Danish Gambling Authority Begins Blocking 25 Gambling Websites

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The Danish Gambling Authority won a court case allowing it to block access to 25 online gambling sites. Find out more about what happened and why the authorities in Denmark are so keen to prohibit these operators from serving its citizens.

Jeff Boski DUBUNKS Jonathan Little’s Video Fearmongering

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Jonathan Little has a pretty dim view of offshore USA online poker sites, and he has produced a video propounding his beliefs. We here at ProfessionalRakeback disagree strongly with him, and in concert with poker professional Jeff Boski, we've produced a video debunking many of Jonathan's erroneous claims.

Winning Poker Network: Bots Creating Discontent

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Many are worried about the phenomenon of botting at the Winning Poker Network. But the WPN isn't just sitting idle whilst these bots drive legitimate players away. Find out more about what these bots are up to, how they work, and what the site is doing about them.

Six Plus Hold’em: How Does It Work? Where Can I Play 6+?

Six of Clubs Plus

Six Plus Hold'em is all the rage these days - especially among the high-rolling crew. But how exactly does this variant work? Find out more about 6+ Hold'em, rules changes from normal Texas Hold'em, and where you can play it online.

WPN $5 Million Guaranteed Venom Tournament: July 16 - 24

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Prepare yourself for multi-day tournament action and huge prize payouts in The Venom $5 million guaranteed event - only at the Winning Poker Network. Find out about the tournament, ways of winning your ticket for less, the schedule, and more.

Review: Texas Card House Austin - Worth Membership Fees?

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The Texas Card House is a poker room in Austin that uses a membership model to get around strict anti-gambling laws. But apart from the legalities, what is this cardroom like? Read our review to find out what stakes are available, hours of operation, amenities offered, and more.

Irish Government Planning Comprehensive 2019 Gambling Control Bill

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The Irish government is promoting new legislation to regulate the gambling industry. Find out more about the proposals, the history behind them, and possible reasons to worry about what the government intends.

Book Review: Alex Fitzgerald’s “Exploitative Play in Live Poker”

Book and Glasses

Alexander Fitzgerald's book “Exploitative Play in Live Poker” came out in December 2018. But is it any good? We've attempted to answer this question in our review, so read it and find out!

Online Poker 2018 Revenue Numbers: The Good, The Bad, and The Meh

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PokerStars, PartyPoker, and 888poker have released their annual financial statements for 2018. These are three of the biggest names in the internet poker world. Read our coverage to find out who made big strides and whose revenues were disappointing.

Player Circumvents NJ Online Poker Geolocation, Fined $90K by DGE

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Uh, oh. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement found out that a player was accessing the ring-fenced NJ online poker sites from California, which is against the rules. Read to find out more about this case and how it was resolved.