Legalized Sports Betting Comes to Indiana as Governor Signs H 1015

Indiana Map

Indiana will soon have legalized, regulated b&m and online sportsbooks. Governor Holcomb has signed H 1015 into law. Read on to find out about the rules pertaining to this new betting activity, fees and taxes, and more about how sports betting in Indiana will work.

ASA: William Hill Tinder Ad Linked Gambling to Sexual Success

Will Hill Logo

William Hill published an ad on Tinder that has caught the ire of the Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom. Find out more about this ad, why the ASA believed it to be against the rules, and what we think of this entire fiasco.

Montana's Governor Signs H 725: Legalized Sports Betting on the Way!

Map of Montana

In signing H 725 into law, Montana Governor Steve Bullock has paved the way for legalized betting on sports within his state. However, this won't create a fully fledged sportsbook economy in Montana because only the state lottery will be allowed to accept bets. Read on to learn about this legislation, details of the new sports betting offerings, and more.

Winning Poker Network Debuts Version 2 Software - Blitz Included!

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The Winning Poker Network's beta software is available for download, and it's expected to replace the existing poker client shortly. Read on to learn more about what to expect from this V2 poker client.

New Jersey Fines PokerStars $10,000 for College Sports Snafu

Outline Map of New Jersey

PokerStars has made a goof in the New Jersey market, resulting in a $10,000 fine. Its licensed sports betting division, BetStars, allowed customers to place wagers on the outcomes of college sports matches involving New Jersey teams: a strict no-no under NJ law. Find out more about what 'Stars did, how it happened, and other details of the case.

Tennessee Legalizes Sports Betting With SB16: Online ONLY!

Tennessee Small Map

Tennessee has jumped on the bandwagon and will soon have legalized sports betting online. Learn more about the law that makes this possible, facets that are unique to the state, and the disagreements that erupted during the debate about TN sports betting.

Breaking News: 2 Poker Clubs in Houston Raided, 9 Arrested

TX Outline Map

Two poker rooms in Houston, TX, have been targeted by the police: Post Oak Poker Club and Prime Social Poker Club. Nine people were arrested. Find out more about why this happened, the legal issues surrounding the Houston cardrooms, and possible motivations behind the raids.

PartyPoker Banning HUDs and Other Third-Party Tools

Logo of PartyPoker

PartyPoker has opted to disallow HUDs and tracking software at its site. Read on to learn more about the reasoning behind this decision and what the poker community is saying about it.

Ontario Enviously Eyes $500M+ Grey Market Gambling Spend

Flag Map of Ontario

The Canadian province of Ontario sends half a billion dollars to offshore gaming corporations every year. But Premier Doug Ford has plans to capture some of this revenue for the provincial coffers. Find out more about what he intends to do and the impact it could have on Canadian online gambling.

California Gambling Raids Highlight Glaring Problems With Law

California Outline Map

There's always a lot going on with gambling in California, the nation's most populous state. However, the latest news isn't necessarily good for fans of real money gaming. The police have been cracking down hard on illegal gambling facilities, arresting dozens in numerous raids.