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Winning Poker Network's Multi-Crypto Deployment Nears

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A couple of weeks ago, we interviewed the CEO of Winning Poker Network, Phil Nagy, and brought you the news that Americas Cardroom and several other skins on the Winning Poker Network were planning to add 69 crypto-currencies to their cashiers. We can now confirm that the system will go live tomorrow, Oct. 10, 2017. At first, only deposits in these virtual coins will be available, but assuming everything works fine, withdrawals to digital currencies will be added soon.

Step-by-Step Deposit Instructions

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If you're eager to fund your real money poker balance with the crypto-currency of your choice, then you'll be pleased to know that the process is pretty simple. You need only follow the directions below to make your deposit.

1Log into the poker client, and press the big “Cashier” button in the lobby. Choose “Crypto Transfer” from the menu at the left. “Select your crypto currency” will appear on your screen. Click on this text to proceed.

Step 1 of ACR Crypto Deposits

2A list of all the supported virtual currencies will pop up. You can scroll through them or start typing in the search box to more precisely locate the one you're looking for. The most popular crytpo-currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Monero and Dash are supported as well as dozens of other alt-coins. For an exhaustive compilation of all the crypto-currencies that are available at the Winning Poker Network, check out the list of crypto coins on the WPN website.

Step 2 of ACR Crypto Deposits

3After you've chosen the coin you wish to use, you'll have to enter in your deposit amount in USD along with a refund address. This address is a safety measure that allows the site to send your coins back to you in the event that there are any issues with your deposit. We don't expect this feature to come into play very often, but it's a fine backup arrangement to protect you in case anything goes wrong. When you're finished entering in this info, click “Next” to continue.

Step 3 of ACR Crypto Deposits

4The amount of your transaction and your refund address will be shown again. Confirm that all the details are correct, and then press “Deposit.”

Step 4 of ACR Crypto Deposits

5The software will tell you how many coins correspond to the value you entered in dollars before. You'll also see an address to send your deposit to.

Step 5 of ACR Crypto Deposits

You must complete the transfer from your crypto wallet within a short period or else the timer will expire, and then you won't be able to make your deposit. You won't be penalized in any other way, and you can just initiate the deposit process again. One of the reasons why you might want to let the transaction time out is if you're unsatisfied with the exchange rate offered. Americas Cardroom gets its rates by averaging the figures provided by several online sources, and so every once in a while, you might find the quote you're offered to be too low for your tastes. By delaying your deposit until later, you might be able to benefit from a more favorable rate of exchange.

What Happens to the Coins I Put Into My Account?

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The Winning Poker Network doesn't spread any games in Bitcoin or any other form of decentralized money. Instead, it offers tables denominated exclusively in United States dollars. Therefore, any crypto deposits you make will be converted into $US at the rate shown to you, and it is this fiat currency in which your balance will be held. Cryptocurrency cashouts are currently unsupported, but once they're ready, you'll be able to withdraw your funds to your crypto wallet, and so your dollars will be transformed at that time back into crypto coins.

What Does This Mean for Online Poker?

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While there are many mainstream internet poker sites that conduct payments in Bitcoin, all the rooms that employ “altcoins” – that is, digital coins other than BTC – have hitherto been small, niche operators. By expanding its altcoin menu well beyond what any competitors have to offer, Americas Cardroom has gained a great advantage over them when it comes to attracting new customers. Crypto enthusiasts who are newcomers to poker might now be tempted to give card games a try, which has the potential to soften up game quality quite a bit.

Try Out Crypto-Currency Deposits at Americas Cardroom!

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Whether you're a partisan of Bitcoin or some other virtual coin, it's highly likely that you can use the currency of your choice to make a deposit to Americas Cardroom. The firm's CEO has even stated that he wishes to support every digital currency that any user demands, so if your favorite altcoin isn't on the list, you might be able to contact support and get it added. Upon the successful completion of your transaction, a 100% up to $1,000 bonus will be granted to you. This bonus clears at a rate equal to 20% rakeback. You'll also receive $50 FREE to play Jackpot Poker SNGs. Learn all about the advantages of signing up at Americas Cardroom by reading our thoroughgoing ACR Poker review page.

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If you've yet to jump aboard the digital currency bandwagon, then it's probably best to start off nice and easy. Rather than confusing yourself with thinly traded altcoins, we advise you to begin your crypto-currency adventure with “digital gold” Bitcoin. We've written a guide to setting up Bitcoin for online poker players, which will undoubtedly give you a helping hand as you explore this exciting arena.