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5 Card Omaha poker sites | where to play PLO5 & Big O online

5 Card PLO

5 Card PLO takes the aggression and variance of regular Pot Limit Omaha and ramps things up a notch. 5 Card Omaha is an exciting poker variant where each player receives five cards instead of four like standard Omaha and Omaha hi/lo games. This format can be played as a high-only game or with a high-low split.

5 Card Omaha is becoming a well-established, popular, and appreciated part of the online poker landscape, thus we have decided to evaluate and identify the best sites for 5 Card PLO and 5 Card Hi/Lo PLO:

Top 5 Big O Poker Sites:
  1. ACR Poker - 100% up to $2,000 welcome bonus.
  2. CoinPoker - 100% up to $700 welcome bonus + 33% rakeback if you hold CHP coins.
  3. SB Poker - 100% up to $1,000 welcome bonus.
  4. BetOnline - 100% up to $1,000 welcome bonus.
  5. SwCPoker - Plenty of freerolls and low rake games.
The best online poker sites for 5 Card PLO

Why Play Five Card PLO?

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5 Card PL Omaha features many of the traits of normal PLO but expands upon them. There are more hole card combinations, leading to interesting dynamics between different hands as well as a more complex evaluation of the components of a single hand. At the same time, 5 Card PLO hand rankings tend to run even closer together in value than in Four Card PLO, so many more starting cards become playable.

If you're a fan of showdown-bound poker and eschew the fold-a-thon that NL Hold'em has become, then you should approve of the frequent multi-way all-in pots that are a part of 5 Card PLO. The proper 5 Card PLO strategy has not been studied and solved as extensively as regular PLO or Hold'em have been, so if you take the time to learn how to play 5 Card PLO well, you ought to have a significant edge over your adversaries. That means money in your pockets.

Choosing the Best Big O Poker Site

5 Card Omaha is still fairly new when it comes to mainstream poker, so you may not have as many sites to choose from as a Big O player. Despite this, there are still many solid 5 Card Omaha poker sites to choose from.

Of course, it is essential that you choose a room that actually offers this game. Next, you'll want to look at the other important factors that are key to any online poker experience including deposit and withdrawal methods, table sizes, rake, and bonuses or promotions.

We have carefully identified our favorite five Big O Poker sites on the internet. By thoroughly examining the pros and cons of all of the available options, we feel that these five sites are the strongest sites that offer 5 Card Omaha.

The Best 5 Card PLO Sites


Five years ago, the list of places to play Five Card PLO online would have been considerably shorter, but several poker rooms have elected to add this form of poker relatively recently. We've taken a look at all of them to learn which stakes 5 Card PLO is offered and how often the games run. Whichever of these rooms you sign up at, you'll enjoy speedy cashouts, friendly customer service, and smoothly running software.

Best Site for 5 Card PLO: ACR Poker

ACR Poker Logo

In December 2022, ACR Poker added 5 Card PLO to its product offering. The blind levels offered range from $0.01/$0.02 to $25/$50 in both high-only and split-pot poker. All cash game Five Card PLO tables seat six players.

During busy periods, you may find more than a dozen tables running up to about the $3/$6 level. There appears to be a fairly even split between 5 Card PLO and 5 Card PLO Hi-Lo.

There are not yet any regular daily or weekly tournaments for five card poker although there are sometimes a few events for Five Card PLO in major series, like the Online Super Series. Neither have these formats yet penetrated to the SNG lobby.

ACR Poker has 5 Card PLO and 5 Card PLO/8 as high as $25/$50Mid-Stakes 5 Card PLO Table at ACR Poker

Your PLO5 action will help you clear the ACR 100% up to $2,000 first deposit bonus (at a 20% rakeback rate) as well as any reload bonuses that you happen to pick up along the way. Furthermore, there's a weekly The Beast rake race where you can win up to $500 and valuable satellite tournament entries. Because 5 Card PLO is an action game with a lot of rake paid, you'll find that this format will help you advance in The Beast faster than less frenetic games, like NLHE.

ACR Poker carries full installation packages for PCs and Macs. There's a mobile client too, but it's very limited, and you can't access 5PLO cash games on it.

To get a more thorough idea of ACR Poker and its advantages, including how you can score a $10 no deposit free bankroll, read through this comprehensive ACR Poker review.

Runner-up Site for 5 Card PLO: CoinPoker

CoinPoker Logo

Coin Poker is a crypto-only cardroom, so all gameplay is denominated in Tether (USDT). Fortunately, the value of Tether is tied to the value of USD, so it's easy to understand the stakes you're playing for here.

CoinPoker spreads PL 5 Card Omaha (but not the split-pot variety) for blind levels from ₮0.02/₮0.05 to ₮3,000/₮6,000. Of course, the high-end is likely beyond the reach of most players and doesn't really run very often anyway, but you'll typically see up to half a dozen tables as high as the ₮0.50/₮1.00 level with bigger action taking place sometimes. 5 Card PLO tables here are found in heads-up and six-max sizes, so you can engage in crazy HU4ROLLZ battles as well as more standard multiplayer poker fun.

