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Recommended Online Poker Products - Cope With Your Internet Poker Job

+EV Poker Products to Improve your Grinding Efficiency


Professional Rakeback is comprised of actual poker players.  Many of us are still professional poker players, or at the very least avid enthusiasts at this point in our careers.  We've logged tens of thousands of collective hours grinding away on the electronic felt.  It can take a toll on the body if one is not careful to use correct posture, take proper breaks, exercise, stretch, and practice good nutritional habits.  We recommend that professional poker players, and indeed anyone who spends long hours at a desk, staring at a computer screen to earn a living, to think hard about what products they use on a daily basis, and how using superior products could help them improve their daily lives and efficiency when grinding.  All of the items below have been tested personally by at least one staff member of PROFRB.  The reviews written are not copy/pasted from Amazon, but are written by us, after testing the products ourselves.  We've only recommended the best items for you.  We've provided descriptions and links to purchase these items directly from Amazon, just click the links here if you're interested in purchasing anything we recommend.  And hey, if you like those items, give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter and let us know how well they worked for you!


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 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome KryptoniteImak Smart Glove -- Professional online grinders put in tons of hours at their machines.  The wear and tear on your wrists is inevitable when grinding out thousands of hands per day.  Help keep carpal tunnel syndrome at bay with these cheap and effective wrist gloves.  Also great for prevention, because why deal with CTS when you can simply prevent it with a cheap solution?  And if your wrist pain subsides, it is easier to put in all those hours at the tables Mr. rakeback pro!
 Sound sleep.  Poly-phasic sleep aid for online poker players.

Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner -- Sound sleep.  This is an often overlooked and very important thing needed for human health and happiness.  Restful sleep also helps the brain store memories... like that new leak you discovered to day in one of the high volume regulars poker game!  Everyone at ProfRB owns one of these (it's a company Christmas gift!) and they are fantastic.  White noise like this drowns out sirens, barking dogs, your neighbors that get up at 6am right when you are settling into bed after a long night's grind on West Coast drunks, allow you much deeper and relaxing sleep.  These things last forever and as anecdotal evidence we offer that our oldest model is still in operation for some 8 years now.  You won't regret this purchase.


 reduce or eliminate carpal tunel flares with vertical mouse

Evoulent Vertical Mouse 4 "Regular Size" Wired -- A sideways mouse?  Eliminate wrist pain in those long grind sessions by turning your forearm in the direction nature intended, not in a forced twisted position that a normal mouse forces!  After using this product for many months, I can tell you that carpel tunnel feelings are way down in frequency and duration.  The grip is natural, there are 7 configurable buttons and 4 different mouse sensitivities adjustable from the hardware.  Resolution is high and movement is crisp and clean.  One of the best poker mice we've ever had the pleasure of using for online gaming purposes. Professional Rakeback recommends the wired version because quite frankly it sucks to have your batteries die while you are in a hand... very -EV moment there.

Are there other products out there that have helped you to find an edge in the game of life outside of the poker tables?  Please share any and all ideas you have about poker gear that could help us be more efficient, more happy, more profitable!  We'll buy them and review them for you here!