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FanDuel NJ Screws Up Live Betting Odds: +75,000 Anyone?

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FanDuel recently offered a bad line for New Jersey live betting on the Broncos/Raiders game on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018. Find out what happened, how FanDuel attempted to deal with the situation, and the final resolution of this case.

Greek Government Releases Online Gambling Licensing Plan

Outline Map of Greece

Greece has outlined new plans for licensing online gambling. This is expected to generate substantial revenues for the state while cutting down on black-market activities. Read on to learn more.

German Court Says Gambler Doesn't Have to Pay Credit Card Debts

Germany Outline Map

A German online bettor argued in court that he was not responsible for gambling debts to his bank because the site he was gambling with was operating illegally. He was actually successful with this line of reasoning! Read on to learn more about this case.

Ad Implies “Talent” Can Beat Slots? Did GalaSpins Break ASA Rules?

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The Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom had a problem with an ad by GalaSpins and ordered the company to stop showing it. Find out more about this case and other recent rulings by the U.K.'s gambling oversight bodies.

DFS Leader DraftKings Vows to Get Even With DDoS Attackers

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Daily fantasy sports site DraftKings suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in August, but it's not taking this lying down. Find out what DraftKings is attempting to do about it and what this might portend for online gaming as a whole.

How CardPlayer Magazine Got Played - to the Tune of $1 Million+

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A former employee of CardPlayer stands accused of stealing more than $1 million from the magazine. The weird part is that this supposedly occurred over the course of five years without anybody noticing! Read on for the details of this unusual story.

Ukraine Reclassifies Poker as a Sport, Not Gambling

Map of Ukraine

In a move bound to lift the spirits of poker fans everywhere, Ukraine has determined that the game is a sport, not a form of unlawful gambling. Keep reading to find out more about this decision and how poker was treated by Ukrainian law in the past.

Winning Poker Network Abandons Australian Market - Find Another Site!

Logo of the Winning Poker Network

No more Winning Poker Network for Australians! The list of online poker rooms that transact in the country has just become shorter. Read on to learn more about this sad topic.

Ladbrokes Australia at Odds With Other Bookies Over Self-Exclusion

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Online bookmaker Ladbrokes is at loggerheads with other companies in the Australian betting market. Find out about the disagreements over the national self-exclusion plans and possible reasons why Ladbrokes feels differently from others.

Finnish Teen Scams Online Casino 417 Times for €250,000


An individual in Finland uncovered a flaw in the software of an online casino that basically allowed him to issue himself free money. He used this technique an astounding 417 times for more than €250,000 in ill-gotten gains. Read on to find out more about this unusual case.