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Recommended Poker Books and Reading Materials

A selection of recommended books and reading materials covering various topics regarding online poker.

 Lots of poker books

Recommended Poker Books

The owners and operators of Professional Rakeback have read a lot of books in our poker careers.  ProfRB's players have read a lot of books as well.  Below you will find the cream of the crop when it comes to useful poker books.  We've also put together short reviews of each books 's contents so that you might better understand how it can help you to learn and grow as a professional poker player and member of the Professional Rakeback team.  So without further ado, here is the Professional Rakeback section of poker book reviews.

Poker Book Reviews

Elements of PokerElements of Poker by Tommy Angelo 

This book is all about the mental game.  Tommy is one of the best (and expensive) mental game coaches out there.  Let him teach you about Zen in Poker.  This book will save you so much money from lack of tilt.  Elements of poker moves, pokes and prods you into playing your A game at all times... or at least "lopping off your C-game."  Read his wisdom for pennies on the dollar.

The Intelligent Poker PlayerThe Intelligent Poker Player by Phillip Newall

This book delves into Game Theory Optimal play.  It is a very digestable way to learn some of these complex theories.  ProfRB has actually had the privaledge of speaking with the author about some of his strategies and theories.  He's a very (pardon the pun) intelligent poker player with the results to back up what he preaches.

Treat Your Poker Like a BusinessTreat Your Poker Like A Business by Dusty Schmidt

An eye opening read for many of you this book will be.  Poker is a business.  ProfRB tell's its clients this all the time!  If one wants to survive long term as a professional online poker grinder, one must take a professional approach.  Dusty Schmidt has won millions playing online poker with a work ethic rivaled by few.  His book will teach you how to do the same.

Ace on the RiverAce On The River by Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein, a professional poker player who gives like crazy to charity.  A professional poker player with an untarnished reputation.  In this colorful, picture filled book, Barry explores what it is to be a poker pro.  He gives many tips about how to survive in this business, ethics, etc.  A must have for your bookshelf!

Theory of PokerThe Theory of Poker by David Sklansky 

No set of poker book recommendations would be complete without a mention of TOP!  David Sklansky of 2+2 Publishing fame brought out this masterpiece of poker print some 20 years ago.  While some of the material insofar as hand examples go, is a bit dated, the concepts hold true.  This book makes you THINK about poker.  It opens up your mind to analytical and exploitive play.  It was one of the first poker books we read, gets a reread every couple years, and never fails to deliver something new that we overlooked!