proven why it is the gold standard when it comes to safety and security for it's online poker players.  Any Google search will easily bring up dozens of examples on a variety of respected forums, news sites, and blogs about various cheating in online games.  Don't worry, cheating isn't prevalent at all, but when it happens, Poker Stars has a crack security team that will confiscate the funds from cheaters, ban them, and reach into the deep company coffers and reimburse players in full when necessary.

Just how big is PokerStars's bankroll?  Well, after Black Friday, and event in which the USA's Department of Justice shut down the four leading online poker rooms in the world's dot com websites, it was revealed that the then independently owned and operated Full Tilt Poker was insolvent to the tune of $750,000,000 (yes, that's three-quarters of a billion US dollars).  Players at Full Tilt Poker looked like they might only receive pennies on the dollar of their deposited funds due to insolvency and bad management.  However, PokerStars came to the rescue and paid, in full, the debts of Full Tilt Poker, simultaneously acquiring the company, and now running Full Tilt Poker as a sister network. Luckily PokerStars is back in the USA now!

Players can rest assured that the management at Poker Stars cares about it's player's safety and security, and has the money and dedicated staff to back it up should anything go awry.

Game Offerings, Liquidity and Game Selection:

PokerStars offers the widest array and amount of games of any poker room, ever in the history of online poker.  Of the entire online poker market, consisting of roughly 80 poker networks, Pokerstars is by far the largest comprising fully one half of all poker games played on the Internet.  From Texas Holdem to old-school Stud.  From Omaha to mixed games like H.O.R.S.E.  From massive multi-table tournaments that regularly exceed seven figure prize pools to micro-stakes single table tournaments to freerolls of all flavors, PokerStars has it all.  Day or night, wind or rain, snow or sun there are always tens of thousands of active real money players from the lowly one-cent two-cent games to the massive $2000/$4000 nosebleeds, there will always be someone for you to play poker against.

Poker Stars Bonus Codes

Variety and Quality Bonuses for New Account Creation | Signup:

PokerStars often runs multiple bonuses for new account signups.  Currently they offer a promotion with the bonus code "FREE20" which enables players to get a near-instant (takes up to 36 hours to credit) $20 match for a mere $20 deposit.  Furthermore, they offer an additional $20 in $5 increments, split out over the following four weeks.  And if that wasn't enough, they tack on up to four tickets to 100k freerolls!  It's a phenomenal deal for micro-stakes players. 

For players with a bit more of an initial depositing budget, Stars offers a 100% matching bonus, up to $600 maximum, using the deposit bonus code "STARS600"  This bonus can be redeemed in up to three increments over a sixty day period.  For example, one could deposit $200 today, $200 next week, and $200 3 weeks later and each would count to maximize the initial deposit bonus.  Please note that one has to use the "STARS600" code each time they make their deposits within this initial 60 day period.

Deposit on Pokerstars using Skrill and/or Neteller!

Player Friendly Software Features:

Along with being the largest online poker site, it makes sense that PokerStars has the highest rated software in the world.  The software is fast, providing considerably more hands per hour than the overwhelming majority of it's competitors.  The poker client is intuitive and easy to navigate \ operate for players who are new to the online poker scene.  Their poker software  is compatible with all manner of tracking software such as Holdem Indicator and Poker Tracker 4.

Final Verdict:

Pokerstars offers a vast array of real money games to what are referred to as "Rest-Of-World", or ROW, players. Offering the highest rated software and extremely reliable payout methods, Pokerstars gives players of all skill levels a truly safe and secure place to ply their craft.  With competitive rewards, top bonus offers, player-to-player transfer ability, and more, Pokerstars offers something of interest for any type of player. Be sure to follow our instructions below on how to sign up!


STEP 1:  Before you start, be sure to clear your cookies  - this is a mandatory step or you may not get your DEPOSIT BONUS! Click Browser button for instructions:

Google Chrome Clear Cookies Button Mozilla Firefox Clear Cookies Button Apple Safari Clear Cookies Button Internet Explorer Clear Cookies Button Opera Browser Clear Cookies Button Android Devices Clear Cookies Button

STEP 2:  Uninstall any previous version of the Pokerstars software before completing the steps below.

STEP 3:  Click the banner link directly below.

Pokerstars banner

Text link: Click here to sign up at Pokerstars

STEP 4:  Click the Poker Stars Play Now Button Image button on the right of your screen. The download should begin automatically.

STEP 5:  A new page will open. Windows users can continue to wait for the download to complete. Mac, Android, iOS users can click on the appropriate download link on this page.

STEP 6:  Download and install the client. Once the installation process is complete, be sure the "run" option is checked. The poker client will now launch.

STEP 7:  Select "Create a New Account". Create a username, password, and be sure to enter the following PokerStars Marketing Code so they know we sent you!:  psp20105 -  When finished, click "Sign Me Up".

STEP 8:  A prompt will open asking you to verify the email address you provided. Check your email for the validation code, and then enter it into the verification screen. Click "validate" and your poker client will now be open.

STEP 9:  Skype or Email us your username and registered email address for our confirmation of your new account.

**NOTE:  Verify your account by submitting an authorization form to Pokerstars. Contact us for instructions on how to accomplish this.


  • Currently PS holds the world record for having an online tournament with over 300,000 participants!
  • Poker Stars was valued at 4.9 billion USD in June 2014?  Yes, $4,900,000,000 dollars!
  • The world record for the most online poker tables played in one hour was set on PokerStars by "Nanoko."
  • Over 130,000,000,000 (100 Billion) hands have been played at Poker Stars!

US STATE and other COUNTRY RESTRICTIONS is unable to accept US players from all 50 states and from US territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipain and the Virgin Islands. is also unable to accept players from France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, and Estonia.