CoinPoker has 5 Card PLO for high only ₮0.05/₮0.10 5 Card PLO Table at CoinPoker

The CoinPoker software supports 5 Card PLO tournaments too, but actual instances of these MTTs seem to be restricted to a handful of low-stakes tournaments daily as well as occasional appearances in series, like the Crypto Series of Online Poker.

There are no bonuses at CoinPoker, but if you're willing to hold a modest amount of the proprietary Coinpoker crypto CHP, then you can get up to 30% rakeback weekly. Paying your rake in CHP will also benefit you by granting you a 50% bonus on leaderboard points toward the weekly PLO cash game leaderboard (both regular PLO and 5PLO play count toward this competition). Every week, the top 50 individuals split up a prize pool consisting of ₮4,205 with the top prize being ₮750.

CoinPoker has download installers for Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS, so you can play on whatever device you feel most comfortable with. To learn more about what CoinPoker has to offer, check out this detailed CoinPoker review.

Third Place Site for 5 Card PLO: SB Poker

SB Poker Logo

SB Poker is the latest cardroom to introduce 5 Card PLO, which it has done for high-only, not for split pot games. SB Poker is a member of the Chico Poker Network along with its partner organization BetOnline.

The game is only offered at certain blind levels: $0.05/$0.10, $0.25/$0.50, and $1/$2. Traffic is fairly solid with perhaps a dozen games running during peak hours. One oddity of the way Sportsbetting Poker does things is that the Five Card PLO tables have only five seats.

SB Poker has introduced 5PLO at three blind levels$0.05/$0.10 Five Card PLO Table at Sportsbetting Poker

There are, as yet, no 5PLO fast-fold Boost pools, Sit & Gos, Windfalls, or tournaments. We can expect the game to appear in other formats perhaps once management gets an idea of how its ring game performance is going.

5 Card PLO will help you clear the 100% up to $1,000 poker bonus here, which is earned at a 10% rakeback rate. This is also true of any reload bonuses too.

SB Poker installs directly to your PC, Mac, iOS device, or Android machine. We recommend reading this SB Poker review for further information.

Fourth Place Site for 5 Card PLO: BetOnline

BoL Logo

BetOnline is a longstanding sister site to SB Poker, so the poker offerings are virtually identical. You can play the same selection of 5 Card Omaha tables here across numerous stake levels.

As such, BetOnline is also a part of the Chico Poker Network. This group of sites is well-recognized for lightning-fast crypto withdrawals. BetOnline serves players from the US, Canada, and many other areas of the world.

To find out more about this excellent choice for Big O Poker, please feel free to peruse this exhaustive review of BetOnline Poker

Honorable Mention Site for 5 Card PLO: SwCPoker

SwCPoker Logo

At BTC-friendly SwCPoker, all games are denominated in Bitcoin. 1,000,000 chips are equal to one bitcoin. This site is in fact the descendant of the original Bitcoin poker site, Seals With Clubs.

5 Card Omaha ring games are listed for stakes from 1/2 to 1,000/2,000 in six-player and heads-up varieties. These same blind levels are available for 5 Card Hi-Lo PLO but with table sizes of eight, six, and two players. The highest stakes supported are equivalent to about $17/$35 at market prices as of Dec. 10, 2022, but actual games seem to most often run much lower at micro-stakes and typically only a few tables simultaneously.

SwCPoker has 5 Card PLO for high and split-pot but little trafficMicro-stakes 5 Card PLO Table at SwCPoker

Two-player sit-n-goes exist for 5C PLO as well as two- and six-max games of 5C PLO/8. The buyins range from 100 to 25,000 (about $450), but everything above 3,000 buyins (around $55) is heads-up only. There are sadly no multi-table tournaments for these variants.

SwC rewards players with up to 50% weekly rakeback through the Krill system, which is based on your lifetime volume of play. There's no poker welcome bonus.

SwCPoker can be downloaded for Android, Mac, and Windows, and there's also an HTML5 client for users of other hardware. To read up on the advantages of playing here, browse over to this honest SwCPoker review.

5 Card PLO FAQ

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If you have other questions about Five Card PLO poker that you would like answers to, look below for a thoroughly researched, informative FAQ about this topic:

Five Card Omaha, including the high-low version of the game, is found almost exclusively in Pot Limit. This is in contrast to four card PLO where the split-pot version of the game is often played in fixed-limit form and sometimes in no limit.

You use two of your five hole cards to make your hand at showdown in Five Card PLO. These two hole cards interact with three board cards to make your best combination. This is the same as in normal Omaha poker.

There are many subtle differences engendered by the fact that the number of card combinations in 5PLO is much larger than in normal four-card PLO. Notably, the value of high pairs decreases especially if the side cards are uncoordinated and non-suited. There are, for example, some instances where good pocket kings hands have the equity edge over bad pocket aces! Even more so than in normal Omaha poker, the 5 Card PLO rules make it a game of the nuts and draws to the nuts, and players who draw to non-nut hands get eaten alive.

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